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  1. I have posted a couple of questions and have received an email back saying that the question was already asked and answered on another thread. If, for example, I wanted to find out what the buffet was like on Princess, I would search "Princess buffet" but yet I cannot get the information. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  2. I’m wondering what is provided on HAL in the inside cabins? Shampoo, soap, skin care lotion? Last year I was on a different cruise line and the ship only provided shower gel, i.e. no shampoo or skin care lotion.
  3. Does anyone know what the earliest time is that I can start to check-in with Holland America in the Vancouver Port? This is my first time with Holland! Thanks
  4. 1) Did not pay for any visa at all.... $0 2) Entertainment is so-so, but I was ok just reading, hanging out, etc. I met some great people on the cruise and hung out them a lot. I was ready to get off ship after 5 days, but at the same time, I did enjoy the relaxed, nothing to do, kind of days. 3) As far as the tours go, they are overpriced. Smart people did their own tours once they got off ship. Taxi's everywhere offering you better tours at a quarter of the price. I loved Jordan. Petra is about the only one I'd do with a tour, and even then I'm not sure. To get into Petra the cost if I remember correctly, is $70 Cad. 4) Overall, every stop had its own look. I'd recommend seeing them all, but don't do the tours. FYI: if you booked tours in advance, or if some company offered you anything, be skeptical. Pullmantur ship don't take any responsibility for anything
  5. You absolutely do not need to get any visas in advance. I met a few people on ship who had bought them in advance.......total waste of money. If you have any other questions, I'm glad to answer them.
  6. I was on the same cruise. Totally enjoyed it. You do not need to get any visas, regardless of what any visa company tells you. Cruise lines don't want to take any responsibilities for this. Some people on the cruise went ahead and got visas and ended up wasting a lot of money. If you have any questions about the cruise, let me know.
  7. Finally got a few answers, but just like what Pullmantur says, I really cannot confirm anything. I won't know definitely until we arrive in the countries. I've decided not to get any visas! Egypt - answer from Canadian Embassy - get one upon arrival Oman - answer from Canadian Embassy - get one upon arrival Jordan, you get the visa upon arriving according to the US embassy. Canada embassy says you have to get one before you show up. Pullmantur finally came back and said that you get the visa in Jordan upon arrival.
  8. Pullmantur is about one of the only ships that do not do visas. I'm pretty sure about that! On the other hand, I have not gotten any replies from anyone who has done a Pullmantur cruise and needed a visa for any country they visited. It would have been nice to know if they could get the visa after embarking when passing through Egyptian security, or Jordan or Oman.
  9. This is the info that I have. The Jordan visa cannot be done online. The visa has to be glued into the passport. Therefore, you have to mail it in. The cost to me would be around $150 Canadian. I just might pass on that visa and stay onship. The Jordan embassy in Ottawa has not answered my phone calls. Egypt can be done online. That one seems simple. Oman, I'm still not sure about. The cruise line said that Oman gives the cruise itself a visa and it is therefore not needed. New visa rules were put into place in March with Oman. Not sure yet about the e-visa. Let me know if you hear of anything different or new. Thanks
  10. Did you get your visas upon disembarking or did you have to do this before you arrived
  11. From what info I am gathering, upon disembarking most cruise lines, you get your visa then. Because Pullmantur is a cheaper, smaller cruiseline, do they offer the same service?
  12. Katy, are you sure about the visa? Pullmantur told me that I had to get them beforehand..... but then again, perhaps it was just that the attendant at Pullmantur didn't know what he was talking about.
  13. Just wondering if visas are done on the ship or have people shown up with visas? I'm a pullmantur cruise and I cannot find an answer for this. Thanks
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