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  1. Actually I liked the 50’s night as the guests were participating dressing up in that era with Bobby socks and poodle skirts and dancing in the atrium. Miniature hotdogs and shakes served after the show and of course cocktails. It was like dancing at the hop and swing dance. I thought it brought out the youth in the guests JMHO. The white party would not interest me at all as the true meaning of it has been lost 😉 Back in the day I heard of luxury lines having costume balls and that has fallen by the wayside. The Mozart tea is getting long in the tooth and too Disney like but I go to meet friends as I did on the last cruise. I have asked many of the servers do they like the costumes they are required to wear and most said not really and I take that as a no.
  2. Vince don’t forget the Excalibur dinners on the Harmony. Thankfully that is long gone.
  3. The servers are not fans of the costumes either.
  4. Meaningless to some but important to others in selecting a cruise line. Only seven were listed in the report I saw. Regent was number five. Which luxury cruise line is the best?
  5. Seabourn does give you choices on products and a very nice touch to what you prefer.
  6. I hope that Stickman will comment on this as he lives there. I always check with locals. I’m sure you will get an answer. ,
  7. Another good app that you can get is Weather Underground which will give you the average temperatures and rainfall around the world. Remember I said average not in perpetuity. This app has been helpful to us when packing.
  8. For me I don’t use the toppings and eat caviar without them just a squeeze of lemon on the salty lower grade offerings. Having spent a good time in Russia I learned how the locals eat caviar. Of course you don’t need the chilled vodka with it as some people don’t drink thats a given. I am a member of a wine and caviar club and we have tastings of farm raised and the ultimate of caviars. I know the difference in texture and quality blindfolded. On holiday gatherings we go with the quality. I know it is not to everyone’s liking in our home but what is left will be consumed by me with a chilled vodka or a glass of fine champagne. This is my indulgence during special occasions with friends. Crystal is on the lower spectrum of caviar quality and I need lemon to soften the salt. Seabourn serves a much better quality. Here we are talking about caviar when this world is in chaos. Not at all being political. I am more concerned about other issues that are more important than caviar. all being political
  9. Coral, never growing up is a good thing we can all be a child at heart.
  10. Caviar and other exotic foods items are a developed taste. As kid I would not try oysters, clams and escargot or sushi. Now I love it all. Your pallet changes over time. One food item that I hate is liver of any kind and I was forced to eat it as a child and still hate it.
  11. As I have already mentioned, you will receive a card or cards for any OBC credits in your room on embarkation day. This can be from your TA a gift from a friend such as flowers, candy, additional OBC etc. you certainly will know and cross check it with your folio. We have never had a problem. Hotels have been doing this for years where you can instantly check your folio and check out without going to the front desk.
  12. I posted on the Regent board to someone’s trying Crystal for the first time to be sure they get their tickets ASAP. Yes they go fast.
  13. Patty is correct you will receive a card in your stateroom that you have the OBC from your TA and as Patty stated it will appear on your folio. You can always go to the front desk to check your folio anytime.Enjoy!
  14. Feedback is also important to the chef and server both on land and at sea. Yes, I have sent items back both on land and sea. When I send items back on land from very reputable restaurants and that is very seldom but once in awhile I have. The head chef also has line cooks that can screw things up. Years ago I never said a word if something was not right or not to my taste. Now I do when paying the bucks in a nice restaurant. If I was going to a diner I would just have a grin and say it is what it is. Notably, the top tiered airlines like Singapore, Qantas, Emirates, Qatar are always consistent in their premium products and food. These airlines are consistent most of the time and deliver delicious meals and rotate the menus. No US carrier can hold a candle to the aforementioned airlines. Yes, food is important to some guests and entertainment maybe more important and both should be top notch. When you pay top dollar over mass market or premium you should receive it. JMHO
  15. You won’t be wasting much for a single order. As a caviar aficionado I know the difference between different grades. Crystal serves farm raised caviar. This is lower quality than Beluga, Sevruga, Ostera. It is basic American caviar and popular now due to the increase in prices and the preservation of the sturgeon. Iranian caviar is rated the best but difficult to find. Too salty is not good caviar and not opal type eggs show the quality. Crystal did at one time serve a decent Sevruga but it became too costly. True caviar consumers would never use use Melba toast blinis are used in Russia and other places in Europe. A chilled cold vodka shot should also accompany the true caviar experience. Caviar on Seabourn is served anywhere at any time and better quality. On Crystal you can pay extra for a premium caviar at fair prices just ask your butler,or stewardess for the menu.
