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  1. I'd like to think I have the best luck when it comes to travelling. When we went on an Alaskan cruise we were the last helicopter to go out before fog cancelled the rest of the day. We've offered to give up our plane tickets and got over $3000 in travel credits. I have rarely had bad weather on vacation, no matter where I go. Oh and I've never missed a flight, even when I showed up 5 minutes before it left. I'm just happy for everyone else with mixed doses who couldn't get a 3rd dose.
  2. So excited about this news. So many of us have been so stressed and annoyed and worried. We are getting out of this pandemic 🙂
  3. I think people need to understand that when it says approved by WHO and FDA etc it means following the recommendations of the vaccine company. AZ did not suggest giving a Pfizer/Moderna as a section dose.
  4. I filled out the form on Monday when I arrived to do my shot. I just said "I am here for my 2nd Pfizer dose." I did not mention it was my 3rd. I did not say I had AZ. I simply said "I need a 2nd PFizer shot." To also add when I made my appointment I said I needed Pfizer so they made sure to give me a Pfizer dose.
  5. That has been brought up numerous times on the Carnival section as well as John Heald's facebook group. I like to think that they are the cheapest cruise line and so the cheap cost of the cruise plus paying my own pcr test is way cheaper then cruising elsewhere. For example if I did NCL for New Years it would be $2400 with a pcr test. Carnival is $600 without.
  6. I am also cruising with Carnival in December. Can you clarify your question though? You need an antigen test to board a Carnival ship and yes you can do the antigen test in Ontario as long as it's two days before you board the ship (time doesn't matter so if you board on Saturday you can get the test Thursday or Friday. You can even do it Saturday AM but that's cutting it a bit short.) Are you talking about the pcr test to come home?
  7. Also want to add that it doesn't have to be 48 hours before you leave. It is no more then 48 hours so you can get your test as mentioned above at 8am, 9am. and then board your flight at 11am, etc.
  8. It was the Shoppers at the Signature Centre in Kanata. 1 - I looked online to see which stores had Pfizer 2 - I walked in on Friday and made an appointment for the Monday 3 - I filled out a form with my health card info 4 - They put in the info into the system 5 - I got an email like I did for my 1st/2nd shots but instead of a pdf it had a link to log into the system to download the watermarked form.
  9. Cunard does a lot of transatlantics with the first one being in January (I think). I would be following what they do in terms of TA. They are owned by Carnival and will obviously have alot of U.K. passengers who may also have mixed dose.
  10. That is a great suggestion however it is very problematic for Canadians to order the test. It isn't able to be shipped to Canada, you can't use a Canadian credit card to purchase it, and I also think there are some issues with using your Canadian phone. CVS or other drug stores sound like a great idea but the time to go to and from the airport to get a test off site might not be a savings as some airports have tests for cheaper that take 3-5 hours.
  11. Very happy to hear the rumour. Hopefully it is true and not just a rumour. I would love for the PCR test to be removed. Even if it was an antigen test required I would be much happier. I know we are pushing our luck and being more and more demanding, BUT, those that did the right thing and got vaccinated are still not getting "a good deal".
  12. This has been mentioned so many times in this forum. The cruise line agents have given out incorrect information on numerous occasions. If you are standing at the port trying to board your ship saying "but when I called Carnival they said..." or worse "..but this guy on Cruise Critic said.." This place is great for reviews of ships, food, how to's etc. but considering the number of people being denied boarding for not reading the rules, I would only trust the website for procedures.
  13. I thought it was pretty clear. "Within two days" means exactly that. You need an antigen test within two days of boarding your cruise. There is no reference to 48 hours. The example explains that if you board Saturday you can test Thursday, Friday and possibility Saturday before you board.
  14. On the Canadian part of this forum there are reports that certain provinces have PCR tests costing up to $300. I've seen higher prices for places like Las Vegas as well ($400). We need a time machine to go back in tmie and buy stock in pcr tests 🙂
  15. I bet the accidental email caused them to get a pile of phone calls from worried cruisers. I am seeing on Facebook people are still asking about the email so thats probably why the phones are so busy.
  16. Canadians need a PCR test to enter back into Canada. So yes it's a cost comparision as to whether $229 for a quick test is a better deal then the $119 that will require you to stay over (24 hour turn around time).
  17. This article is a few months old but the costs are listed and I doubt they would be reduced by much. https://cayman.loopnews.com/content/covid-19-pcr-testing-now-available-miami-international-airport "Antigen tests cost $79, PCR tests cost $119 (less than 24 hours response), and Rapid PCR (oral swab) tests cost $229 (15 minutes)"
  18. I noticed that as well and I'm wondering if an announcement is coming regarding 3rd doses.
  19. Contact the Casino department and give them your booking number. They will confirm through email what casino offers you have for each of your cruises. Casino offers do not show up on your booking manager (funplay credits. free drinks in casino/everywhere, etc.) http://oceanplayersclub.com/contact/
  20. I posted yesterday how I was able to get a 3rd dose. I can't guarantee it will work but it did for me. You could try going into a Shoppers (confirm that the store has Moderna) and say you want your 2nd Moderna dose.
  21. This has been asked a lot and Carnival continues to say no. Search your airport you are flying out of and add pcr test. It will cost a lot but is an option. Carnival seems to be the cruise line with the least support for testing (no testing offered before you cruise, no testing for non u.s. citizens at the end of the cruise). Carnival is the cheapest cruiseline and I am saving money on the cruise itself so don't mind paying $199 per person for my PCR test on the way home.
  22. I think it is a better idea to look at getting a 3rd dos of Pfizer or Moderna to then be FULLY VACCINATED in the eyes of the CDC. I know that RCCL has specifically discussed booster shots. Carnival has not but John Heald has said that booster shots won't affect vaccination status but that 2 doses of Pfizer or Moderna do count (no matter what other doses you get). Celebrity says "last dose" indicating that other doses don't matter as long as you have 2 Pfizer/Moderna.
  23. Yep. As a teacher that is why I was happy with getting a mix. I'm in a study right now about Covid and teachers. I get to see my antibody results when the study is over. I'm eager to see the results.
  24. They did. Canadians aren't allowed to cruise until Nov 1st. There is no restriction to book. You can cruise in March no issues.
  25. Thank you for the kind words. My mom is eager to get a 3rd dose as she has a long list of medical conditions and she is unable to get it. It really does not make any sense as we know the vaccines are avaliable.
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