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  1. I would rather an easing of restrictions see how things go, adjusting accordingly rather than this throw caution to the wind and hope for the best approach. We didn't even finish home quarantine trial to see if that is option we should consider.
  2. This screen shot has been doing the rounds online and people have been questioning if it is real since no one can find the link to the page. Any chance someone from CC could provide the link to the page or confirm if it is fake?
  3. I would suggest posting this in the news sub forum. The moderaters there would be able to confirm if this is a real article on this site 🤔 The page does look a little weird to me. The "Visit OneSource" in the top left hand corner is not something I have seen on CC before and it says May 18 at the top though I suppose someone could have the date set wrong on their phone.
  4. I agree the wording bothers me. If you are vegetarian fine but why do you need to pretend something is meat? There was a vegan pie stall at a market I visited and they didn't use meat substitute on their label. They labelled it chickpea pie, seitan pie etc. I found it so refreshing that they weren't trying to convince me it was just like meat. They treated it as its own unique product and that's how IMO it should be.
  5. Hopefully they still sell them. My last Harris Farm visit was about three years, happen to be in an area they serve and thought I check if they still had some of the products I liked and there were still the Kestrels conveniently at the front too. I really stocked up that day😜.
  6. I've tried one of these however from a different brand. Wasn't great, hopefully Four n Twenty does a better version🙄.
  7. As with any country regulations the best and most accurate information is to go to the individual countrys' tourism or immigration websites. The Caribbean is not one country so there is not going to be an official information portal for every port in the Caribbean Sea on one site. There are no shortcuts you just have to go through the tedious process of checking each country whose port you are planning or expecting to visit and check again regularly as you near your visit in case any changes have occured.
  8. Still in the covid hot zone of Bankstown☣️😉. We have a whole street of greengrocers. Shopping centre has two and still way cheaper than the supermarket, another shopping centre next to Aldi has another two greengrocers and a little arcade has a tiny greengrocer that always has baby spinach and rocket $10 per kilo less than everywhere else. We are awash with greengrocers😜 With such a dense population it perhaps creates competition for the greengrocers so they can offer such low prices. Wow you have a lot of Harris Farms in your area 😲. The closest one I use to have was about 20km from me, on my driving route but it shut down years ago which was a pity as I agree they had a great cheese collection. Also loved the Kestrel Potatoes which they seem to have a monopoly on.
  9. Our greengrocers are the opposite, they are way cheaper than the major supermarkets. People here shop at them because you can save up to 70% on some produce😂. Though I also like they have more variety of fruit and veg. They sell things I have never seen at the supermarkets.
  10. The article said airlines bought pineapple to make juice that is what got me curious as I have never been offered pineapple juice on any flight anywhere, though thinking on it I realised they didn't specify airplane so perhaps they meant the airline lounges. I've only ever been to one so I'm unfamiliar what is usually on offer. Pineapple fritters were definitely a thing lots of places use to sell them I even remember Red Rooster use to have them, maybe still do. I never liked deep fried fruit so I'm not exactly looking for it on the menu😂.
  11. Or instant ice cream. Freeze them then blend them up and you're ready to go😁.
  12. If you have allergies a N95 mask can actually be helpful as it keeps out many of the allergy inducing particles. I would definitely recommend having a mask to change if wearing 10hrs plus, you don't want it getting moist. Because I have reactive skin I wear only natural materials. It is also good on a long haul if you do the every two hours stroll, give your face a clean to also prevent reaction. I find a strap around the head gives me less headaches. If you can find a strap or even a barrel of monkey piece can help As for waiting for mask regulation to disappear, who knows. Travel regulations change all the time. A lot of 9/11 regulations we were told would be temporary and 20 years later we still have them in some cases have even increased. The reality is more people are willing to put up with the regulations to travel than those not so there isn't that much incentive to cater to the latter group.
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