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  1. I ask because our last RC cruise the children were about all under 16. Including a very obnoxious child. I had words with the mother of the little angel.
  2. How strict are the staff about enforcing the age restrictions in the solarium? When we were on our last Royal cruise there were children in the solarium and the staff were not enforcing. It was not wonderful to put it mildly.
  3. But is the new cabin you're booking next door or across from the minors? That is the other issue!
  4. The deposits have been non-refundable for years now. The sales reps are trained to read off the terms when taking the booking. Sorry that happened. Expensive lesson.
  5. I have a couple of free amenities with my cruise. One of them is complimentary lunch for two at one of the specialty dining options. Any feedback on the option would be greatly appreciated. We also have a complimentary dinner for two as well. We are torn between Chops and 150 Central Park. Leaning more towards Chops.
  6. We are in a BoardWalk Balcony cabin for our Allure sailing in October. Perfect cabin location on deck 10 with great view of the AQ and the ocean. But, if I am sent an offer for "Royal up" what are the chances of winning the bid?
  7. Massachusetts girl here too. We tend to go for the ship..and they can be a destination themselves. We are sailing the Allure in October and we are sailing because it is an Oasis class ship. We probably will get off the ship in San Juan..but that is it. Have a great cruise.
  8. The three night dining package seems like a great price/value.
  9. Thanks so much for your wonderful review. We will be sailing on the Allure in October.
  10. We would have done the same thing..more wine please!
  11. Husband and I love to meet other people when cruising, so we generally like to sit with others. Twice we have had AWFUL table mates. One experience we had with a couple who were about 3 martinis in by the time the main course came and did nothing but bicker at each other. We moved tables the rest of the week. The second couple on another cruise were such racists that my husband almost punched him in the mouth right in the dining room. We got up and left during our main course and my husband said "I guess you must have forgotten to pack your white sheet" as we left. The fact that he felt so comfortable talking that way with complete strangers really boggled our minds. Of course we changed tables for the remainder of the the cruise then too. So now we are a little gun shy about requesting a large table again. I guess a table for two is in order this time.
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