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  1. Thanks, Greg. Good to hear from someone with experience with both the cruise and the condition. I feel like the triamterene keeps most of the effects in check, with meclezine for backup, should keep it at bay. I am in a studio, near the center of the ship, so I'll be aware of that. Good tip on the salt - probably need to watch the caffeine as well. In any case, it will be an adventure!
  2. Does anyone here have any experience cruising with Meniere's disease? A diuretic has kept me from any attacks for a couple of years, but I've been on dry land. I'm a little concerned that the ship's movement might set it off again.
  3. Hi! I, too, am traveling solo with Norwegian, although unlike the OP I have never cruised before. I have travelled to London, Paris, Venice, all on my own. I am very used to being alone on foreign soil. The idea of solo cruising, however, presents a new set of challenges for me. I am (quoting friends here…) handsome, charming, articulate and interesting. (Again, I don’t really see myself that way!) But I am somewhat lacking in social skills. Okay, I’m shy. I’m hoping that a cruise will present a low-risk environment to meet new people, and to learn how to do so. The cruise is 11 months off, so the roll call isn’t real active yet. I’m posting here to get in on any tips or encouragement everyone has for Brian…
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