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  1. I bit old fashioned with my coffee. I have a bur hand grinder and grind my own beans for the French press I use. When it comes to coffee I am a bit fancy, I do enjoy a single origin. Because my French press and grinder are travel size I can take it with me so I never need to use the instant coffee in accommodations. However iced coffee is pretty good with instant😉.
  2. I have not seen it myself as the thread was deleted but I was told apparently on one of the cruise line specific sub forums there were Americans who were saying Europe had no right to ban them and that the President should punish the EU. Things got quite nasty and so the thread was deleted so I am told.
  3. But that was the point I was making in my original post, that the pandemic might be a good time to re evaluate our behaviour and consumerism habits which you objected to and yet someone says the same thing with different words and you agree with that. This makes it very confusing to me. Well to be fair it is probably a practice that needs to be stopped. In Australia our charities spend $13 million a year to dump clothes that are donated because fast fashion is so poor quality even they can't re use them. 75% of people throw away clothes in the first year they buy them and usually more than 10 items a year (and with all the online shopping due to lock downs this year will probably be higher) . It is estimated to be about 6000kg every 10min. I am all for rising people out of poverty but you have to wonder if we do those countries any favours by giving then our bad habits and therefore the problems associated with it. You have to wonder what they will do with their garbage when we can't keep with our own.
  4. You do realise I am taking about actual garbage? You know the stuff you put in your bin. You just agreed with the point I was making? I feel like I am writing one thing and you are reading something else. This is so weird. If we keep making VCRs it would keep people in work. Things stop being made all the time, that is the nature of manufacturing. Actually the citizens of those countries like Nigeria, Malaysia and Indonesia are protesting for the rubbish to stop coming. China banned so called recycled plastic because what we sent was absolute crap. It is as much rubbish to them as it is to us.
  5. You misinterpreted what I meant by "things*. I am talking about physical stuff, after all you can't throw away a cruise experience (well not in the physical sense anyway😉). And considering we in developed nations like to send our rubbish to developing nations I'm sure they would appreciate our compassion in not sending our garbage to them🙄. All change is pain, doesn't mean some aren't needed.
  6. With all the waste we produce from all the stuff we buy maybe a change is needed😂. Perhaps this Pandemic might be a good time to reevalute an economy based on accumulating more things😜.
  7. With all the ships not sailing I wonder what has happened to those living on cruises🤔? Hopefully they have some home on land🤗.
  8. If they have ability to close themselves off to American tourists then it probably needs to be mentioned if they reopen. From what I understand mainland Americans can't enter Puerto Rico till July 15. It seems American territories can close their borders in a way that states don't seem as able to.
  9. Countries That Have Reopened For American Tourists Hope this helps🤗.
  10. The lowest point has to be when Orange Man accused NY nurses of stealing PPE to sell on the black market😔. That pretty much sums up how seriously he takes this pandemic. You know the phrase I am so sick of hearing😒: "What happened to personal responsibility?" It is constantly used as a justification for why people should be able to do whatever the hell they want consequences be damned😳. Talk about twisting words 😕.
  11. OK I see where you are coming from now. Maybe you are right about the broad stroke average but in my experience those national figures do not match on the ground reality because of the variability between businesses. Try arguing to a hotelier that caters to Germans that they have lost 10% of their business. They would think you are mad😜 whereas the cruise line that caters to 80% Americans would be thinking 10% I wish 🙄. These figures are great news bites but I think in the end they usually don't reflect reality. Let's wait and see what the reports are from European businesses as to how well tourism is doing😉.
  12. I'm confused😟 what would Carnival have been waiting for?
  13. I read an interview with Jamaica's minister of health and in February he wanted to implement a ban on anyone who had travelled to China and health screenings for everyone entering Jamaica. He said Carnival put a lot of pressure on him to exempt cruise ships from his protocols and that cruisers who had been to China should still be allowed in. From what I understand it didn't work and Jamaica eventually went ahead with their changes.
  14. Some things are only effective if people work together. There is such a thing as social responsibilty and being aware there are people in you community who are vulnerable so maybe we should look out for them instead of telling them too bad so sad I'll do whatever I want and you will just have to suck it up. When did kindness end😔?
  15. The Caribbean does get a lot of land visitors otherwise why would anyone invest so much in building resorts? I did read an article about how the Caribbean could reduce the cost of flights so if cruising did disappear I am sure they would do that. Before cruising existed they already had a tourism industry so I am sure they could adapt if cruising wasn't an option. People on the islands have been questioning the contribution of cruises to their economy so there seems to be enough people not benefiting that perhaps some sort of change is required. They are already saying they won't let cruises in till there has been some sort of renegotiation of contracts. There are way more Filipinos working on land in countries around the world who spend years never seeing their family. Cruises are the better job for sure since you only spend a few months from family and still get equivalent pay but if cruising stopped they will most likely move back to those on land jobs. It sucks but they would not be completely left with no option.
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