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  1. Refund is dependent on fare (basis) purchased. Good luck and bon voyage
  2. Quick question, does this apply to your auto insurance, if you own a car? What about homeowners or rental insurance, if you own a home or rent? All the best...
  3. You may not know, yet, but you can call directly to discuss your concerns and have answered your questions. The company I and others around here use is tripinsurancestore.com . You will find the staff to be very helpful and insightful as to what you need/require. Let us know how you make out. bon voyage
  4. Ahhh, Yes yet you might have the munchies because you forgot to go to the OVC for an after mid-night snack! LOL Cheers and bon voyage
  5. Please remember that the beverages and snacks in the fridge in your cabin is included in the D&M Package. Albeit limited selection of alcohol, yet included and restocked daily... bon voyage
  6. If you have some guidelines to provide the Maitre d' then they will most certainly go a long way to assist you in this. I Am sure you will be very happy with meals prepared in Blu. OVC will be a good choice as well for meals ... just keep your focus on 'healthy' while roaming the lines... bon appetit and bon voyage
  7. All of the excellent advice above are great ways to use it up, if it is NR or if it is R OBC, then it will be credited back to your credit card... bon voyage
  8. Unless there was a change, the following venues are open to the general public on Embarkation Day: OVC The SpaCafe Mast Grill Le Grand Bistro bon appetit and bon voyage
  9. If you booked directly with X, yes call back and if the response is the same, ask the CSR to break down the difference between what you currently have and what you saw on your computer... this way you will better understand the where the differences are between what you are seeing and what they indicate is the real difference. bon voyage
  10. Where were you traveling from? If from the U.S., that is very odd or possibly the timing of travel to purchase? bon voyage
  11. You need to speak to CA about your 'desired' itinerary, to be sure and safe. Advantages, at least for departures/arrivals in the U.S. include better fares more often than not. YMMV I Am sure there will be some posters who will have more detailed info about their experiences with CA. bon voyage
  12. y - You found it, this is X's official policy. Aboard, they may see what they can do, but I would be prepared for a no refund. Cheers and bon voyage
  13. Shows in The Theater are at 7.30p & 9.30p bon voyage
  14. No, per X's website. Yet that does not mean it cannot be done, only the policy per X, YMMV. Cheers and bon voyage
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