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  1. Thank you Rich for the Daily Report -- I look forward to it every day! Gerry - I'm looking forward to sailing with you next year -- with wine! Edi
  2. We are booked for the November 2021 "Spanish Farewell" on the Zuidy. I've already booked a tour for it!
  3. Thank you for doing the Daily Report, Rich and I hope you continue. If we have nothing to talk about for 2020, we, at least, have plans for 2021. That gives us hope and a reason to keep chatting! Edi
  4. I've always tried to stay awake until at least 10pm for just that reason!! Ha!
  5. I always wanted to be around at midnight to see them change the mats. However, I was always too tired and it never happened! LOL! Next time.
  6. Uh-oh...did the Ft. Lauderdale cam go down again? Never mind -- it's back!
  7. We're on the same cruise. DH thinks it might happen, but I don't!
  8. It's a wonderful itinerary -- what a lovely way to celebrate!
  9. I wonder if Matthew Gordon was allowed to get off & go home?
  10. We got the survey and we have a 2021 cruise booked. Nothing for 2020.
  11. I saw the update on the website, but haven"t heard anything from Vantage yet. Of course, we would only want to rebook for 2022 for the Oberammergau Passion Play - they probably haven't developed a schedule for that yet.
  12. So I see now that Viking and Avalon have cancelled their river cruises through June. When do you think Vantage will follow suit? Edi
  13. Ugly Edge has moved enough so we can see the Zuidy. Now THERE's a proper looking ship!
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