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  1. I can only think of two cons and the pros vastly outweigh them: 1. No gelato 2. Smaller casino (I often found the blackjack table full) But the ship is my favorite overall.
  2. This is my favorite character from that YouTube video...
  3. I could post a new smoking question if that would help....
  4. @thyme2go But see: https://www.wsj.com/articles/is-the-coronavirus-as-deadly-as-they-say-11585088464
  5. The sail in to Geiranger - July 2018 - aboard Koningsdam Incredible peace and beauty. We had perfect weather that trip.
  6. The English Breakfast....the bread pudding....the friendly crew....Tamarind.....Pinnacle Grill....the lovely ocean air....exciting ports and activities....trivia w/ martinis
  7. I should have just paid $100 for those drinks.
  8. I'm sure he'll drop everything and give your tweet the careful consideration it deserves... They are dealing with an industry-changing disaster. Give them room to work.
  9. What happens to the Round the World cruise? Nevermind I see it: Amsterdam: March 24 in Freemantle, Australia. This is a change from the scheduled disembarkation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on May 12.
  10. Not sure if this is what happened to you, but be careful when Googling tech support and customer support numbers. People with bad intentions have used SEO and other gamings of the system to make their (fake) phone numbers show up in the search results. So you might Google "Apple customer support phone number" or "Quickbooks support phone" and the search result comes back with a toll free number that looks legitimate, but it isn't. When you call, they steal your information or worse.
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