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  1. That is a risk you take, what would you do, besides keep the same flight(s), if the same 'fare bucket' is not available on the 'better times' flight? Otherwise, you could wait and see if the airline moved you or just call and request the new flight. bon voyage
  2. Not a problem either way, yet what are the facts for your issue(s)... bon voyage
  3. Please advise when the insurance was purchased and the coverages. Do you have cancel for any reason or coverage for pre-existing conditions or "cruise only" type of coverage? If cruise only, then maybe the cruise line insurance may be more economical for purchase next time. This will determine when your coverage(s) started and expected to end. Which can mean, just because your 'ship did not sail' does not mean that you and your traveling companions were not covered any situation before the sailing. OR is this a case where the insurance company is not responding quick enough for you OR is this a case where you do not accept what IMT or Nationwide has declined and not acceptable to you? A few, quite a few, more details are required here in order to guide you towards a resolution, either favourable or not favourable for you. bon voyage
  4. I would not know to be sure, the word is out amoungst The Retreat Concierges and Staff, if they see me aboard I get an invite once or twice into either Michael's Club or The Retreat for cocktails... A very nice Retreat from the crowds in other bars from time to time.... Just let them know you are going to bring in a guest for a bit and it should be fine.... Cheers and bon voyage
  5. Well, for that I will have to up it one and take him into The Retreat for cocktails.... LOL Cheers and bon voyage
  6. No, not you! Me maybe, yet certainly not you... bon voyage
  7. We can always conjure up a virtual b'day party for you! bon voyage
  8. LOL, a man after my own heart! Congrats and bon voyage
  9. p - did your crystal ball see this one coming? LOL You tried, I agree. The OP updated their comments to you, now the two of you can sail together sometime.... bon voyage
  10. No worries, my question would be do you and your partners have thousands or even hundreds of clients trying to reach you at any one given time world-wide? It has been some of our collective experience that X will send out an automated email within 48 hours acknowledging receipt of email and some sort of expected response time... imagine getting hundreds of emails hourly? If your firm has an incoming volume of calls/emails to match X's and you are telling me that you respond timely to each and every inquiry via phone or email when they come in, I Am very, very, very impressed and would recommend that X/RCCL (or any other cruise line lagging at the moment) need to hire you to show them how to get it done, effectively, expeditiously and efficiently. I Am sure those of us who are calling X for whatever, is not tying up the CSA's for under eight (8) minutes or so, some calls require detailed interaction such as 'which itinerary will fit under a particular program' the caller is looking for, which means upwards of 20 minutes + possibly for each call. Then we need to make allowances for those from outside the US calling into the US for assistance because their local call centers cannot handle the volume .... on and on and on. I concur, frustrating. I do not concur that X is at fault for trying to do all they can to respond and timely. If your firm has a solid plan in place that can handle this situation with call and email volume, please share it so everyone can benefit. bon voyage
  11. Each or us do provide advice based on how we view the situation, so what you have posted is just fine, to be sure, IMJ... Not to worry about what 'may' come comments... LOL We all, or at least most of us, do understand the situation at hand is frustrating and then some. Some of us understand that the comments made by the OP may have been better served under one of the previous threads about this or clearly label the thread as "RANT"... then we would have overlooked it altogether. bon voyage
  12. WhatsApp, is that at no charge for you to make the call from the UK? bon voyage
  13. While I Am not sure, I do not believe this can be done before the sailing is actually cancelled and you have a FCC. Someone will correct this if not accurate. bon voyage
  14. LOL, you do mean $500 pp/pd, right???? With such great savings, I can supply us with all the scotch and bourbon (Top Shelf that is) we desire! Can I book with you? bon voyage
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