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  1. Thanks for all of your suggestions. I do bring my tablet with me, so I just might use one of the white noise apps and use with headphones.
  2. Yeah, I have a couple different apps but I was looking for an actual fan (loud) or device. Thanks!
  3. I'm the type of person who needs a fan to fall asleep. I have tried bringing a small fan onboard a couple times and both times they were taken away and I was not allowed to bring them (not sure which cruise line it was). We're looking at booking a cruise next year with either Royal Caribbean or Norwegian. Just curious what everyone else brings to use to help fall asleep (noise wise). Whether it's a small fan or maybe something else that I haven't even heard of.
  4. We were on deck 6 aft balcony and only felt vibration during docking.
  5. Yes, we arrived home at 11ish this morning! A record, normally home by 1-2pm from NY
  6. Our cabin was 6478, rear facing Havana balcony. It was BIG.
  7. The ship only vibrated during maneuvering into dock. The rocking was no more or less than any other ship we have been on. Some quick math, $50pp x 5000 passengers=$250,000. WOW You won't be disappointed, it's an amazing ship.
  8. We just arrived home from this cruise. We had a rear facing balcony and noticed only one "wake" from the rear of the boat after the missed port. After the delay leaving from Grand Turk I noticed are top speed was 22.6 knots which seemed fast to me but maybe it's normal. After the announcement, our top speed seemed to be 17 knots with one wake. The next day the captain made an announcement that his crew made progress and we would arrive on time in NY, then our speed increased to 19-20 knots with a small wake on the left side. The delay from Grand Turk was due to a crew member death the evening before:(:(, RIP. Overall it was a very nice cruise minus the news of the crew member. This was the best crew out of the 11 cruises we have been on. Carnival applied a $50pp credit for the missed port which seemed fair. They also added more shows to the schedule. My only complaint is it went by too fast! P.S. if your thinking about a Havana room, do it! The crowd in the Havana area was small the whole time.
  9. We're leaving Wednesday on the Horizon and I'm just wondering if we can each bring a resuable travel mug to fill with ice water each day? We're big water drinkers and have brought water bottles before (throw away kind) but don't want to bring a case of water this time. I thought having the resuable one that we could refill throughout the day would work out better for us. Plus would be great to bring on the islands. Thanks!!!
  10. I've heard on some ports they will have these "carts" that will drive you from the ship to the port. We leave Wed on the Horizon and will be visiting San Juan, Amber Cove and Grand Turk. Can you tell me whether either of these have this transportation? Thanks
  11. We're not new to cruising but have never sailed on one of the bigger ships. I've head when sailing on some of these ships, you now have to book times to see the shows at night. Next year, we'll be sailing on the Escape. There will be at least 10 of us in our party (a couple more might be joining us, they haven't decided yet) I've tried looking on the NCL site and can't seem to find where you would book any shows. Are there any other things (aside from speciality dining) that we have to book ahead of time? And have far out can you book? There will be 5 staterooms. So does that mean 5 separate show bookings or can I just say, We need 10 seats? Any other info you can shed would be appreciated.
  12. We just booked the Norwegian Escape for August 2019. One of the free offers we chose was the 3-night dining package. After doing some research, I saw that restaurants that used to have a flat rate, now have "ala carte" dining. How does that work with the "free offer dining package". We plan on going to the steakhouse. I assume we won't have to pay the ala carte prices and can choose an app, entree, dessert? If you've had the dining package through the "free offers" when you booked, how did it all work out?
  13. We'll be sailing Aug 8th on the Horizon and I have a question about the Skyride. How easy is it to get in to & out of the seat? I was watching a video and it seemed that the seats are pretty close to the floor while boarding them, is this true? And is that a harness that they put on you?
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