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  1. Looking at my credit card receipt I see I paid $63.85 to travel from The Andersen hotel to the port where our Serenade of the Seas was docked. The hotel called the taxi and it was very convenient for the 5 of us with 5 large suitcases. I was told the taxis are metered. I must say I was expecting it to be about $50, but considering we only needed one vehicle, I was satisfied.
  2. Glad to help! We loved the Andersen. Beautiful and bountiful breakfast : ) After breakfast we walked to the canal and had our tour, since we didn't have time the day before. We only stayed one night. We told the staff at the hotel what time we wanted to leave for the terminal and they had a van type taxi ready for the 5 of us. So nice. We sailed with Royal Caribbean and it was the smoothest embarkation ever.
  3. We arrived in in CPH from JFK and after getting our luggage we immediately went to the exit for a taxi. We said there were 5 of us plus luggage and he directed us to a spot where a van came over in just a few minutes. Very easy. I thought the van to our hotel (The Andersen) would cost more than a standard car. We paid with a credit card and it was the equivalant of $50. We were pleased.
  4. Can you pay a corkage fee and then have it in the dining room?
  5. Thank you all for your replies. I really appreciate the feedback!
  6. My carrier for my iPhone is ATT.. They offer a phone plan for $60 for land use while on our Baltic cruise (under 30 days) . It includes Russia. Has anyone used this plan or do you have suggestions. Unlimited texts, 1 GB and 35 cents per minute for calls are offered. Thank you for any input!
  7. Thank you both for helping me with my questions regarding HOHO buses! It doesn't mention two cruise terminal pick-ups on Stromma's web site. I will have to check that out.
  8. Thank you for all the information! I was wondering how often the HOHO bus runs. If the first bus at the cruise port fills, how long do we wait for the next bus? Is there a dedicated spot to wait in line for the HOHO bus? We arrive for our day in June.
  9. I am thinking about taking the train from CPH into the city since our hotel is close to the train station, but concerned about carrying my large suit case. I am looking for reviews of this service. Thank you!
  10. Thank you! I will do that. 10 am would be much better. We will be there in June.
  11. Thank you so much for the very helpful information. I donโ€™t think the new metro will be open for our return to the hotel after the canal tour. Will there be a bus available to get us back instead?
  12. Hello. I am grateful for all the help that is provided here! I hope I am posting in the correct area : ) I am looking for suggestions because our time is so limited. We arrive CPH this summer approximately 10 am and our cruise ship departs 5pm the next day. We plan on staying at The Andersen and utilizing taxis for transportation from airport to hotel and hotel to cruise ship. We are thinking about a walking tour, canal boat ride and Tivoli, but would appreciate any recommendations and when to do them. Thank you.
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