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  1. The recipe I was always told was lamb mince🤔. I had a little google and apparently it was traditionally a leftover dish made from whatever roast was uneaten so I guess the "Shepherd" is figurative😝.
  2. They had $US8.2 billion in what they call runway money and they halved their burn rate by dumping a lot of staff and shutting down many operations. I wouldn't call it a nice picture but a survivable picture.
  3. The three biggest corporations have enough money to last till next year. IIRC Carnival Corp apparently has enough to last till June next year🤔
  4. I would love to see the Ross Ice Shelf but the cruises to there are pretty expensive🙄. I personally don't need a luxury ship, I would be happy with something simple😊.
  5. Yep biggest of the Norwegian stave Churches and probably the most famous😜.
  6. You didn't give any positive comments with you negative statements so reading it doesn't seem like you see any redeeming features to CC and you made a point to criticise the forums which is about 90% of content on this site rather than the reviews so what exactly do you like about the site?
  7. If you think so poorly of CC what are you doing here😳? Apart from posting in every thread that has the word vaccine or COVID in it😂
  8. I have tried the traditional fermented Pu-er tea cakes, very interesting flavour👍though a little pricey😁. Use to be a bubble tea shop that did Pu-er. Personally I don't think it suits bubble tea. Recently tried Korean Dalgona coffee which is basically a foam. It was actually kind of nice bitter sweet drink.
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