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  1. They are just listing the August cruises, and the first day in that month where a sailing departs. (Special nod to MG on 31 July.) They also list the Galveston ships that are also sailing in July. I wouldn't over-interpret that list.
  2. Well, depends on what "beer" you drink. If those guys were drinking Natty Light, well, that sounds like a personal problem. Go grab some of the higher-octane beers they have, like Angel City Brewery IPA at 6.1% or Parched Pig West Coast IPA at 6.2% ABV, and 15 should be enough. (I will admit many of the beers I drink have ABVs in the 7 and 8% range, typically.)
  3. Yep, this. If sailing fully vaxxed (or 95% or whatever) is what makes sense for now, to get things rolling again, then it is what should happen, so of course the USVI would support that.
  4. Too far away. Anything could happen in that timeframe. I suspect by October we might hear something if changes need to occur. (I'm on a MG sailing in Dec too.)
  5. The letter makes good logical points, and it would make sense for the "no asking for proof of vax" law to be exempted for cruise lines. Therefore, I expect Desantis to rail against this, maybe complaining of "Interference" by the US Territory in matters of FL state law, etc.
  6. They haven't posted blanket statement yet, AFAIK. You can read between the lines based on what the CDC CSO "operating rules" say, but there is also this mix of the FL-CDC court case/mediation. Thus why we are all waiting.
  7. It will take Carnival a while to map the existing Elation cabin bookings to the Magic - I would expect it will take them the weekend, at least.
  8. Just answered my own question - apparently my brain does store knowledge... Concerning Mardi Gras and Celebration: "These two ships will have ironing rooms on several stateroom decks as well as Valet Laundry service. " https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1134/~/laundry-service
  9. That is correct. I will admit I cannot remember if it was a complete lack of laundry and related facilities, or just no washers/dryers, but an ironing board might still be available? We use the ironing boards occasionally for elegant night clothes (or other clothes) that get wrinkled while in suitcases.
  10. And if a crew member brings on their grandson: Son of a Son of a Sailor. Also featuring Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes, and bonus hidden track, Margaritaville. Heck, could be an entire album of Jimmy Buffett covers by the "Mardi Gras Buffet singers". Should have been released on Fat Tuesday, though...
  11. No. The cruises aren't cancelled, so now SNJ has to actually pay for and enjoy the B2B cruises, when they were hoping for a cancellation and reap the rewards of $600 OBC per cruise, to be used on a future re-booking. Someone tried to game the system, and may have not got the expected outcome.
  12. Naturally, it has been somewhat simplified in the mass media descriptions. Herd immunity works by having a significantly large portion of the population vaccinated or otherwise immune such that the disease doesn't have viable vectors from host to host, and dies out, except in small pockets which may maintain the viability of the disease indefinitely. But it takes time after reaching the "threshold" of the useful amount of herd immunity - the disease still spreads among the non-immune, just slowly, and at a rate of less than one new infection per infection. And it is a
  13. Link was on the Carnival announcement. I just clicked on one of the links to get to the 5% exemption, and the page says not available to accommodate requests due to demand.
  14. But please note this element in the CSO Operations Manual: https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/covid19-operations-manual-cso.html For ships with at least 95% of crew and 95% of passengers fully vaccinated, cruise ship operators, at their discretion, may advise passengers and crew that they do not have to wear a mask or maintain physical distance in any areas. That's why a fully vaxxed cruise is so enticing.
  15. Well, it basically comes down to Authorized for use in an Emergency, vs Approved for General use. Right now, if the Public Health Emergency were to be declared over, it would not be permitted to provide the vaccine to anyone. It's like you are approved to travel in the normal right-side travel lane of a two-way road, but in an emergency you are authorized to shift over to the left (e.g. if your lane is blocked, etc). Once the "emergency" is over, get back over the the right side of the road. If the road gets turned into a one-way, then both lanes get perman
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