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  1. How do I edit the post?? I don't find the option anymore.. :O hahaha XYZ = random letters to symbolize an abbreviation
  2. What if we fix this post so people can take a look here before submitting a new thread to ask what XYZ mean? I think it would be a good idea. AFT - Back of the ship B2B - Back to back cruises FTTF - Faster To The Fun (check Carnival's website for more information) Lido - One of the decks on Carnival ships MDR - Main Dining Room YTD - Your Time Dinner OV - Ocean View cabin Cruise Lines: DCL - Disney Cruise Line RCCL - Royal Caribbean Cruise Line RCI - Royal Caribbean International ... (you can post and I'll be adding them here)
  3. I have a travel insurance but not that one from Carnival. I got it from Seven Corners. It's not that I don't want to answer, I'm just not sure if I have to or not, since in my case, I'm not getting a plane immediately after the cruise. Well, I will fill out with my flight info anyways. Thanks!
  4. Makes sense, but in my case, I won't have issues with delays because my flight will be 1 week before and then 2 days after.. so, I think I should answer that I'm not going by plane, or?
  5. Yesterday I was going to check in my 12th Feb cruise and I realized they ask about flights and so on. What is that for? In my case, I will be in Florida for 2 weeks for holidays. I'm arriving in US one week before the cruise, will visit Miami Beach/Fort Lauderdale/Keys, and then get the cruise. After porting back in Miami, I'm gonna stay 2 days and then flight back to my country. In this case, should I answer anything related to the flights or I just do not consider it since I'm not going straight from airport to port? They also ask about staying in Miami, should I put the address of my hotel?
  6. I think you are doing the same cruise I'll do. 5 days cruise stopping in Ocho Rios and Grand Cayman. I really liked the review. It's also my first time and I've been reading every single post here in the past weeks and also asked few questions that I didn't find a convincing answer. The weather looks great in the waterslides picture. I hope it will be like that everyday for me. What scares me most is if the weather is bad, because I will not only miss the fun (pools, port days, etc) but also I'd be very seasick. And different from you, I like to wake up early but even though I normally go to bed late.. I'm the kind of person who sleeps 5-6 hours a day and this is more than enough. So, I like the idea of having late attractions and in the morning I can relax at the sun.. :)
  7. As brazilian I don't feel not even a bit scared about going to Jamaica (I'll port there next month). At least for us in Brazil, we learn since we are kids how to behave and how to be fully aware of everything around you while you are simply walking or having lunch. Most of people I met from other countries complained when visiting Brazil that they got robbed or something like that, but they went to the beach in Rio wearing a necklace, ear rings or even carrying a camera. Then, yes, of course, you gonna get robbed (or stabbed/killed if you try to fight for your belongs). But brazilians know that you just do not wear anything but your clothes, don't carry any electronic device (phone, camera, watch, etc) when you go to Rio. I think same applies for Jamaica. Just go there yourself, don't bring anything with you (just few bucks in cash in case of buying something and your ID) and go for the experience, but don't give them a reason to rob you. Most important: Be aware, eyes open, watch your back and most important thing: don't act like a first time traveler. Even if it's your first time, pretend you have been there so many times like if your spouse was Jamaican and you visit him/her every month. They will always look for someone who seems scared. By the way: Rio has nowadays same murder rate as Syria (while in war) and the army is also on the streets, maybe Jamaica is just in the same situation which is "ok" from my point of view.
  8. Hahahaha before I read your post I told my girlfriend the same... haha first time in my life I see one willing to pay someone else to unpack. Well, I see here a big opportunity. I'll open my unpack company... :D
  9. Thanks for the tips, guys! I think I'll go with the bucket+ice thing. Cooler is definitely not an option since I'm not taking it home afterwards (I'm carrying a very small luggage for 2 weeks in Florida, pretty much using the same underwears turned inside out).
  10. Do they just lend you the bucket if you ask? It would be great!
  11. I'll spend a week in Florida before getting the cruise.. so, I could buy it.. I'm just thinking that it's quite an investment if I'm throwing it away afterwards.. I checked price in Amazon and it's like $15... this is quite a lot. It's a 5 day cruise so I would drink ~1 soda a day, so, half pack.. and my girlfriend barely drinks soda (maybe 1 or 2)... so, we didn't want to invest in a soda card.. but I thought buying a 12pack at Costco could save me some money, however if I have to buy the cooler, I think it will end up almost same price as buying coke in the ship. And if so, then it would be better not to carry all the stuff (cooler, 12 pack, etc)...
  12. Well, I'm not from US and if I have to buy a cooler (and throw it away after the cruise) because of 12 coke cans, wouldnt be cheaper just to buy the coke in the ship?
  13. Hi, I know we can bring our own bottle of wine as well as 12-pack Coke cans. However, I also heard that Ocean View in Carnival Sensation has no fridge in the cabin. So, how would I actually cool the Coke? I HATE drinking Coke when they are not cold enough.
  14. They have even german standard! Nice. However, I'm going on Sensation.. Think I'll just buy an adapter.
  15. I just logged in and changed it to YTD! Thank you all! Honestly, I think my cruise is not even going to be full. I've seen so many people going on cruise later than me and the FTTF is already sold out, etc, while mine is in 35 days from now and I got the FTTF 2 days ago without any problem.
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