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  1. That is a beautiful picture, it looks like a painting🤗
  2. You are a little behind😆 Don (aka @getting older slowly) got it with La Venta😉
  3. They say the earliest date for the Olmec civilisations is the same as the rise of ancient Greece, so if the heads could talk the stories they could tell😉. I have to admit when we were planning our Mexico trip it was one of my goals to see at least one Olmec head on the trip. I managed to get four which was great and the pyramid was a fabulous bonus🤗.
  4. Excellent research🤗! I know it is not as visually spectacular as other Mesoamerican ruins but there is something pretty special to be standing on the oldest pyramid of the Americas😉.
  5. The heads are huge. Taller than me😳 We actually visited two sites but the one pictured is the only city ruins (that mound is actually a pyramid) tourists can visit. The other site the palace location is kept secret to protect it. However there is a little museum in town with a head, jaguar sculptures and some stelles.
  6. Definitely Mexico, though not so much jungle anymore. It was interesting to see what the site looked like when the archaeologists first found it. With all the factory vents the area has certainly industrialised since then😜
  7. I wonder if they have saved copies of these rants ready to paste or they actually type all this out every time🤔😜
  8. This one might be on the more difficult side (so fish away😜) but SBS was airing a documentary on this place last night so I found myself reminiscing through my albums🤗. Name this archaelogical site:
  9. I scrolled back and I see now 😂. I somehow skipped the words. I just saw the French menus and thought the beach looks vaguely familiar. We visited Nice Beach at the break of dawn so it looked totally different. Probably wasn't the best idea as the place had a strong sewerage smell at the time😳
  10. We went downstairs too OMG😱 Definitely not Covid safe 😂
  11. Well I was tossing up between two so here is other: Nice?
  12. I guess we did get lucky with the weather. Though we also were there during sunset so everything was glowing yellow 😂. We stayed long enough to watch the fountain show. It looks amazing from above as you can see all the shapes it makes.
  13. Should try 148😂. They serve food and drinks up there and you can see all the way down the coast.
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