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  1. Well done, love the down east take on this situation.
  2. Did Rent a Car offer higher mileage limits? The show 100km free and a charge per km after that. WE would likely drive 250 to 300 km visiting the Canadian landing sites.
  3. thanks for the details, much appreciated
  4. Our cruise with be Le Havre June 22 & 23. We would like to rent a car to visit the Canadian Normandy sites. Can you rent a car close to the cruise terminal? More importantly can you return the car late Saturday or on Sunday.
  5. We just return from a 21 night Mediterranean cruise on the Crown. The coffee in the Horizon and main dinning rooms is not close to being called coffee. Do as we did, we purchased a French press at the first port along with some ILLY coffee. We would make our coffee using the supplied hot water in the Horizon. Problem solved!
  6. Try this site for world wide port schedules http://www.cruisemapper.com/ports
  7. Thank you for posting your report. My DW and I are on the Crown 09/01 for 21 nights. We really appreciate your effort and candor.
  8. I was covered medically for 21 days by my Visa and needed to cover the remaining 5 days. That would have cost about $30cdn. Manulife coverers situations like this, my cost was $197cdn for the full 26 days.
  9. I was notified by my pharmacy that one of my medications was being recalled by Health Canada The med carried a slight risk of cancer over the long term and was changed to one that is now approved. Due to this change I notified my medical insurer, My prearranged policy would not cover in the event of an illness related to the medication ( high blood pressure). My cancellation insurance informed me that I would not be covered due to the fact that I was still able to travel. The risk was too great to travel with medical insurance limitations. I was able to find a company (Manulife) to cover my medical for 26 days, however, there was a $160cdn premium for this coverage. Beware of the fine print.
  10. Does anyone know if the resent wild fires are affecting the port of Athens?
  11. Our Visa card (TD Infinite) covers out of country medical insurance for 21 days if you book your vacation/travel using the card. This applies to all people booked up tp 65 years of age. The card covers above 65 years coverage for 4 days. You can top up additional days as required if needed.
  12. My TA had to buy casino credits separate from our OBC. :ship:
  13. I was hoping to put about $4000 on the OBC for our 21 night cruise, online only allows 1000 at a time.
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