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  1. If this is still not clear, $1,400 is the amount they're saying it would be worth if you consumed the maximum every day of the cruise.
  2. That's consistent with my experience on comparable itineraries, but I would say that the average was a little spiffier on HAL than on other lines, although equally casual.
  3. Here's the Eurodam as seen from the deck of the Nieuw Amsterdam in January 2020.
  4. Yes. Quite a few cruise lines do that, but I don't know any reliable way to find out in advance.
  5. Well, the point is that when a duty-free shop in a foreign airport seals a purchase in a tamper-evident bag, you can keep that bottle in carry-on luggage for your connection in the U.S. TSA may open the bag, test for explosives, and reseal it, or may not. But since one ordinarily has to claim all luggage for U.S. customs, it is also possible to transfer it to a bag that will be rechecked, if you can protect it adequately. What is not allowed to to use this procedure when your flight home begins at a domestic airport, when returning from a cruise that disembarks at a U.S. port, but
  6. Wait, are you saying that the procedure that TSA accepts for domestic flight connections isn't allowed in Europe, or that the shops at Barcelona El Prat airport don't offer it, or what? TSA says: You may carry duty free liquids in secure, tamper–evident bags, more than 3.4 oz or 100 ml in your carry-on bag if: The duty free liquids were purchased internationally and you are traveling to the United States with a connecting flight. The liquids are packed in a transparent, secure, tamper-evident bag by the retailer and do not show signs of tampering when presen
  7. Legal squabbles notwithstanding, it is nearly inconceivable that NCL, or any other cruise line, would pull completely out of Florida (unless maybe the line also sold off most of its ships). The Florida ports have vastly more capacity than any other ports that could replace them.
  8. I remember that, for one of my NCL cruises, specialty dining reservations did not open for all restaurants at the same time. IIRC, for several weeks it was possible to book Cagney's but not Le Bistro, even though booking should then have been open for all passengers, not just the Haven. It appeared then that it had to be set up separately for each restaurant and each sailing, with manual intervention. Possibly there could be a similar issue with just the listing, even before it's time to book.
  9. I've done it, but I'm technically professional, although I don't work in a clergy job. At this point, I will use anything short of physical violence to get control away from someone who feels obligated to do it even though he (never she) doesn't know how.
  10. I know all too well that I am the sort of person to whom those things happen (maybe not the hot tub).
  11. Just now I found cruises on the Joy beginning in October, with four consecutive western Caribbean sailings in November that appeared to be bookable.
  12. My first cruise came about as a result of an injury and surgery that prevented travel. A few years ago I broke my arm the week of Thanksgiving and had a surgical repair. Starting physical therapy the day after Christmas, for an expected three months, kept me from going on the winter vacation that I had planned, and it would be April before I could travel. I had been considering a Baltic cruise for some time, but the Baltic is not in season in April, and I chose the Mediterranean, the first Mediterranean cruise of the season, in fact. I did not plan on dislocating the other shoulder
  13. Just a note about boxed wines: the everyday red wine in my house is always in a box, not because I drink so much of it, but because I don't. It's vacuum sealed and keeps for weeks, while red wine in a bottle is good for only a few days, if that.
  14. I'm going on a non-cruise to Alaska this summer, and that changed my camera plans. For a cruise, I would have taken a DSLR plus both telephoto and wide-angle lenses (wide-angle can be good for landscapes and inside buildings). But my non-cruise includes two flights on Alaska Airlines, where I don't get a free checked bag, and three stays on land, so I'm going to pack lighter. I'll be taking a compact superzoom camera, which is a little bigger than a pocket camera and somewhat heavier, plus a waterproof pocket camera, along with a flotation wrist strap for the waterproof camera.
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