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  1. Sadly Pakistan is one of those countries overwhelmed by Covid conspiracy theorists🙄. To believe Covid-19 exists or that it kills people makes you the crazy village idiot. I read one particularly sad story of a man who had lost both his parents to Covid-19 and while shopping people who he had thought were his friends publicly accused him of killing his parents and being paid by the government to pretend that it was Covid-19 😳. People who think conspiracy theories are harmless should take note of countries like Pakistan or Bosnia. It has really brought out some of the worst in humanity😔.
  2. Those places who say that are those who didn't enact their lockdowns properly. If you are going to do a half hearted lockdown you are probably better off going the Sweden route🙄.
  3. Yes Magen's Bay is St Thomas but during our stay we took the car ferry to St John after visiting the look out. Personally I preferred St John as it far less developed and more laid back than hectic St Thomas though the people of Charlotte Amalie super nice never would have navigated the back streets without their help 🤗
  4. You got your vowels the wrong way round 😂but I'll let it slide😉. Taken from Drake Seat lookout. We didn't go down to the beach as we decided to explore more of St John instead, so can't comment on the beach itself but it does lend itself to a pretty spectacular view 🤗
  5. Hazy mountain but it still helped to narrow the location😉 Name this bay:
  6. Is the giant mountain behind by chance Mt Fuji?
  7. I remember a radio show that use to do that as an on air prank. They didn't do it to scammers though perhaps that is something they should try in the future😂
  8. But again just like Measles you are comparing it to something that has not shut down the world. Very few people have remained unaffected and people will want to get back to normal. Even people under 30 have had their lifestyles affected especially with a number of industries like hospitality that employ a lot of under 30s being shut down. People tend to remember their negative experiences far more than their positive and if a vaccine is a way to prevent such disruptions to their lives than under 30s will be lining up with the over 60s.
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