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  1. I have no idea about the Edge, but I have never seen Coach on any other of the Celebrity ships and I have sailed them all.
  2. None of the S or M class ships has wings as a regular item on their menu. They could be at the buffet on occasion, but I have never seen them. I have only done the breakfast or lunch buffet, so can't speak to the dinner offerings.
  3. Prefer not to spend my time justifying my statements. Let's just say there was a huge difference in how we were treated as a suite passenger versus how we are usually treated as an Aqua Class passenger. Don't want to hijack this thread going back and forth with details. I was thinking of starting another thread about my experience. I may yet do that.
  4. I found this thread quite interesting - and also weird. It seems like the OP is asking us how to handle their relationships with their friends not in AQ. We don't know these people. We don't know what they like, or how they would feel about being left out of Blu dinners. We don't know the personalities or the nature of the relationships. We can give ideas of other venues for eating, or answer questions about dining on the ship, but to me this seems like an issue to be decided among friends, not among anonymous names on a Cruise Critic post. And to the OP, I also agree that paying extra for the spa area on M class is a total waste of money. Check it out yourself before your friends invest.
  5. Wow, I would have been absolutely livid had this happened to me. I would have brought it to the attention of Guest Relations, asking who the manager that host reports to so I could speak to him/her. After the cruise I would have written to Celebrity about this. That is totally unacceptable on so, so many levels. I recently sailed in a suite (a rare occasion due to the prices these days) and I was honestly embarrassed at how much I was catered to. I have no issue with people who pay more receiving more, I truly don't, but Celebrity's elevation of suite passengers to levels just short of royalty is revolting to me. Usually sailing in AQ I could really see the difference. But this example goes beyond all common courtesy and customer service. I know people get frustrated and threaten to sail other lines due to many of the recent changes on Celebrity, but I think if this ever happened to me it would honestly be the absolute last time I would sail with Celebrity.
  6. Depends on your tolerance for walking. We walked to the Botanical Garden, and walked back. We took the longer way there and it was a 30 minute walk. We took the shorter way back and it was a 20 minute walk. To the OP - the garden is nice, but small, and only costs $3USD. The walk is on flat ground so it is an easy walk.
  7. As others have indicated, Celebrity is famous for their consistent inconsistency in whether these types of things get confiscated. Sometimes they do; sometimes they don't. Wish we could give you a firm answer but it is not possible
  8. You definitely can upgrade mid-way - not sure if there is a cut-off date or not. I also am not familiar with the package you have so don't know if going to the classic package is considered an upgrade? Maybe someone else can help with that part.
  9. When you have traditional dining, you may or may not get your table preference. When you board, go to the dining room and ask the Maître d where your table is. If you don't like it, you can request a different location, but I have to tell you that is not always possible. They will try, but sometimes it just doesn't work out if the ship is sailing full. If you can get select dining, you have a better chance of getting a table location and type that you want, although at times that will mean a wait.
  10. Here is my opinion based on my recent sailing on Equinox. We usually book AQ but found a deal on a suite. Food tastes vary so don't know what you would like. We found the atmosphere in Luminae nicer - tables less close together. Service was also generally a step above, although we have usually had great service in Blu. Breakfast had a few more options than Blu. The bread options in Luminae were much better than Blu (hubby is a bread lover). The menus? Much, much, much prefer Blu. I think in my cruise last week I saw only one salad listed, and it was kale. Ugh! Many of the appetizers and main courses are seafood related, including octopus and the like. Great if that is your thing - it isn't ours. The menu is much more limited, although we were able to order off the MDR menu whenever we wanted to. They also will try to get you things off the menu if you ask - like for example I asked for a regular, plain salad with balsamic a number of times and had no issues getting it. They try very hard to accommodate. Blu does also, but that can sometimes vary by Maître d' and waiter. They don't list it for you, but you can get the standard items from all menus such as Caesar salad, shrimp cocktail, French onion soup, etc.. They also happily substituted a filet mignon one night when we did not like the menu - it was good although not as large and as good as the one on their regular menu. All that said, IMHO if the price is right suites are so nice for other reasons. The cabin size is so much bigger. At least pre-renovation the storage is much better (don't know about after). The Retreat Lounge is nice, although personally I much, much preferred the décor in Michael's Club. The Retreat Deck is very, very nice. They bend over to kiss your you-know-what when you are in a suite - kind of like they used to do for all passengers back in the day.
  11. Have sailed Alaska many times, as well as one European cruise, many Caribbean, and several west coast US and Mexico, all on Celebrity. IMHO the Alaska cruises tend to be by far the most casual. Beyond that, it seemed to me that the Europe cruise (Silhouette out of Southampton to Norway) and several longer Caribbean cruises with many Europeans onboard tended to have more people dressed up than other cruises we have sailed. That said, on all cruises I've seen many people who follow the dress code to the minimum (and sometimes not even that) so I suggest doing what you are comfortable doing.
  12. As to production shows, yes, unfortunately they will be exactly the same. Guest performers may change.
  13. We had it shown on the Silhouette in September but not on the Equinox in November
  14. Can you clarify what number you called please. I sail Celebrity a lot and would love to get this credit if it's available
  15. Just for the record, AQ cabins on Millennium are 191 square feet. The largest standard balcony on Royal Caribbean is 193 square feet, and many are smaller. Don’t have bathroom measurements. Its a shame that 2 square feet is all it takes to make this the worst cruise ever. Perhaps your frustration with the typhoon situation colored your opinion of the entire cruise. That’s too bad as looking at the remaining itinerary and having sailed happily on Celebrity many times including on Millennium, I would guess there are many who would have loved to take your place, problems included. I honestly think there is likely just a misunderstanding of how the refund was calculated. Did you ever get an answer from Celebrity as to how they calculated the amount?
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