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  1. When browsing the boards and clicking to the second page or beyond, the top menu always covers the first thread. So I have to choose to either ignore it or scroll up. Google Chrome is up to date Version 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  2. People respond to semi formal night by wearing their best pair of white shorts. If it's formal night, they add a shirt.
  3. Ecstasy. Also, the private island has no excursions listed, but the foreign port does.
  4. My January 2021 cruise just had FTTF added for the first time too.
  5. I plan on doing something. My traveling is to visit the country, not the port.
  6. The ship held for our excursion being delayed once. No stress except I missed the local liquor store.
  7. My 20% off Cruise Cash x5 just went through, paid with an AARP gift card.
  8. FYI 20% off $100 Cruise Cash (limit 5) is a separate offer from 20% off Cheers.
  9. This should be updated for the new year this month as I just voted.
  10. Norwegian is the first choice after Featured rewards on my desktop and mobile. Right now their are ten cruise options from 600k-1m points leaving from Canaveral, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Tampa.
  11. I was bumped up to a suite last November and balcony in January. It is the best available room when you call the MSC casino department to redeem your MyVegas certificate. You only pay the standard port fees of $185 per person on the current offer and the standard $12.50 per day room cleaning fee, whatever they call the forced gratuities. You may be able to further upgrade your room or add a third or fourth passenger depending on availability. You do not earn MSC frequent cruiser days when using free rooms. I'm trying to get in on the current deal. but can't find a roommate! I don't like the 12 hour drive to Miami myself. And Norwegian has had free cruises on MyVegas for months. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
  12. That sounds very uncomfortable. I would have reported him to guest services and demand he not enter my room again for the safety of my personal belongings.
  13. My notes tell me you can take the $1.25pp bus a mile to Chippingham Road for your first three stops.
  14. I was there last week on MSC and a shuttle driver told me the Sands Brewery was taking visitors, but not producing so I did not go. The national park was only "open" enough to collect excursion money instead of canceling. I stayed in the port area and bought local things.
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