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  1. We're sailing on the Vista October 19th, 2019 and made Chef's Table reservations. My son's birthday is October 20th and we're wanting to take him to the steakhouse for that but would be willing to switch it to another day. However, I don't know what date our Chef's Table will be so I don't know when to make my steakhouse reservations for. Is there any way to know this at all or are you just kind of SOL until you get onboard? Thank you!
  2. I love all this info. Such a welcoming response and a lot to go on. Thank you guys!
  3. That IS really good to know! We did dress up on NCL any night we ate in a dining room or specialty restaurant but I would have likely been ill-prepared on Celebrity for that overall attire expectation. Thank you!
  4. That is really good to hear, I'm excited to try it! I didn't mind the layout on NCL too much and have also sailed in balconies with enjoyment...However, I think once you get used to a suite it's hard to go back! My husband and I have five young children and we're taking them on their first cruise this coming October. Since my finances aren't at the level where I can pay for seven people to sail in a suite we're going for a lower level room. I'm really hoping for the best! Ha. It will be so good to get back to a suite on the sailing after that when my kiddos are safe at home with Grandma. 😃
  5. Thank you so much for your input! I think we may just give X a try, like someone else said, to see for myself what the differences are. I guess I'm always just searching for someone to say ABSOLUTELY DO THIS LINE or this room, etc. So much easier that way. Ha! I've been on the Getaway and it's amazing, but, NCL's biggest ship is the Bliss. Not that it matters much, they're very similarly sized!
  6. I've been booking my cruises for the upcoming year and just finished booking for our next NCL cruise but am heavily considering booking for Edge or Apex in the near future. Has anybody sailed on both lines that can give me a fair assessment on the similarities and differences? I'd be also looking to compare The Haven vs Suite Class on Celebrity. I keep looking at reviews for Celebrity and of course a ton of videos but was really wanting some individual opinions. I love NCL but am wondering if people feel strongly one way or the other as Celebrity looks pretty amazing. Thanks everyone!
  7. Thank you, BT! I love your reviews and I'm happy to have your perspective. My husband and I always purchase spa passes and enjoy it immensely so this is really good to hear.
  8. I am worried about that. We've always just had a standard balcony and this October we're taking our (5!) kids on Carnival's Vista in which we're staying in an interior family harbor room... which I'm dreading a bit so I'm thinking on our next cruise I will need to try out The Haven to cleanse my palate. 😂
  9. Thank you so much for breaking it down for me. I appreciate it so much. This has been incredibly helpful
  10. I'm booking a cruiser on either the Bliss or the Encore and thinking about doing the Haven. Can anybody tell me what the perks are of booking in the Haven? I was also curious if there was a drawback to booking a Haven Spa Suite? I thought I had heard before that there were drawbacks to it but I can't find anything on it. Thank you in advance!
  11. We're heading out on the Vista October 2019 and was curious if anybody had done the CT on this ship specifically. During my searches I've seen it mentioned that the CT is held in a unique location on Vista and wondered where that was. Either way, we reserved it but any information and reviews would be much appreciated!
  12. Thank you so much, I would love to try NOLA next time!
  13. I admit I've only cruised out of Miami, but, compared to Galveston it seems like a dream experience. I've been trying to get my October 19th Vista cruise (family of 7) planned for months now and I still feel completely flustered and at a loss when it comes to transportation. I've scoured this board and am waiting back on quotes from shuttles but I guess I just wondered if I'm the only one thinking it's crazy how convoluted it is compared to Miami? Everything out of Miami seems cut and dry whereas every option out of Galveston is $$$ and ...yeah, I guess confusing. I'm not trying to drag Galveston as a city (I'm sure it's beautiful) I just wish it were more accommodating for cruisers. Unless things improve in won't be sailing out of TX next time!
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