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  1. So happy I bought more CCL. I need to get back on a ship!
  2. I got an amazing offer in the mail and I am trying to call 1-800-330-2249 to book it but the phone just disconnects after a few rings. Anyone else having this problem?
  3. On Deck 5 there is a door that can be opened and people can go out onto the bow (there is also a hot tub there). On Deck 6 the forward most cabins (6001 I think?) are wrap-around front facing. Deck 7 also has front facing cabins. Deck 8 is the bridge. Deck 9 is the gym. Decks 10-11 have front facing windows but I am not sure about access. Deck 12 is the Crows Nest - on top of the Crow's Nest there is a deck you can walk out on but there are thick glass "windshields" facing front. So to answer your questi
  4. Thanks for finally clearing it up for me. For some reason I thought the D was for "designated" - no idea why.
  5. I've been meaning to ask for years. I get that it means spouse but what do the letters stand for?
  6. This was during the sail-in to Eidfjord so my guess is Hardangerfjord. (Confirmed - see this other photo taken by another K-Dam cruiser: https://goo.gl/maps/zrjtoWp3BbKwhjbr5 )
  7. From July 2018. Good memories. Hopefully we'll get back to this soon.
  8. You are certainly entitled to your opinion - no matter how wrong it might be 😆 😆😆
  9. I maintain that only the genuine Neptunes midships are worth it. The rest (like the aft wraps) are fake Neptunes.
  10. We've made the decision to buy last minute. This is based on several factors: 1. We've had good luck in the past with Carribbean cruises sailing from FLL in finding deals within one month of departure. Given COVID, assuming there are Carribbean cruises from FLL this December, I am assuming load factors will be low - hence more deals. 2. Same with air travel. I expect to be able to find seats on short notice. 3. Without knowing what will happen in the next 6-7 months, I am not comfortable booking and risking a deposit. 4. All of the foregoing not
  11. I'm pretty desperate to get back on a ship and get back to traveling generally. I booked a quick Vegas trip this July to test the waters. We are seriously looking at December 2020 Caribbean cruises. What's the risk in booking now? Loss of the deposit?
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