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  1. Hi: We are booking to go on the NCL Bliss in Jan 2022 through the Panama Canal on a private group booking. We are looking to have a Club (Mini) Suite (like on the Escape) on floors 12 or 14. What I am having difficulty finding is the room configurations. We want Port Side, we want the bed to be closest to the Balcony (not the entrance door), and if possible, a bathtub (haven't seen any in any videos so far). I've been scouring the Internet with not much luck. I also messaged NCL, but they weren't willing to provide me the information without me booking. I am looking at the following rooms on the 14th floor: 14162, 14164, 14166, 14168, 14170, 14174, 14176, 14202, 14206, 14212. I believe 14168 has a bed by the balcony. I am also looking at the 12th floor: 12182, 12184, 12188, 12196, 12232, 12234, 12236, I believe 12182 has a bed by the balcony. Is the Bliss set up so that their room configurations alternate? For example, 14166 and 14170 would have beds close to the entrance door, and 14168 (in between) would have a bed close to the balcony. I cannot find information on the NCL site, I've checked through Youtube and a couple of other travel sites. Even my Travel Agent doesn't have access to this information from NCL, so any help would be appreciated.
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