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  1. I just received an email from RC for tomorrow’s sailing that states essentially that you will be denied boarding if you test positive or have had COVID symptoms in the 14 days before your cruise starts or have been exposed to it. “If for any reason you may not feel well or have any flu-like symptoms, please contact us ahead of time as we’ll sadly have to deny you boarding one of our ships.” You are required to answer a series of questions to complete check in which includes all of the COVID questions we all know well (fever, cough, exposure, etc. in previous 14 days) And I assume the aforementioned language means if you did answer “yes” to any of the questions you will be denied boarding vaccinated or not. Luckily, I am able to truthfully answer no but I imagine nobody will actually be honest if they were exposed or had any of the symptoms. PS - got rapid antigen and negative so wish me luck that tomorrow’s rapid test in Nassau is same result haha.
  2. The email I received today from RC advising of the new protocol to test vaccinated passengers at check in just stated in the end of the email, ""If your result is positive or inconclusive, a pier agent will share next steps with you. Rest assured, we will take care of you." However, no details on what these next steps entail or what taking care of you means. I am trying to avoid the unknown and just get a rapid antigen before boarding my flight just in case. If the CVS test is positive then I won't go. As someone said, in the rare instance there is a false positive, that will suck. Also, as another gentlemen said, you can test positive days after contact with it (Jon Rahm on PGA Tour) so interesting they don't do testing every other day or just random test passengers. I could be negative tomorrow and positive Saturday or negative tomorrow and positive on Day 6 when they test us to come back to US. I took this risk so accept any issues that arise. I just wanted to let yall know that I don't think the protocols for vaxxed passengers is defined yet.
  3. I think it is ALL about no negative PR at this point. I read an article that RC execs and several news agencies will be on board for the sailing so I think they want this to be a "test" cruise so to speak like "we told you no issues here." I scheduled a rapid test at CVS for tomorrow as did my partner. My only complaint is they did this 48 hours before sailing so I am now scrambling to get a rapid test before leaving the states. I do not want to get to Nassau and test pos and be there for 14 days even though RC in the email said "rest assured that if you test positive we will take care of you...." whatever that means lol.
  4. We are on AoS this Saturday and RC just sent an email stating vaccinated passengers will also need to take a rapid test and test negative at checkin prior to boarding. RC will provide the test free of charge, but will give it at checkin. They state they want to give further assurance to all passengers that nobody is boarding with COVID. I think they want zero chance of any issues on this initial sailing. Question: Bahamas doesn’t require vaxxed passengers to show negative test just the vaccine card via health visa. I am okay with the testing by RC but would you get a rapid test before leaving the states. If you test positive you will need to quarantine for 14 days before coming back to US.
  5. Thanks! I’ll try to post an update on protocols and whether it is fun or a disaster. My expectations are tempered since this is first cruise back for most US citizens. Thus, I will cut them slack on most things unless they run out of booze, masks are required outdoors and at pool, or the casino is limited in capacity... 🙂
  6. They haven't shared any of that information but would assume its 95%+ vaccinated. I think children over 12 must be vaxxed.
  7. Well, if those sailing on AoS next Saturday (12th) get an email a few days before sailing saying masks will be required indoors and there will be distancing, then arguably RC really didn't give us the protocols out of fear many would cancel their sailings and by waiting until very last minute, they knew most (like me) wouldn't cancel at this point. As I have said, I wouldn't have cancelled anyway if the mask is required indoors. Outdoors at pool...yea did that in Vegas and its not fun at pool with mask on.
  8. You are correct Molly. RC has sent several emails saying they don’t want to give us the information on protocols until they have the information from the CDC. At this point, I am highly confident we won’t receive further information until day or two before embarkation (other than the contract we agreed to at check in which says masks and distancing “May” be required). As frustrating as it will be to wear masks indoors or distance (if that’s possible) on a mostly vaccinated cruise, I - along with the vast majority I imagine - won’t cancel at this point. I mean we are already sucked in with the excitement of being able to check in and seeing the activities on board via the app haha. If for some reason they were to outright cancel the cruise though at this point I would go through the roof.
  9. I have always placed my carryon bag under the chair and wandered around to the pools/slides/even played a game of basketball and nobody has ever messed with it (15+ cruises on Carnival, Royal, Disney and NCL). It could be that its not a Gucci or Louis bag lol. I do understand the concern if you have tons of cash in there for the casino.
  10. While the communication from Royal to customers is definitely frustrating, I do believe the cruise industry is doing the best they can to restart given the always changing CDC guidance and the lawsuits from Governors v. CDC related to CDC guidelines/restrictions for the cruise industry. No other sector - airlines included - has to jump through as many hoops to get going. I firmly believe the cruise industry still hopes to offer every sailing they are advertising and do not want to cancel the sailings until they are 100% sure they can't make it happen. With that said, I do empathize with all of you who have cruises in the next 4-6 weeks with no confirmation other than it isn't cancelled yet. I I have a cruise out of Nassau on AoS on June 12 and wasn't able to check in until 2 weeks before despite the constant emails from Royal saying "hang in there we still don't know the guidelines from the CDC but will be in touch as soon as we do" [paraphrasing] And, as I write this, I still don't know guidelines on ship other than cruise contract says social distancing and masks "may" be required leaving open door for those restrictions. But, I took risk booking in April 2021 for a June 2021 cruise. Many of you booked long ago so again I do understand the frustration. My point is that I do think cruise industry is unfairly targeted by CDC and they are doing best they can with always changing rules.
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