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  1. w - I, personally, think that FCC's purchases are not all that frequent as opposed to those who post here about not being able to use them for whatever reason for when they want for how they want and how the use was explained or not to them... At any rate, not to worry.. bon voyage
  2. w - Yes, you can book a specific sailing and cabin, if available while on-board. There will be incentives to do so, as well. Yes, any booking made aboard will be automatically sent to your current TA (the TA that booked the current sailing). bon voyage
  3. I believe that is a question you will need to ask on-board, as the cutoff time for flight departure is 11.30a. If you are told yes, then also be prepared to understand that your bags might not make the flight, as well. bon voyage
  4. Yes, mine was initially six (6) months out for scheduling in PHL. I checked in daily at the website and finally got an appointment within three (3) weeks through cancellations.. bon voyage
  5. LOL, yes... I Am going to find out who is in charge there and find out if I can duck in from time to time as My Retreat... alas, if not, Eden sounds like it might work nicely, too... bon voyage
  6. Yes, and I was tempted... alas traveling with 13 others would cause some consternation from within... LOL bon voyage
  7. Thanks VT - I thought I had seen somewhere at X's website as well that there was a charge for the wine pairing.... yet no excuse for the order taker to no mention the additional cost.. while I understand the Wine Steward would presume that it was readily accepted by the diner.. beforehand. Cheers and bon voyage
  8. d - it may be, just may be possible to request a switch out??? Cheers and bon voyage
  9. Well, knowing X, the wine is per cabin and not per person... just like bringing wine aboard at embarkation, it is two (2) bottles of 750ml per cabin. Cheers and bon voyage
  10. Also, he or yourself, may want to go to GS on day two or three (2/3) and ask if the Daily Service Charge for one (1) person can be dropped as they did not 'catch up to the ship',as it were... bon voyage
  11. No, they will not as a no show. Given the total scheme of things, these fees and taxes are negligible, I would think. bon voyage
  12. No need to fret over this... Leave the reservation alone and she will just be a 'No Show" when checking in... If asked at that time, just have him say she is on her way... She will just miss the boat, as it were and all will be well. bon voyage
  13. I think this is a reasonable thought... and would request it, as well.. bon voyage
  14. Agreeing with those who indicate that there is a communications issue, on one side or the other, the deposit will be refunded regardless since X canceled. My next question would be, will your travel insurance cover this instance? Not sure on this point... Good luck and I trust you will be able to find a suitable 'anniversary' travel replacement. bon voyage
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