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  1. Thanks a bunch everyone, you have given a lor more detail that what I was expecting!
  2. Hello, first post here. I have recently booked a cruise on regal Princess for April, 2020 (Totally digging the $100.00 ship credit for veterans). This will be our first time on Princess (went on a Southern Caribbean cruise on Carnival Sunshine last year) and our first time ever cruising with our children. Children will be 13, 10, 7, and 7 months by the time we sail. As a matter of fact, the 7 year old will be turning 7 on embark day. My wife's parents are joining us on a separate booking as well. As you can imagine, I have a lot of questions. How long is the dinner service in the MDR? I remember in Carnival it was upwards of 2 hours. The older two kids will be able to handle a long sit down, the 7 year old may get a bit antsy and I am concerned about how the baby is going to handle 2 hours and how much of a nuisance they would all be to other passengers. I just don't want to be "That Guy." What is the kid's menu like? At what age is it appropriate to allow children to be unsupervised on the ship? When I say unsupervised I don't mean roaming free, I mean hanging out in one area and then finding one of us adults to tell us where they are going to next. My 13 year old is pretty responsible and so-far seems to be making good decisions and I am not worried about him nor the 10 year old girl being a nuisance to others. I know him and they can sign themselves in and out of the youth programs by themselves, I was just wondering what the "accepted practice" was. I do trust both of them playing outside by themselves, I trust the older one to supervise the smaller ones in our yard or on bikes in our neighborhood, the 10 year old is not yet there responsibility-wise. When the wife and I were on Sunshine last year, we didn't notice many school-aged children, (during school year) just many smaller children in the day-camp group. What are the crowds like? The Sunshine seemed like there was more people than ship and always had a crowded feeling to it. When are the rooms usually ready? On Sunshine it was 1:30 before the the hallway doors were open and I was lugging around rolling carry-ons for a few hours. Is there a designated place to stow carry-ons before rooms are ready? What are the boarding times? The info Princess gave me only states that boarding starts at 12:30. What is the "bringing my own soda" policy? On Carnival it was explicitly stated that liquor and beer was not allowed to be brought on board, only 1 bottle of wine and 1 12-pack of soda per person in the carry-on. On the Princess cruise contract, the only guidance I can find is that bringing alcohol is prohibited with the exception of the wine. There is no mention of soda or if it can be in checked luggage vs. carry-on. I am pretty sure I will annoy you kind people with more questions when I think of them.
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