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  1. IMO, a lightweight loose fitting hooded waterproof windbreaker is a must, and I bring one on every cruise, no matter where it is going. AK weather can be anything from warm and pleasant to damp and chilly/cold to just plain cold. You need to pack a few items of every type of clothing to cover all possible weather eventualities. When it's chilly or cold, layering is the key.
  2. flamomo


    Sorta! But not as good as Shrimp Scampi! The shrimps were tucked into the little wells on the special platter where the snails are normally placed. I recall the shrimp version I tried being overcooked and tough. Not good! That's why I sent the rest back.
  3. flamomo


    Had the "shrimp-cargo" on the Pacific Princess a couple of months ago, and it just didn't make up for the real thing. I tasted one and sent the rest back. YUCK! It sure didn't work as a substitute for the wonderful snails in that delicious garlic butter sauce. Very disappointing that they didn't have the real thing available! I'm hoping the snail variety will be available on my cruise that is coming up soon so I can get my fix.
  4. Caribe deck balconies are my go-to favorites on ships of that class, especially in the most forward section. I try to book early before the ones closest to the mid-forward section, the next section back, are all taken, as the forward cabin fares are a bit less les than the mid-forward ones but the "ride" is about the same as those that are closer to the mid section. We have a cruise coming up soon on the Grand, and we booked cabin C239. Coincidentally, we were in that exact same cabin last year and it's great location.
  5. I don't know about anyone else, but I prefer to "dine" in the evening, not go to the buffet. I enjoy the dining room atmosphere, sharing a nice meal with the interesting people we meet each night, as well as being "served" my food.
  6. I've been told that at least some of the leftover cooked food often goes to the crew's dining room for their enjoyment. This was told to me by one of the ship's officers. As far as trying to order small or half portions, my travel companion has requested that a number of times, but full portions were served anyway most of the time. Sometimes for dinner I will just order a Caesar salad and request it be topped with a chicken breast, or I have a small Caesar salad, and an appetizer size portion of Pasta alfredo as my main. Both my travel companion and I are accustomed to eating half or less of a regular sized entrée` when we eat out, and our remainders go home for 1-2 additional meals apiece. We both wish there was an "official" small portion of most items offered on the dinner menu on the ships.
  7. I believe that the stage/bandstand is located on the port side all the way aft, so if I were looking to book a cabin above that area, I would want it to be on the starboard side of the ship.
  8. I adore cruising on the Pacific Princess (670 passengers) ….. have done several on her and also have cruised on her sister ship, the one-time Tahitian Princess, and later also sailed on her after she was renamed the Ocean Princess. I'll be back on the Pacific Princess later this year for 29 wonderful days to celebrate a major birthday.
  9. I feel buying that 100 shares of CCL was one of the best investments I could have made. I've had it for 10 years, have cruised with Princess close to 40 times in the interim, and the share price has doubled. So that's a nice little gain for me, but the best part is all of those shareholder benefits that I have gotten for all of those cruises, which is sort of like getting non-reportable dividends. I know I have gotten way more back than what I invested. If/when I no longer can cruise I'll liquidate it, but for now, my financial advisor knows those shares are not to be touched for any reason without my okay!
  10. I've done TAs to or from Europe on both large and small ships, and much prefer traveling on a small ship, Even when they are fully booked, as they seem to always be these days, there's still WAY fewer passengers. My #1 favorite ship for TAs is the Pacific Princess, which only hold about 670 passengers. Just the right size, IMHO!
  11. I have used clear heavy duty plastic luggage tags that I ordered online from favors by serendipity for at least 5-6 years, at least 4-5 times a year, and they are still going strong. Reasonably priced, easy to attach, and sturdy.
  12. I'll be cruising on the Grand in September. I've already been on most of the ships in the Princess fleet in my 15 years of cruising with Princess, but never the Grand yet, so I'll be very interested in reading about your impressions of her (+& -), as well as what you might consider important to know about her.
  13. I ALWAYS pack a hooded waterproof windbreaker no matter where I am cruising. It takes up a negligible amount of space in an outside pocket of my carry-on suitcase while traveling to the port city, and then I move it to the tote bag that I take with me when going ashore in ports. It's been needed many times, either as protection from rain or the weather gets chilly. It's loose fitting enough to accommodate adding another layer if the weather is beyond chilly. I would never carry an umbrella when touring in ports. I had the unpleasant experience of someone else's umbrella ribs almost poking me in the eye when an unexpected gust of wind caught it. I learned from that situation that umbrellas can be a safety hazard to others when in crowds.
  14. Every time I have cruised on the Pacific Princess, there has been a pianist/singer performing in the Casino Bar every evening. One of my favorites was Jere Ring, and I'd love to have him performing on the 29 day Pacific Princess cruise I will be on later this year. Great voice, excellent pianist and a very humorous guy who really knows how to connect with and involve his listeners. Another time there was a fellow named Austin who was also very good.
  15. I have done AK cruises with Princess 3 times, as well as many other Princess cruises, and, and based on my observations, would have to say that the majority of male passengers do wear suits or dress trousers with a sport coat on formal nights. Most also wear ties and dress shirts with them. Some choose to wear nice pants and a collared shirt, and there are always a few who wear whatever they want. For the most part, Princess staff seems to prefer not to upset passengers by insisting that they dress according to the guidelines. However, occasionally there will be a maître `d who is stricter who will turn passengers away who are not dressed in what they deem appropriate. Personally, I don't think that AK cruises are much different than any other itinerary when it comes to dining room attire on formal nights. Many comply and a smaller number won't.
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