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  1. Hi, Could anyone tell me if there is a changing area near the swimming pool(s)? S & Edge class. Searched for it but couldn’t find anything, nor on the deck plans. I do like a short swim/dip on occasion but am not really a sun deck lounger person, ie no drying up in the sun before changing into clothes. Guess I can just take a wrap around dress / sun dress to cover up for going back to the cabin but that might not avoid drips in the corridor and would also leave me with a wet dress.... Saw that on Silhouette the spa area is nearby, are those changing rooms available for all guests, or only paying spa guests?
  2. Thanks everyone for the beautiful photos, especially love the ones with the sea/sun/sky views. Think there is something so special about Norwegian skies, and even more so from a cruise ship [emoji4] Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  3. We will be on the same cruise and Mr A isn’t planning on bringing a suit, let alone DJ. (Not sure if this actually is of any help to you...)
  4. Lovely photos. Brings back great memories of our cruise last August on Pursuit which was a first in many ways (first cruise, maiden voyage, first time Norway etc). We are returning to Norway later this summer and hopefully will also be joining Azamara in 2020. Enjoy your cruise!
  5. Thanks Jim_Iain, looks like we made a good choice booking a table there!
  6. Thanks for all your help and am slightly relieved that I am not the only one struggling to see the menu! How silly that available info is region based though... Luckily this is where CC really is helpful. We will be on our first sailing with Celebrity so still finding our way around their website, and cruise planner etc, but have now managed to successfully make a reservation at Tuscan Grill 😊
  7. Unfortunately those links seem to lead only to the main Celebrity website. I tried to look there under Our Ships / Food & Drink and also under Onboard Experiences /Food and Drink. Can find information about the various restaurants but not the menu.
  8. Hi, Looking for the current menu of Murano & Tuscan Grille but can’t seem to find it. Celebrity’s own website doesn’t show it. Does anyone have a photo or (recent) link? We will be on Silhouette this summer - not sure if that make a difference, assume menu is the same on all ships? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the thread link, very helpful!
  10. Thank you vtcruising. We don't have a specific cabin in mind yet, but we didn't know about indentations on the deck plan and now we do! Well, we had sort of seen them, but didn't really register what they meant.... I guess that where the indent is, is where the bed will be located? (Ie the bit where the indent juts into the neighbouring cabin?)
  11. Thank you for this great overview. Apologies if this has been already answered somewhere but we read on one of the Edge threads that some IV cabins have the bed at the veranda side instead of near the bathroom (side) Is it possible to identify the location of the bed on the deck plans? Thanks!
  12. Thanks, good to know that they do have them and that we can ask for it.
  13. We read that Celebrity provided a kettle on Silhouette if sailing from the UK, so basically the Q is, do they do the same on Edge? We do like our late night/early morning cuppa 😊 Haven’t sailed with Celebrity yet but are hoping to do so in Spring 2020! Many Thanks!
  14. Hi, Has anyone any experience staying in a Grand Suite on deck 10 on the Indpendance OTS? We are wondering about any noise disturbance etc from deck 11. thanks
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