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  1. I have read a lot of complaints about how crowded the Alaskan ports are. LA is a big city so can absorb more tourists maybe that is why you don't notice the missing cruisers but Alaskan ports are usually quite small towns so if you get five ships in port you notice the crowds 😂.
  2. That is a great pic. I have a Sony Rx 4, the photos are great and I love the control you have on the feature but it is a little delicate for my liking. A little drop and it freaks out😂.
  3. We somehow did it with Smallpox (albeit took 200 years 🤣) so I think there is always hope🤗.
  4. While that is true the reality is people are becoming (and I hate to use this phrase) Covid weary. It certainly does not help that we can see that a lot of the world is moving forward in some direction out of the pandemic while it feels like we are going round in circles. I was just reading here on CC an American's account of their Greek Island cruise meanwhile we can't even go to NZ now. To me the government has a lot to answer for these protests. If the government made decisive lock down protocols that would at least quell a lot of frustration. People want some sense of a plan, instead it fe
  5. It would be interesting to know how other ports around the world are doing🤔. I suspect there are cruisers who are enjoying the less crowded ports😉.
  6. Is there a particular region you are looking for? Not all experiences will be the same depending on ship and region. Anyway here is one experience I was reading on CC about Greece: Thoughts on my sailing....She is a beauty
  7. I agree, a lot of times I see the comments people cruise to relax, I seem to be a totally different cruiser to that. The last cruise I did one of the port stops included a 16km trek😂. Might not be relaxing but was certainly rewarding🤗 and if I ever get cruising again the cruises I have in mind will also involve physical activities😉. I reckon I relax more on land trips😂.
  8. There was a doco that came out about anti vaxers conspiracy group one of the things that was interesting and disturbing to learn was how much money they make stoking fear and making their followers feel they were getting exclusive information😳. They would start out by telling people there is this great conspiracy then tell them if they want to understand it they need to do a $US300 course and on top of that was all the merchandising like books and special websites access🤑.
  9. No one is condoning violence but the longer it feels like nothing is moving forward or especially that things are moving backwards it is inevitable there will be more protests. How do you expect to people adhere to restrictions if they feel the government is not doing their part? We have seen this around the world, when trust in government disappears the public is less likely to care about COVID, and the NSW government has taken a serious battering on the trust.
  10. I am not entirely surprised by the Sydney protests. The government stuffed up and people are paying for it. If you want people to literally put their lives on hold you need the trust of the people and the NSW government has lost that😕. On top of that we all know the vaccine roll-out has been a disaster. People can only be patient for so long🙄.
  11. I have not read any statement where Coates said it was a "put up job". I have read media commentators state this but the only statements I've read from Coates are variations of it was a misunderstanding🤔. I have googled a bunch of articles where he sent in his reply and I still can't find a statement claiming collusion😳. If he did make this claim he seems to have back tracked on it very quickly but in this day of digital news I would think a statement claiming the whole thing was an act would be spread far and wide and would be top of the Google searches😂.
  12. As far as I am aware that is media commentators putting their own spin mostly to defend Coates because of the backlash to his behaviour. Palaszczuk probably changed her mind because Brisbane won, gives her a chance to schmooze with the IOC😜.
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