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  1. Also, just fyi..Johnny Rockets milk shakes are included! They make them fresh when you order, and were very good!
  2. I was on the allure last week which is pretty much the same as the oasis with a couple differences. We were able to get fresh fruit smoothies from the vitality spa cafe. Fresh strawberry, banana, blueberry, spinach smoothies every morning! They also have many fresh fruit and veggie juices you can mix and match too.
  3. I can't say from experience, but with everything I have read on here and royals website, I am pretty sure the smoothies are included as long as you don't add protein powder and whatever other additions they have like that. We board the Allure on Sunday and hope to get them there!
  4. From my experience, you can pick between a set time, early seating, usually around 6:00, and a late seating, usually around 8:00, or you can choose My Time Dining, in which case you would make your own reservations each night individually, so they don't have to be the same time every night.
  5. Also got the drink package for $42/day on our Jan. 20th Allure sailing. Break even point for me is around 2 drinks as it also includes bottled water(good for taking out on excursions), coffee, tea, pop, fresh squeezed juice, smoothie in the spa café, milkshakes in JR. Think of it as the difference between the deluxe package and the refreshment package is usually about $20-which is about 2 drinks/day, which is easily done by most people that would be drinking anyway.
  6. And that is why we are on much earlier than that. Need to have time to get a drink and to our balcony to watch!
  7. Definitely will double check when on the ship. We are usually on at least half an hour or an hour before the onboard time. Just trying to get an idea of times so I can plan out a walking tour. Thanks!
  8. What time is the final call to get onboard when in port? I can't remember from our last cruise, was it half an hour, or an hour before departure? For example, if our departure time is 5:00PM for Nassau, is the back on board time 4:00 or 4:30?
  9. Thanks everyone! I was leaning towards 150CP from the little bit I've read from others, but my mom is interested in the Italian one and trying to push that one. I think at least my husband and I will try to do 150CP for dinner and Giovanni's for lunch.
  10. We are using the shuttle in 2 weeks after our Allure cruise to get from the pier to the Miami airport and it was $18/person. Our TA booked it through Royal for us. We also used it on our last cruise to the ship terminal in San Juan from the San Juan airport and it was $18/person.
  11. Our group of 8 cruise on the Allure in just under 2 weeks. Picked up our packet from our travel agent today and we all received vouchers for 1 free specialty lunch and 1 free specialty dinner. We weren't going to do any specialty restaurants before so I never looked into them much. Now that we have the vouchers I'm curious as to which restaurants people would recommend for lunch and dinner and what kinds of foods they serve. We can't book them until we are on the ship so availability could be part of the deciding factors, but trying to decide which ones to try to book. Any insight from those that have gone to them would be much appreciated.
  12. Ha, "sale" and "20% off". Ours was always at $52 with 20% off also...today it was still 20% off, but at $42!
  13. From what I've been reading on other posts it is safe as long as you are smart. We leave January 20 and plan to walk this route with our group in a couple weeks also, going a little bit further, adding john watlings distillery and junkanoo beach.
  14. Ours was $52 normally, but I had booked on sale at $47 thinking that would be the cheapest I would find. Maybe since we are within 2 weeks of our sailing they are on sale? I've been keeping a close on them and just dropped a lot so cancelled and rebooked to save. Maybe when you get closer they will drop too!
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