  16. Luxury cruise lines should strive for consistency whether it be a six day cruise or a fourteen day or more. We have been on longer cruises with a full load and the food was consistent. I don’t buy the shorter cruise excuse. Also the ships are never at full capacity if you take into account the single occupancy. If you are buying a top quality product or stay at Four Seasons/Ritz Carlton and the hotel is full do you expect lesser service or quality? I would not. All that I mentioned are luxury products and should produce such to the customer. We are definitely Crystal fans and sometimes we hear some things from friends who we recommend to Crystal and some of our feedback was not Crystal like and this is true for hotels as well. Waterside will never be completely full at any given time as one can dine at the specialty restaurants and most people want at least two chances to dine at one of these three or four if you include the new Supper Club, Trident and room service options. Vince may want to weigh in on this as he is very knowledgeable about the hospitality business and has handled high end groups with high expectations. When a guest boards Crystal for any length of time you should receive great food and service. Hiccups sometimes happen as we all know but should swiftly be corrected.
  17. Excellent photos and narration. We look forward in the future to sail with you again. Last year we had so much fun especially in Palm Court when tea was served.
  18. Nobu is the best at sea and on land. Like you said Kathy without the price tag. We dined at the Thomas Keller French Laundry and we were not overwhelmed and it is so hyped up.
  19. Yes, food is subjective. What is amazing to us may not be for others so it is one persons opinion. We all have different tastes and pallets my spouse thinks sushi is bait and I love it.
  20. On our last cruise just prior to dry dock on the Serenity we did notice a slight decline in the quality when it was the MDR. The overuse of salt in soups were overwhelming. I know we can ask for low sodium soups but with some they tasted like dish water. We are not big meat eaters but love fish and foul items. Silk Road we have heard is very consistent now Umi Uma. We very seldom ate in the old MDR even on formal nights as we can get fresh lobster and oysters anytime where we live. The caviar is of poor quality. We don’t expect Beluga or Ostrea but a higher quality of caviar farm raised can be found here in the US. Did it ruin our cruise? Absolutely not. We will miss Tastes on our upcoming cruise but we will try the two new venues. I agree with others about Morton’s and Landry’s, they are not what they use to be. Capitol Grill is a far better steak house if you have one in your area. I do agree with the TS about some items that have slightly declined. The modern side of the menu with all the foams and smoke were not that great pretty yes but taste wise uninspiring. We don’t sail Crystal for the food but when when others tell us that Oceania has excellent food Crystal should be at par with them or better. We are looking forward to trying the new Ritz Carlton ships and try them out when the itinerary comes out. We have been loyal to Crystal for fifty cruises but we are willing to try a new line. If you don’t ry it you won’t know and the competition in the luxury cruise lines are heating up.
  21. I hope TC will attend some of the shows on her upcoming cruise on Crystal. Crystal does spend a lot of money on talent for sure. Don’t miss the Magic Castle show it is amazing and limited seating so be sure to go to the library to pick up tickets the first day in the library at no cost.
  22. I agree with you. If a celebration is going on at a table in Compass Rose why should they be relegated to their room to have cocktails or dinner there? Let those people have a night to celebrate a holiday or special occasion. If we were seated close by we would raise a glass of something and toast them. We have met some really nice people during their celebrations. Some have party gifts to the guests and some might be wearing something flashing or the dreaded lanyards from a group of bridge players. If the party is dressed to Regent standards at dinner who cares what they adorn as fun jewelry flashing or not. If it bothers someone sit elsewhere.
  23. No flights from MIA-SJU? Impossible AA and Jet Blue have frequent service. That agent should be fired.
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