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  1. It seems in America earning points is pretty easy so it I don't think it takes them 300 years😂. Australia it seems is just as hard as Britain. You either have to be flying at least every month with the same airline or your general spending has to be very high and there are so many exclusions to what they won't give you points on for charging to your card. On top of that they keep cutting earning opportunities. There are flights I use to get point for dollar that only gives me half. So I don't go out of my way to earn points, if there happen to be points available on my purchase then I will take them. Once I did earn enough for two return flights, did take me about seven years though😜.
  2. While I do think nuclear energy needs to be considered the one problem about nuclear energy is that it needs a lot of purified water to cool a reactor so I do wonder if it won't end up increasing pressure on water supply rather than reducing it🤔.
  3. Ironically before all this happened Iran was listed as the safest country in the Middle East to travel to especially for women. I really feel bad for the people of Iran this will hurt their tourism industry.
  4. It is not an excuse but it probably is an explanation. History is littered with examples of people making stupid decisions because of fear and heightened tensions. Humans just don't work as well when we are scared. Thankfully tensions have gone right down so there should be more thinking rather than reacting.
  5. I think comparing a Western democracy to an Autocratic theocracy is like comparing apples and oranges. Obviously they are going to respond differently as they are governments who have a different set of values, procedures and prioritise different things. And while it wasn't an active war in the legal sense of the word I think the events preceding it were enough to put any country in a state of paranoia no different to the USA when they shot down the Iranian commercial airliner.
  6. Unfortunately the cost of recycled plastic is more than the cost of virgin plastic. Without the demand for recycled plastic there is not much point recycling most bottles.
  7. Iranian Air Flight 655 Accidental shootings have happened before and after awhile people will forget about this one like they did all the others and not think twice about flying in that airspace😂.
  8. Like one of the other posters I use a Scrubba Bag too. It is especially great for reducing the amount of underwear and socks I bring since I can easily wash them en masse. I'm not too worried about wearing things repeatedly. I don't change for evening unless my clothes are really dirty. I can easily rotate up to four times so I am a super light packer.
  9. You would probably need to built a pipe system similar to what Libya was building prior to their revolution. It is not impossible but it would be expensive however if weather patterns continue with less rain it is an option that has to be considered. The question is what price do you put on water 🤔. Personally I think if at least we could get coastal communities using more desalinated water it would mean upstream more water could be relegated to inland communities. It would be more feasible and it wouldn't mean a complete overhaul of infrastructure for regional inland communities.
  10. Thanks for that I had forgotten it was 6 years ago, it feels longer I think because of how the media talks about lowering of dam levels. But I still believe we need desalination plants. We are a dry country and it seems we will get drier. Yes we need to rework our water management, it would really help the farmers but it would also help inland communities if coastal communities were less reliant on inland water supply. Desalination would take the pressure of and allow us to redistribute water to other places that have less options.
  11. I think we will have to agree to disagree. People will either feel there is a threat or not and I just can't feel it😋. To clarify my earlier point I never denied it was pilot error but it was pilot error because they developed a form of tunnel vision where they counldn't get out of their orginal thought process to solve the problem even though they had been trained in that scenario. Yes training can mitigate this issue but it doens't fully eliminate it. If I was to hazard a theory I think something similar happened in Iran where someone in the chain of command got trapped in a thought process this plane was something other than a civilian plane and like all good autocratic systems nobody questions the leader no matter how wrong they might know they are and unfortunately like all good autocratic systems they will be looking for a scapegoat to pin it on because it would be more embarrasing to admit someone in command is fallible so I am not surprised the investigation is vague because the truth is the person truely responsible will probably never be held accountable since they are most likley part of the untouchable class. If you are interested here is a good list recently compiled of commercial airlines that have been accidently shot down. It might not be common but it does happen: Civilian Planes Shot Down Though if it was deliberate shooting should that not give people more comfort that the chance of your plane being shot down is even slimer since how likely is it your plane will also have someone who is worth targeting by shooting dowm a whole plane? Luckily there are many flight routes so if people don't feel comfortable Iran is easy to avoid though last time I flew over Iran I have to say the scenary was absolutely stunning🤗.
  12. Maybe they are not going to those places because we don't promote them enough as places worth visiting. Europe does a good job of this, people want to visit small and remote towns though personally I would not consider Newcastle or Wollongong a small and remote town. As for the American example I was thinking more of Charleston and Mobile but you are right because they have a bigger population cruise lines are more amenable to using a variety of ports but still I feel like we shouldn't be giving up on regional towns because it is harder to do. We should be trying to convince international visitors it is worth visiting beyond Sydney.
  13. That argument might have worked in the days when rain was guaranteed but the reality is the weather has changed and we need to start planning for the future. Our dams have not been able to reach full capacity in years, we have towns at level 5 water restrictions, yes there is mismanagement of our current systems that needs to be addressed but it still is not going to fix the fact the rains aren't falling. Cape Town, Yemen and Texas are all places that just kept hoping it will rain next year now you have a city where citizens are given quotas on how much water they can use, a country in civil war fighting for the last full wells and towns that are completely abandoned because there is no water to supply them. As they say adapt or die.
  14. Is it such a bad idea to have a terminal outside of Sydney? There are other towns along the NSW coast that have airports and it would be great for regional tourism if we could get more international visitors to those area. America has many towns along their coasts with terminals and people seem willing to fly to all these different ports for their cruises. It would be nice to spread the tourism dollar around more and not just have everything in Sydney.
  15. The reality is if we don't start building more desalination plants we will probably end up like Cape Town😟.
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