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  1. I would love to see the Vasa Museum, but I have heard that there is a lot of stair climbing there. I am recovering from knee surgery and won't know how well I will be able to climb stairs by next August. Right now it would be impossible, but I am hoping to be in much better shape by then. Can you tell me if there were lots of stairs? Is there an elevator?
  2. Bottled water is available from room service, I am not sure what the price is. It is sold by the bottle, not the case, so I am sure it is no bargain. The $50 soda card is only available online before your cruise. I have been told by RuthC that if you don't use it all, you will be refunded a portion of your original $25 unless you have used $25 or more of it. For example if you only use $20 of it, you will be refunded $5. If you used $30 of it you will not receive a refund.
  3. Hello Hank, yes there are different cruising styles, and everybody has to find the cruise line that best fits what they like. For us it is HAL. we have little interest in the entertainment and are among those people who are in bed early. On our last cruise, I wanted to try BB Kings, but all of the performances were too late for us, so we skipped it. We do like the Lincoln Center group, and they have performances in the afternoon.
  4. The beer selection is not that great. One thing that is unusual, is that Heineken, which usually sells in the US as an import and cost more, is the cheapest beer on board. I assume this is because it is a Dutch beer sold on a Dutch ship. Whatever the reason, I will enjoy some on my next cruise.
  5. Another thing to consider is that if you drink 5 drinks, or less, per day (per person) it is cheaper to just pay for the drinks individually, than to buy the drink package. On sea days you probably will buy more drinks than on port days. On port days you can usually get drinks in port for less money.
  6. Does your HAL booking include On Board Credit? There is a current promotion that includes up to $500 OBC. If so, you can use that money to purchase a beverage package, once you are on board. If HAL has a free beverage package in the future it most likely won't include OBC as well. Or, if it includes OBC and a beverage package the price of the cruise will be higher.
  7. I have never done lunch in the PG, now this thread has me interested. I assume I can make reservations once on board, since I don't see any way to do that online. Do you know what hours lunch is served?
  8. For sure will be your at sea day on June 14. I will guess that your second Gala night would be Thur June 18. Because you are leaving Ketchikan early.
  9. DivotMaker, Last week I was finally able to make reservations for my August 9 cruise. But I got a similar screen as you when I clicked on the Available Dates section. However, if I clicked on Buy Now, a screen opened up that allowed me to choose a day and time and complete the reservation.
  10. If you prepay for your dining, you could book an excursion or two after boarding. That would burn up a lot of your OBC. Or you could buy a beverage package after boarding. We like to eat early and we usually don't have any trouble getting reservations. But we prefer to book ahead of time, because we are real fussy about which days to eat at the specialty restaurants.
  11. Thank You! I found it. I hope my wife doesn't see your post!
  12. Thanks, but it is not there for me. Maybe it is too soon, my cruise is not til August. I don't have a Packages under Cruise Activities. I have Specialty Dining, Dining Packages, Spa, Gifts and Indulgences, and Beverages.
  13. Where on the HAL website can I find laundry packages? Can't find it anywhere. Or is it only offered after boarding?
  14. I have been on several HAL cruises now and have never realized that the table height is adjustable. We often have dinner in our room, and have been bending over all this time! Thank you for this information.
  15. I did the 15 day cruise with Princess. We had the roughest seas, both ways, that I have ever seen. Most of the passengers were seasick. It was so bad it was difficult to walk around. As a result, everybody just stayed in their cabins. Even the MDR was nearly empty every night. The seas were nice once we got to Hawaii, but then we had to come back.
  16. Lots of people prefer the larger ships. And the Pinnacle class ships, like the Nieuw Statendam are the largest of the HAL fleet. But they are still much smaller than the really big ships of NCL, RCL, Princess, and others. This is a matter of personal choice. It is nice to have the choice of the Tamarind. Enjoy your cruise, no matter what you choose.
  17. I would pick the Baltic too. But if possible, you might consider a smaller ship. This is simply because you would probably get to dock in a more ideal location. But this only applies to a few ports and it also depends on how many ships are in port on a given day.
  18. This is my original statement from post #5: "If a cruise is canceled because of a pandemic, then any losses you would suffer would also be covered." Those losses would be hotels, flights, etc. Then debshomespun interpreted that to mean, that I was saying if I chose to cancel, then I would be covered, which I never said. The part you quoted was simply me trying to make it clearer for debhomespun. So you are correct, this coverage would just cover expenses other than the cruise itself.
  19. Also, Terrorism is covered on my policy. Allianz has different levels of insurance, and maybe some don't cover terrorism. Here is what I copied off my policy on covered reasons for canceling: 16. A terrorist event happens within 100 miles of any U.S. or foreign city you are traveling to during your trip, as indicated on your original itinerary. The following condition applies: a. A terrorist event must not have occurred within 25 miles of that city any time in the 30 days prior to your policy’s Coverage Effective Date (The effective date is the date I purchased the policy)
  20. I didn't mean to say it would be covered if I chose to cancel a cruise. If the cruise line cancels the cruise you would be covered.
  21. I have the Allianz Worldwide Travel Protection Plan, that I purchased from my TA, but you can also purchase it directly from Allianz online. It more than covers any medical situation. There is no specific mention of any particular disease, so the new virus would not be handled any different. If a cruise is canceled because of a pandemic, then any losses you would suffer would also be covered. How much it costs depends on your age, the length of your vacation, the total cost of your trip, and (I think) where you are going. There are other insurance companies out there that are probably cheaper, but Allianz has been around a long time and is the largest insurance company in the world.
  22. Not allowed because of possible fire hazard.
  23. That is correct, if you have the SBP and order a $15 drink you will be charged the full $15. However, there are lots of drinks that fall under $11 threshold. Unless you insist on a premium ingredient in your drink, you shouldn't need the Elite BP.
  24. A comparison between Seabourn and HAL is sort of like a road test between a Rolls Royce and a Chevy. Sure the Rolls is a lot nicer, but is it worth the extra cost? Getting a Chevy is the smarter choice, but for those who have the means, why not get the Rolls?
  25. The biggest risk is medical, especially medical evacuation. I get a $1 million dollar medical evacuation policy. If you lost all of the cost of the cruise, flights, hotels, etc., you would be sad, but not broke. After all, you were going to spend that money anyway. But the plan, I get includes all that cancellation protections as well, but I consider this of secondary importance. If you have expenses that can be cancelled at the last minute without penalty, there is no need to insure them.
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