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  1. I am also late to the party. From a trip to Scottsdale, AZ. Anna's Hummingbird (I may have posted it on another thread): I hiked a few trails in the Sonoran Desert. It is really hard, for me at least, to portray the beauty, even in the middle of summer, of the desert. A neat looking cactus in the complex where we were staying: Ken
  2. In S mode, the camera will adjust aperture. If you are using auto ISO, it will also try to adjust that, some times to extreme. To confuse you further, you can set limits on the auto ISO, so it only goes to a predetermined maximum. In A mode, the camera will adjust shutter speed, with the same caveat about auto ISO. i rarely use auto ISO, but know that many do. I really like the D500 viewfinder and the brightness of the information. I learned how to quickly adjust aperture if my shutter speed is dropping too low, without taking my eye off the viewfinder. I can also adjust my ISO without taking my eye off the viewfinder, but that is much less frequent than adjusting aperture. EXIF data is easily viewed on you computer. Your photo editing software should have the option to show file data. This information can be extremely helpful (or extremely boring). For the 2 pictures that were dark, I would guess that the aperture was wide open (low f number).
  3. The first picture looks like it is focusing behind the swallow? Swallows, even at a distance are hard to catch in flight. Is your GRP autofocus the one with 4 boxes in the viewfinder. 1/6400th of a second is really fast, you don't need it that high for this type of picture. The second photo, I would us a single focus point 100% of the time. The picture is a bit dark so it is hard to see, but it appears the camera is focusing on the twig. Look at your EXIF data. I'm guessing with a 6400 shutter speed your ISO is very high, which will give you noise or grain. Without knowing what the light was like, for these I would use Aperture mode, aperture in the 5 to 8 range, with the D500 take it off auto ISO, and dial in the ISO below 2500 (lower is better if there is enough light). With the branches in the second picture, you need single focus, aim for the bird's eye if you have time before it flies off. If you post the exif data for both photos, we can probably help even more. YMMV, just my $.02 worth.
  4. Thanks. I did not think about DX mode. I use a monopod frequently, especially with my 200-500, as much as a handle to carry over my shoulder. I have found that the monopod on a boat is less than ideal due to engine vibration, unless there is enough light to bump up shutter speed. Thanks for all the information!
  5. A quick question ... Did you have enough reach with the 70-200 ( I absolutely love my 2.8E version, amazingly crisp)? I shoot with the D500, so I get the 1.5 crop and I would be tempted to bring my 200-500. Thanks for the summary; definitely on my bucket list. Ken
  6. For us not in the business .. can you kindly use words rather than acronyms or initials. Thanks in advance.
  7. I have been to Bermuda many times, and have to admit I do not know where Crystal Beach is. Tobacco Bay Beach - many better spots for photos. Tobacco Bay is decent for snorkeling, but the beach is just ok. Other suggestions: Horseshoe Bay (you probably have been there). Warwick Long Bay - Really good for sunrises. Jobson's Cove - maybe the most photographed spot on the island. Church Bay (sand in the shallow water looks like lines of pews). Any of the other south shore beaches. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Jews Bay/Waterlot Inn (Middle Road) behind the Southampton Princess. Wherever you choose, get there before sunrise. Good Luck
  8. Nothing quite like a nice booby 😉
  9. The first two are Costa's Hummingbirds shot in May in Palm Desert, CA and the third is an Anna's in Scottsdale, AZ last week. Here is what I have learned about Hummingbirds, and birds in general. FYI, all were taken with a Nikon D5oo and a 70-200 F/2.8E (a most amazing lens). I shot these all in aperture mode, with ISO as low as the light would allow, and keeping my shutter speed up. Autofocus C - Single spot (I use AF - C and group 4 for birds in flight; I know that the first two are in flight, but it is more like a stationary bird when hovering. You would have to be exceptionally lucky getting one at full speed in flight). FYI, I sometimes back button focus, but for my photography, I find using the shutter release easier. Like any other wildlife, you need to learn their habits and anticipate. The flowering plant in the first two pictures was a favorite, and I spent hours there over two days, knowing that the odds were good if I saw them there once that they, or others, would be back. In the third picture, the Anna's liked to perch on the same branch, only a few feet away from me. You can do the same with your 3400 and 70-300, and a whole lot of patience. Any questions, just ask.
  10. Nothing like a surcharge item in a surcharge venue, when you already paid for meals in your cruise fare. Just sayin' ...
  11. Some may remember that when Luminae was introduced, it was advertised as open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Shortly after Luminae opened, it was decided that lunch would only be served on Sea days (that actually makes sense, but was not was promised). Obviously, some of those who booked before they changed were not pleased, to put it mildly. I am of the opinion that Luminae is a wonderful venue, with delicious food. YMMV, as every cruise and every ship can differ from time to time depending on who is staffing it.
  12. I am, and have been, disappointed in the changeover. Normandie on Summit was always our favorite! I'm not sure I would go as far as comparing Tuscan to Olive Garden, but it is no Normandie, etc. Unfortunately, as they say, that ship has sailed.
  13. Welcome to Cruise Critic! Yes it is offered. There is a charge, and there are laundry as well as dry cleaning and pressing services. Be aware that the laundry service does not include pressing, rathe the items are folded. There is usually an offer for a set price per bag full of laundry. Also, if you are CC elite level, there are some free services offered (limited amount). I think the charges are reasonable for the bag full, or limited number of dry cleaning/pressing.
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