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  1. This special dinner is now available on my cruise too. The cost is outrageous, especially since my wife doesn't drink. Whats more, I noticed that it means that the regular Pinnacle Grill is not available for another night. First Rudi's now this.
  2. That is what we use too. They are very strong.
  3. I have never seen any deals on specialty dining after boarding. If I were you I would book it in advance and just pay for it with your credit card. You will have to use your OBC for other expenses, which are plentiful. This way you will most likely get the best days and times that suits you best.
  4. A lot of people complain of being nickel and dimed for drinks and all sorts of other services. They will point to premium cruise lines that include all those items without extra cost. But those premium cruise lines charge much more for their cruises. What happens there is that the passengers who make extensive use of these services are being subsidized by the ones who use them the least. I would prefer to have a cheap cruise ticket and then later choose what kind of goodies I want on board. I will usually refrain from overspending when I see what the charge is. But sometimes I like to splurge too, but the point is that it will be my idea to spend extra. I will not be doing it just because it is included in the fare, and feel I need to take advantage of it.
  5. Thanks Dave, for that info. Since I hardly ever gamble, I see why I was unaware of these deals.
  6. Can someone explain Casino Offers to me? I am completely mystified by this. I have never received anything like this. This might be because I never go near the casino. I don't enjoy gambling, because I don't like losing money.
  7. Don't know anything about it, but I found this picture on Tripadvisor. Looks terrifying to me.
  8. Thanks for that information. It is an improvement. However, 3 days in advance is not enough time to book popular shore excursions. But it does get you ahead of the folks who don't book until they are on board. And it looks like it still won't work for specialty restaurants
  9. Yes. It will pay for the daily service charge, and any other costs that are charged to your account while on board. It just can't be used to pay for anything that you purchase before boarding.
  10. How odd! When I try to book it for my August cruise on the Zuiderdam, it is $49. No mention of any discount for booking in advance. Do you have more stars than me? I am only 2 stars, maybe that is the difference? Or maybe the discount is only on Pinnacle Class ships?
  11. On most HAL ships the aft balconies are about 2/3rds covered. When you are sitting down sipping your wine, no one can see you. It is only when you are standing at the rail then people above who are also standing at the rail can see you.
  12. Kazu, It seems there have been a lot of threads lately on wine packages, beverage cards, etc. A lot of questions are from people who are new to HAL. This must mean that the HAL website is not doing a good job in making it clear. People who have worked a lot with the website have figured it out, but it is very confusing to others. One thing HAL needs to really improve, is that someone cannot shop for beverages unless there is a cruise booked. Since many cruise lines offer beverage packages (including HAL) as incentive to book, people trying to compare cruises really need to be able to see what the beverage packages would cost if purchased separately. At any rate it is good that people like you can help them understand it.
  13. Every cruise I go on I see fewer people dress up for Gala Night. On my last cruise in Alaska last August, the vast majority of the people were dressed the same as any other night. I used to enjoy wearing a tux, but have given it up, and now enjoy not having to bring any sort of suit along. It is also nice to not have worry if it is going to get wrinkled in a suitcase.
  14. Lots of people walk around the ship with their room wine. I think the main thing is that HAL doesn't want you to bring your bottle of wine to a restaurant unless you pay corkage fee.
  15. You can also go to the CC ports of call page for each port. Sometimes it is possible to arrange tours with people on other cruise ships who are in port the same time as you.
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