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  1. Pee was talking about vaccinated people being asymptomatic and unlikely spreaders. You post speaks only of asymptomatic without reference to whether they are vaccinated. IMO you haven't made the case that science disagrees with him. Besides, your Lancet article is more than 3 months old. The landscape is changing quickly.
  2. Please post that in every thread. (and site a source, just so you're not flamed.)
  3. That's kinda the point of the forum, Bill. To opine. And to seek the thoughts of others. I'm sure your previous 77 posts were are compelling as the last. I'll try to meet your standard.
  4. Mine too. Are we finally waking up to the fact a positive test equates not to a "case?" Yet the writers of the Bible, Johns Hopkins, calls every positive a "case." Unnerving.
  5. And don't forget the bridge can and does on many occasion override your window control and shuts the window themselves. This happened to us at the slightest hint of bad weather. We truly did not care for the IV and will not sail E class again, as we sail AQ and IV is pretty much a given. You may have a completely different take, and I'm hoping you do. Have a great cruise.
  6. I check our TA daily to make sure it's still scheduled. 52 days to OCI.
  7. Ours didn't expire until next February, but we had a very small window before int'l travel in July, the Sillie TA in November...and the holiday cruise on which we'll see you in December. We've also renewed Global Entry, and will do our in-person interviews at ATL in July.
  8. I mailed our PPs on March 20 and had them back around May 23. The expired ones came under separate cover the next day. Did not pay for expedited processing.
  9. I found this post to be extremely informative and positive. Thanks so much for pasting it.
  10. Totally agree. The powers that be in media, government and elsewhere have falsely put forth the notion that a positive test equates to a "case" of COVID. We always hears of the number of "cases," not positives. "Case" conjures up images of a respirator and a death bed. IMO the language has helped to insight fear, intended or not.
  11. Thanks, Markeb. Have you an insight as to whether the outcome of the Millie situation will effect the possible extension of the CSO framework?
  12. I think that's a shame, and misleading. CDC could correct it, but they promulgate it instead. JMHO.
  13. Be aware with Elevate the OBC is limited to shore excursion spending. Indulge OBC is the more traditional $$.
  14. This has been bugging me for a while. If I test positive but am asymptomatic, would it not be more proper to label my condition SARS-CoV-2 positive rather than COVID positive? Just like the millions who've been HIV positive, but not suffering from AIDS. The D in COVID stands for disease. If I'm not sick, yet positive, where's the disease? Please don't flame me....just asking.
  15. I'm interested in your opinion. Do you believe the vax issue will be moot come Nov 1, or do you suspect without an absolute clean slate between now and then that CDC will extend the CSO framework?
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