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  1. Hello b8 I trust you understand that CFAR does not refund at 100%, usually capped to a max of 75% of "non-refundable" costs. Which you must submit documentation for. Paperwork is minimal. You may want to look into Chase Sapphire CC's. bon voyage
  2. ... and get ultra-premium pricing for this as well. LOL In health and bon voyage
  3. Floating C-19 hospital... In health and bon voyage
  4. fog - thank you.... One of our friends who was going with us received notice about two (2) days before I did... Our group has had discussions about even if The Edge sailed, would we want to really be on the sailing at all, even if we all had vaccines... The consensus was a resounding no, do not feel it would be safe.. and to be so far away from home at that, in case. Which brings us to the Bermuda sailing, we would be close enough to get home in a reasonable time frame and convenience if something were to happen concerning C-19 illness. As far a
  5. Now we are looking at Summit 2022 sailings Newport, Bermuda, Charleston sailing(s)... Any input on the revolutionized ship especially the Sky Suites? I have tried looking it up on the spreadsheet, only a few postings. Any input or suggestions on which suites we need to consider, if they are still available now? TIA and bon voyage
  6. "Young" may be the clue to the rest of the advert.... LOL bon voyage
  7. I do not believe they accept any voucher/credit except those issued by CA... Otherwise there would be a run to use CA by many of us. A call to them will clarify the answer to your question, for sure. bon voyage
  8. Hopefully to your full satisfaction. bon voyage
  9. c - do not be insulted, you will get your survey shortly.... Also, if there is snow where you are, get dressed up as if it were Chic Night, stand outside and take a photo to show X IT how wonderful the cruise was... That would be great, IMO.... bon voyage
  10. .... if, in fact, that is the case, we as passengers can make airlines as uncomfortable and miserable by not flying them until the desired amenities have returned to some degree to which we contend we pay for or not. ...or just want regardless. bon voyage
  11. I Am sure science can back any issues where masks are not properly worn X how many ever passengers are on the flight going from row to row does increase the chances that the possibility of spreading is increased to some degree, sealed food or not, I Am thinking person to person transmission. There have be quite a few reports here in the U.S. about individuals not completing their health forms or answering questions truthfully with two (2) individuals who died from complications of C-19 aboard aircraft en-route to their destinations. bon voyage
  12. .... also, one must think about the numbers who need to be served during the flight. The greater the number the greater possibility of either contracting or spreading.... bon voyage
  13. I have seen a lot of those, pajamas, in public over the last few months... at what I formally called 'up scale' stores! Of course, while I did not care what they were wearing , I just could not bring myself to shop in full business attire with those who were so casual, as it were!!! LOL bon voyage
  14. Suede??? I have to get a pair.... bon voyage
  15. I often bring out my Tux for Formal Night otherwise I brought it for naught! LOL bon voyage
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