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  1. I'll be there at the end of August. But my question was whether it would be SAFE, not whether it would be dark.
  2. Is it safe to walk from the train depot to this hotel when the train from Seward arrives at 10:15 p.m.?
  3. Nothing that I want to book for August 2020 is open for booking yet. And the cruise line seems to be changing the itinerary, so I'm not even sure where we're going.
  4. Wait, can two people occupying the same cabin bid separately? Against each other? I think it's the number of possible bids, not the number of passengers the bids represent, that matters.
  5. I toured one day last week with Best Guides and one day with whatever agency the cruise line used. Best Guides did a fine job. For anyone who is concerned about missing the sailing when using a private tour agency, our guide says that Best Guides ordinarily plans anything that is outside St. Petersburg for the first day, in a two-day tour, since if there were any problem (breakdown, road closure) on the second day they could always find a way to get customers back to the ship if they are in St. Petersburg proper.
  6. I've now traveled one way on the Arlanda Express and the other way on commuter rail; commuter rail takes longer but is equally comfortable and about half the price. If you need to connect between the train and the T-bana (Metro), it is an easier connection with the commuter rail and also probably easier at Odenplan than at T-centralen.
  7. It will be really tempting to wear a Canadian tuxedo:
  8. Tallinn Choral Synagogue, St. Petersburg Vasa Museum, Stockholm
  9. The point of duty-free purchase is that no tax has been paid on the product in the country where it was purchased (or loaded onto the ship, for onboard shopping). As already stated, the U.S. allows one liter per adult without applying customs duty, plus an additional allowance for purchases in the USVI and some other islands. The duty on an additional bottle is not large, but it may be enough to undo the savings, which tend not to be very large, either. However, it seems to be increasingly common that if you declare 2 or 3 liters, U.S. customs agents don't bother to collect the duty on the second and third. For myself, I only purchase alcohol abroad if it's something I can't readily buy in my home state, and only aboard ship if I have OBC that needs to be used.
  10. No wine given at ours today and only about half of those who signed up attended.
  11. I am nearly certain that my college assigned roommates on the basis of just one question: "do you sleep with the window open or closed?" and then put a "closed" person with an "open" person.
  12. Probably so. On the other hand, the category of "awful table mates" includes people who carry on about how you paid way too much and could have gotten a better stateroom for less money if you had used their travel agent (in another country, sometimes). Or if you had waited until the last minute to book -- which I generally can't do, because of work that has to be planned far in advance.
  13. I usually fill mine at the bathroom tap, but if I fill it at a water dispenser I use a cup, as some cruise lines request. This is easier with a wide-mouth bottle.
  14. That's how I would book, except when there is a simple 30% off, as there was for my next booking for single occupancy of a double.
  15. If your cruise departs this Sunday: that's also what I'm seeing, although Stockholm will be a bit warmer. There is some chance of rain every day except maybe embarkation day. I plan to carry a rain jacket everywhere -- it will be cooler in the mornings.
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