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  1. You really need to book two nights before the cruise as Barbados says although it expects test results to be back within 24 hours, this is not guaranteed and advises a 2 night booking. Thus if only booked one night and they are delayed you won’t be going on the cruise. You must stay in your resort until the negative test results are received. We have provisionally booked a one bed suite with our own 28’ pool so at least we can sunbathe/relax whilst waiting for test results.
  2. Hi Considering booking OB on 14 night Barbados cruise in July. Has anyone already booked one of these cruises and already been allocated their cabin? Do you imagine any upsell will be available? Thanks in advance for any response.
  3. Have made one claim on the policy a few years ago: 3 night booking for a castle for New Year. Had very bad ear infection 2 days before due to go and was dizzy when stood up. Doctor said I could not travel. Paid us the £6000 very quickly from receipt of doctors completed form. Have also once had the recovery at home. We live in the middle of nowhere and they were actually quite quick. Could just have been luck though! My husband does have pre existing medical conditions: we pay a supplement of £94 a year for him for these to be covered. Agree about the limits. The £10,000 each covers us for the Penthouse Spa Suite for 12 nights in the Caribbean in November, but would have fell far short for the Wintergarden Suite on the Encore last year. .
  4. Seen number of people comment on their insurance policy does not cover current pandemic situation. Just reviewed our RBS Black Account travel policy in the light of what is currently happening in the world. Found:1. Covers pandemics2. Specifically states flights/ hotels paid with points - they will repay your taxes taxes and buy you the points back for your particular programme.Review concluded this is actually a very good policy !
  5. Thanks for all the responses. Really helpful!
  6. Quick question: saw a Penthouse Spa Suite on Encore, it was actually larger than one of the Owners suites. Just looked at spec for Sojourn - seems far smaller than suite on Encore. Anyone been in both? Prople who responded earlier - are your comments re the Sojourn type ship or the Encore? Thanks
  7. Used to sailing on Encore. Just put a hold on a Caribbean cruise for November in a Penthouse Spa Suite on Sojourn. Can anyone advise if I should book a middle or end Suite? Told there are differences. Both still available to choose. Thanks.
  8. Hi Anyone received any upsell offers on Caribbean this winter? Can you give me an idea of suites offered and prices. Thank you.
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