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  1. Lovers Beach does go through to the Pacific. The beach/sand is between the cliffs. The waves and undertow are pretty strong on the Pacific side, so you’d want to limit your swimming to the bay side. Lover’s Beach is beautiful and one of my favorite beaches.
  2. A few years back we went to Barrow (flew from Fairbanks), with a population of about 4,400. We stayed at the Inn across the road from the airport, and stayed three days. There’s a wonderful museum/cultural center, and we took a midnight tour with Daniel and Mario (got their names from the Inn). Our most memorable experience was walking along the beach in the middle of the night and watching the sun march across the horizon. It was July and the sun never set; got close to the horizon and then moved from west to east until it started to rise again. We were tired the next day, but thrilled with our experience!
  3. You'll have a great view of the arch from your ship! You have to take a water taxi round trip for Lover's Beach. The water taxi will take you up close to the arch. I've walked round trip to Medano Beach - I don't know about water taxi's for there.
  4. You will get laundry, Sabatini's for breakfast, and many of the "usual" suite benefits. There is generally no first night specialty dinner on cruises five days or less.
  5. If you plan on going to the visitor center, get their early - once the tours start arriving, the visitor center will be packed as in shoulder to shoulder people. Most people seem to stay close to the visitor center, so the path to Nugget Falls or other trails will have people on them, but they won't be a mob scene.
  6. Yes, the thumb drive was included in the full package price. If the two cabins who paid $80 wanted a thumb drive, they had to pay an eztra $15.
  7. I fear what's included in the all inclusive photo package may vary by ship - we've had the package numerous times and every time but the last one (on the Grand) included any photo at least one of us was in. We were on the Grand over the holidays this year and had pre-purchased the photo package. When we took our photos up the first time, we were informed the package included only those passengers who had purchased the package. We were traveling with four other people in two other cabins. So if there was even one passenger who had not purchased the package, then we couldn't get the photo! I complained since that had never been our experience before. They wanted to charge another $500 ($250 per cabin). I said no way, credit my account! They started negotiating the price... I eventually gave in when each of the other cabins could be included for an additional $80 each. I got all of the hard copies and digital images. The other two cabins could have 5 hard copies each. They didn't want the thumb drive (another $15), so I shared the digital images with them with no thumb drive. I'm not sure the package was worth a total of $360 ($200 pre-paid for us, and $80 for each of the other cabins), but it was a family celebration and I wanted the digital photos for my photo book. I posted my experience back in January, and from that posting, only those on the Grand have had this experience. I'm hoping it was because of the photo department management on the Grand then, and is not a fleet wide policy!
  8. I thought the butterfly gardens was OK. You don’t spend that much time there, and it was kind of interesting. They do have a lot of different butterflies, but I guess I am not that into buttflies! On the otherhand, I’ve been to Butchart gardens two or three times and love it there! I’m not that into flowers, either, but I thought Butchart Gardens was fascinating with how they made what could have been an eye sore into something beautiful.
  9. Yes. The staff repeatedly reminded us no one would help us get the suitcases on and off the scanner, which was fine with us. We also keep our suitcases with us to disembark. That way we don’t have to use valuable vacation time before dinner to pack. We generally oack after dinner.
  10. We generally carry our bags on, which includes suitcases that are too large for airplane carryon. You need to be able to lift the suitcase onto the scanner - no one at check in will help you. We find it much easier to do self check. That way we have everything with us when we go to our room.
  11. We've been on two New Years Eve cruises and they were a blast! Music in all of the venues and sometimes on deck, too. There was a count down clock with a balloon drop at midnight in the piazza. Everyone was dressed up and the atmosphere was really festive.
  12. We took an excursion along the Napali cliffs the end of December. The excursion took all day (we had some time for shopping at the little shopping center next to the port, but that was about it), but it was worth it if you enjoy incredible scenery (the cliffs), and good snorkeling. The water was clearer than the snorkeling we did at Hanauma Bay and Honoloa Bay. There were enough fish/sea life, although not as much as Hanauma Bay. And the coral formations were excellent. Although I had my own snorkel equipment, the tour operator did provide equipment for those who did not have gear. The boat also went past a school of spinner dolphins!
  13. Lower Reid Falls is a very easy hike and simple to find. Once you are at the cemetery, I believe there are signs. If not, walk toward where you hear the water. You'll walk along the creek, up to the base of the falls. It's a beautiful walk and the falls are pretty.
  14. We used Murray's guide and drove to Emerald Lake with many stops along the way. On the way back to Skagway we took the Dyea turnoff to the overlook, then drove to the old cemetery at the end of town and walked to Lower Reid Falls. It was a wonderful day!
  15. My husband loves wearing his tux on cruises, and a cruise is the only time he gets to wear it. He bought a cheap one about ten years ago - paid about $100 for the jacket and pants at one of the men's discount places. He finds it easier to pack/wear a tux rather than a suit or sport jacket since he only needs to bring one and can change out the tie. Sometimes he's the only one in a tux, and he loves it - it's the men who compliment him the most! And he looks and feels great in it. His cheap tux wore out and last year (fabric balled from so many cleanings), and this time he bought a custom one at a men's chain store. The custom suit cost around $800 and he loves it. Wonderful fit. The nice thing about a custom suit is if his size changes, they will alter it at no charge, forever! We go on about two cruises a year, so he wears his tux 2-5 times a year. If you enjoy wearing a tux and plan on going on cruises, based on my husband's experience, I think you'll be quite happy if you buy one, even if it's a cheap one.
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