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  1. caligirl1960

    Why travel solo?

    I'm taking my first solo cruise next April and can't wait...if it wasn't for a new grandson arriving in November I may have left earlier. I have one BFF that I travel with a lot but I want, and need, a chance to focus on me after my Mom's passing a couple of months ago. My BFF and I are both comfortable to go off and do things on our own during our travels, we don't feel the need to spend every waking moment together, but she refuses to cruise and I really want some warm water and beaches. I too have done the trip where I shared a room with someone I casually knew and that was a complete failure as they wanted to do everything together. My thought is that a cruise is a perfect way to branch out into solo vacations. I can be as social as I want or decide to find a nice quiet area of the ship to just read my books or nap. The opportunity to explore is also there once I hit port and go out on a tour, again not alone but can decide to keep to myself if I'm so inclined. I'm optimistic that I'll love it and will be doing more of this in the future.
  2. caligirl1960

    What to Do in FLL post cruise

    That is great information!! Thanks so much!
  3. caligirl1960

    All Stars Transprtation Services/Shuttle

    Hi, I'm checking to see if you were able to verify if the hotel had a shuttle arrangement to POM, trying to determine if I need to book separately. Thanks in advance.
  4. caligirl1960

    adjustment to sailing solo

    I lost my husband 15 years ago and have traveled with friends or family since then. I recently realized that I can't depend on having a friend or family available to travel with me. As a result, I've booked my first solo trip on NCL Breakaway for April 2019. While I'm apprehensive about traveling solo I also realized that a cruise is the perfect opportunity to be on a vacation while not actually being on my own. Thanks to everyone for great words of advice on this thread, it makes me feel more comfortable about this adventure.
  5. caligirl1960

    Solo and beaches

    What type of waterproof case did you buy?
  6. caligirl1960

    Snorkeling West Bay

    Thanks for such great information. I'm looking at what to do on my April 2019 cruise and this thread has been super helpful, now I just need to make a decision. Do I tour the island and get the culture or have the chance to snorkel out to the reef in clear water? This is my first trip to the Caribbean and I want to ensure that I make the most of my time.
  7. caligirl1960

    Solo Cruiser's Roll Call

    First time solo traveler here...NCL Breakaway April 21-28. Definitely stepping out of my comfort zone; however, excited about what lies ahead.
  8. caligirl1960

    Hotel in San Francisco

    You should be able to get a room for less than $200 at the Cow Hollow Motor Inn.
  9. caligirl1960

    Hotel in San Francisco

    The Cow Hollow Motor Lodge, not the fanciest of hotels but it is always clean, great staff, and in a nice area and fairly inexpensive for a SF hotel. I've stayed there multiple times for business and have never had a bad experience. It's in the Marina District which has several restaurants that are within walking distance. Near the port would be the Hyatt Embarcadero.
  10. caligirl1960

    Allstate drive wise cards too!

    Mine shows as "Allstate Mobile"
  11. caligirl1960

    Allstate drive wise cards too!

    Allstate has gift cards back on their website. I only noticed mailed cards, no e-cards.
  12. Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! I just added it to my card.
  13. I called AMEX twice and did an online chat and they indicated they could not add it to my card, it has to be one of the offers already shown. They looked and didn't see it on my Hilton Honors AMEX card.
  14. caligirl1960

    Daily Getaways Carnival Gift Cards 2018

    Yes, that is what I meant. :)
  15. caligirl1960

    Daily Getaways Carnival Gift Cards 2018

    Thanks so much, I just learned about another site that can save me money!! Love it!