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  1. Have traveled as an adult since 1978 and have never had any damp/ condensation in my luggage ever...USA..Far East..Europe.
  2. I had a great day on Guernsey,..the tendering process was very slow but at least we got of the ship.
  3. By the original post these conditions won’t be implemented till at least 2026. Fill your boots over the next few years.
  4. With all the drinks packages everybody in the cabin have to buy a package apart from children’s packages. I can understand partway the logic ie sharing drinks, but would like to think individual packages could be sold as we have cruise passes with our identity. Obviously trust is a big part of this but if found out some sanction could take place, ie their drink package is taken away. We are going on the Iona in 2021 for 7 days and we were thinking about giving the full package a go...Fine for my wife and I but we have a 34 yr old disabled son who is on fluid restrictions so the package is not applicable. I will in time contact P&O about this and I’m sure they will ...maybe...oblige.
  5. From Southampton to Fort Lauderdale via The Azores...Mid Jan the Bay of Biscay lived up to its reputation but as we neared The Azores the weather improved. From then on light clothes till we got to Florida....After the Azores we loved watching the flying fish near the bow escaping the waves. A great trip on the QE2.
  6. After the safety drill passengers are asked to wait and let least able and disabled passengers to use the lifts first...Ok for ten seconds then it’s a free for all.
  7. No tips are required... P&O advertise this comprehensively in there ads....So no tips are required...Ad Infinitum...
  8. We are going on the Arcadia 26th November Arctic circle cruise. The tours are. Andalsnes all tours are 29th Nov 19. Rodven Stave church and the Troll Wall. 2 3/4 hrs. £52 pp. Norwegian mountaineering centre and waffle. 4hrs. £62pp. Scenic Rauma railwayby traditional railway. 3hrs. £88pp. The Atlantic Ocean road 7hrs. £99pp. Tromso all tours are 1st Dec 19. Leisurely Tromso coach tour 2hrs. £40pp. Polaria and the Arctic cathedral +city tour of Tromso. 2 1/2hrs. £52pp. Arctic cathedral evening recital 2hrs. £52pp Discover Tromso. 3hrs. 54pp. Sommaroy island.. traditional community visit. 4hrs. £56pp. Tromso sights and cable car 3 1/2 hrs. £66pp. Polaria and Huskies. 3 1/2 hrs. £72pp. In search of the Northern lights led by local experts 5hrs. £85pp. R.I.B. safari explore islands around Tromso 3hrs. £92pp Narvik all 3rd Dec 19. Leisurely Narvik guide 1 1/2hrs. £37pp. Narvik sights and war history 2 1/2hrs. £49pp. Narvik by cable car 2 1/2hrs. £52pp. Norwegian coastal history 4hrs. £68pp. All aboard the Ofoten railway, mountain plateau to the Swedish border 4 1/2hrs. £85pp Polar park visit 5hrs. £86pp. In search of the Northern lights 5hrs. £99pp. In search of the Northern lights by train 7hrs. £120pp. Stavanger all on 6 Dec 19. Stavanger stroll and coffee stop 2 1/2hrs. £40pp. Leisurely Stavanger with coffee break, city and countryside 3hrs. £49pp. Stavanger highlights and Iron Age farm 3hrs. £53pp. Stavanger countryside 4hrs. £54pp. Nordic walking tour 4hrs. £54pp. Welcome to a Norwegian home 2hrs. £65pp. Lysefjord cruise and pulpit rock 3hrs. £75pp Lysefjord R.I.B. 2 1/2hrs. £95pp Hope this helps.
  9. When we went it was free to and from Amsterdam. Rotterdam to Amsterdam shuttle/tour is £40+.
  10. Could anybody who knows what the more information for no accessible coaches after 10.00 pm actually means. Why don’t they just print what is available for disabled guests. The options are few I would think, a free taxi to and from the ship, a free minibus or no transport provided. I am intrigued by the wording, if anybody knows great. The photo of coach shuttles from Ijmuiden. The leaflet would look a lot different if you arrived at 1.30pm.
  11. We book cruises with the best deal for us. We used to travel on Cunard but with the exchange rate we tried P&O. A few cruises late and great deals for the me, my wife and my 34 yr old disabled son we have some great cruises all on the £1 3rd person deal. My son has heart failure and is studying for a music degree...I will never forget sitting on the balcony in our suite sipping numerous hot chocolates with my son at 3.00am whilst gliding through the fjord...great memories.
  12. DaiB did you arrive early and dock at 8.00am or did you dock at 1.30 pm try the latter..no fun whatsoever....total shambles.
  13. On our trip it was in the Meridian restaurant.
  14. IJmuiden shuttles free .....Rotterdam £40+ shuttle/tour per person longer journey....discuss.
  15. Food was good ..Gareth Gates was excellent...a great night with an intimate atmosphere. Like a small (back in the day) Lakeside Country Club...google it...before darts arrived.
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