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  1. Hello Jim I have a cruise in about a year from now and am able to find the same digital package for $125.00. I think I will wait till I can find it for $100.00 again.
  2. Hello Jim Hope this helps. I was sailing on the Celebrity Summit in December and I bought a unlimited digital package for $100.00. I bought the package deal on line before we left. I got all the photos of myself and my wife anybody else that was in the photo with us. Two weeks after the cruise ended we were sent the photos electronically. First thing you do is go to the photo studio on the ship and use your sea card to register your account. Once this is done you can go by the studio every day and look at the photos that were taken. They have several machines that display the images but they were not always working or they didn’t have the photos loaded up yet. However every evening they have several people from Celebrity there to help you. They did have a a lot of photos taken that I could of purchased but preferred to have them digital and was glad I did. I was able to get Walmart print them in all kind of different collage packages. They cost me $2.38 each for a 8x10 of four images made into a nice collage.
  3. Get a copy of Tom’s Port Guide. It’s free just google it
  4. We are looking for a tour in Santorini that will include some catamaran sailing, snorkeling and a land tour of Olia. We would like to walk around the buildings in Olia.
  5. We were on a Celebrity summit cruise a few years ago when I heard this story: An elderly couple were being harassed by some vendors in a port and were clearly frustrated when this young couple came along and intervened. They helped the elderly couple get back to the ship pier and got them to the celebrity rest area for some cold towels and water. They seen the couple looking up at the ship and asking what a penthouse suite must be like to stay in. Well it just so happens they had one of the suites and invited the elderly couple up to visit the penthouse suite. The elderly couple were in awe and couldn’t believe how someone could take their time out of the day to help them out of what could of been an ugly situation. To top it off they invited them to dinner at the Luminare for what they described they best meal they ever had.
  6. The shows offer guests in suites the opportunity for reserved seats in the theater. They usually only do it once or twice during a cruise. It’s usually chic night. The only reserve spots till 15 minutes before the show starts. Even though we could of used the seats we preferred to be in another location. I like being near a exit, so if the show is bad no one sees me leave. The best show we ever seen was from the American Ballet Company a few months ago.
  7. Hello No need to worry as we have never felt intimidated by anyone on the Celebrity Summit. As everyone has said the crew is fantastic. Don’t let anyone from the discussion groups ruin your cruise. I have found over the years to take with a grain of salt what people say here.
  8. Hello We are looking to book the Celebrity Edge in a Sky Suite and would like to hear from people that stayed in the path of the magic carpet. Is there anyone on the platform when it moves? How often does it move.? What room were you in and was your view ever blocked? Is there any loud noises to be aware of because of people having a meal or the music on the magic carpet? Would you book the same room or opt out for a sky suite in another part of the ship the next time? I priced both locations and it’s 500.00 more per person from one location to the other side. Thanks in Advance
  9. For anyone that has stayed in a Edge Sky suite how comfortable was the sofa. Is it long enough to sleep on? Thanks in Advance
  10. Yes, the only place to smoke a cigar is the mask bar. There are a few tables set up with big cigar ashtrays.If you go to the bar below there is a small cigar humidor that is on the bar top. Nothing fancy but I bought a $15.00 cigar that wasn’t that bad. You can get get plenty of other cigars including Cuban at the various ports you are stopping at. They have plenty of vendors just inside the port. Be careful as not all are real Cuban. One year I bought 2 boxes of Cubans for $200.00. They didn’t have the tax seal on the boxes but after checking the internet they were real Cubans. I figured some employee must of smuggled them out of the factory. I went back to the same spot a few months ago and they were double the price but this time they had the tax stamp.
  11. For anyone that has stayed in a Edge Sky suite how comfortable was the sofa. Is it long enough to sleep on? Thanks in Advance
  12. We don’t bring a lot of clothes so we rely on the laundry. We wash underwear, shorts and shirts in the sink and hang dry. I use some wrinkle guard that helps get the wrinkles out. We send out a few shirts and dress pants to get ironed. On our last ten day cruise it worked out great. I think The laundry bill was $100.00
  13. They have changed the process and it is now streamlined very well. The old way was everyone had to leave the ship. On our last cruise we all met in a room on the last day in the morning and a official checked our documents. We were then issued new cards and we could do what we wanted to for the rest of the day. Very smooth process!
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