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  1. I've certainly learned many things, but as related to cruising, one thing I've learned is that a large, big-box online cruise agency is NOT the same as having a good TA. I do have one person there I really enjoy working with and once I was able to contact her she took good care of us. But trying to make that contact was frustrating in the extreme. I am very unsure as to whether I want to ever go with that company again. On the other hand, in normal times they are very good to me and the perks are often worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. A tough decision.
  2. No one knows of course, but my opinion is that it will not be mandated by the government. Perhaps by the cruise lines (at least initially) and/or the airlines but not overall. If it were to be "required" in the sense that children must have it to start school for example, like certain other vaccines, there will always be exceptions made for a variety of reasons. Yes, it is a shame that the anti-vaxxers put others at risk. There are some people who cannot take vaccines for various health reasons, as well as newborns, and their lives are endangered by these uneducated people. In most cases, I think many of those folks truly and honestly believe the vaccines are more dangerous than the disease. Then of course there is also the smaller minority who just don't give a hoot about other people and refuse to be 'told what to do'.
  3. It's not only hard to see, it is absolutely abhorrent and inhumane IMHO. How any country can refuse to help their own citizens is beyond me (and I know the US was like this initially so shame, shame, shame on us as well - you pay into the government with taxes after taxes after taxes and then when you need them they leave you stranded - no excuse).
  4. Even if 50% of the people won't take it, at least for awhile, there is still a tremendous improvement overall. Those truly in the know please correct me if I am wrong, but I think that even if it is only 60% or 70% effective, if you are in the other 30-40% and do catch the virus in all likelihood you will have a milder case and that can be dealt with. I know this virus is not the flu - I am not one of "those" - but it can be kept in mind that the flu mutates each year and each year a new vaccine is developed. Granted, some are more effective than others but my point is that it does not necessarily have to be a one and done for it to be valuable. That's the ideal scenario of course, but not necessarily the only valuable one. I also suspect (but of course can only opine) that at least initially cruise lines will require proof of vaccine before boarding (or proof of a certain type of antibodies if those are determined to provide immunity).
  5. Every time we've called we've had to listen to commercials while we waited. You may want to start again. I recommend calling very early am or very late in the evening
  6. Actually, I read an article yesterday that they believe the latest mutation of the virus is actually more contagious. Too soon to prove this so I'm stating it as a possibility rather than a fact. Yes, eventually the curve would flatten on its own - the only tiny little problem with that is the additional hundreds of thousands of people who would die in the meantime. I kinda lean on the side of keeping more people alive even if it means we need to be careful a few months longer while we wait for a vaccine.
  7. We were on the Equinox post-partial revolution and we were very happy with her. We stayed in a Sky Suite, which is a treat for us as we usually cannot afford them. Perhaps the Retreat deck is not as nice as it could have been, but truthfully we really liked it anyway. I'm not sure exactly what was revamped in the room, but we found it in good shape and the bed very comfortable. Truthfully I wish they had not revamped Michaels Club into the Retreat Lounge as we very much preferred the warm, comfy feeling of Michaels as opposed to the cold, modern, very bright, and less comfortable new lounge. But service was great and the afternoon snacks were a nice touch, as was the occasional music.
  8. This is what we had on Equinox in our Sky Suite in January (sigh...….). I also hate these big bottles. They are awkward to handle, and I do not like the product nearly as well. The skeptic in me is not sure it is really about reducing plastic waste (although that is a happy side effect). I think it is all about the $$. With the new normal (whatever that will be) maybe cruise lines and hotels will go back to individual bottles. We always recycle them and hopefully most do as well.
  9. Depends on the airline. In the US at least, I don't think there is a specific timeframe given -I think the wording says substantial change or some other vague wording. It therefore can vary by airline.
  10. I don't think they are aimed at me at all. But I nevertheless find it offensive as a US citizen with so many feeling it necessary to make comments and insults telling us how bad we have done. I also am not arguing that we did or did not handle things appropriately. I think some believe I am but I truly am not. My point is - this is a forum about cruising, not a forum to debate how the US has handled the situation. Heaven knows there are plenty of other forums to do that. Facebook is full of them. I know we are in a bad spot and I know it needs to be fixed in order for sailing to resume out of the US. But I don't need our errors (real and perceived) rubbed in my face over and over when I log into Cruise Critic.
  11. If its really only been a month that's pretty sad, considering the cruises have been shut down since March. Considering their very future is at risk, you would think they would have done this a lot sooner.
  12. Although to look on the bright side cruising-wise (is there a bright side??) if Florida continues at the pace it is, by late October so many people will have gotten sick that the numbers will start dropping due to herd immunity. Sounds ridiculous, but I actually think there is some logic to it. Not condoning it, just evaluating it. The skeptical part of me wonders if that is in the back of the minds of some of the people in Florida making those decisions. We'll never know. I am booked on Apex the week after Thanksgiving. I used to have some hope that it could reasonably sail (and by that I mean conditions overall would warrant a reasonably safe cruise with enjoyable conditions). My hopes are rapidly fading. The sad part - make that one of the sad parts as this is all sad - is that we will not know until very close to sailing time, after we have made final payment and after most of the chances of lift and shift are gone due to other people shifting to next year already. If it were up to me I would lift and shift now, but we have already had five cruises cancelled this year (2 we shifted already) and DH is just not ready to call it on this one yet.
  13. I think you could be right for some of the cruises. At the same time, it could be the case that the cruise lines would want you off the ship ASAP as it has been shown on the March sick ship cruises that quarantining in cabins is just not enough - the virus spread anyway. If that were the case, I can't see them rushing back to Florida to disembark you, even if Florida was at that time willing to do so. My preferred cruises are the deeper Caribbean. It could be that they will set up quarantine areas in more capable ports like Barbados or St. Thomas, but I wouldn't want to be stuck there either! All in all, it doesn't look good until there is a vaccine
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