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  1. You will be fine. Inbound, you use the 144 hour visa-free transit as you are going from Canada-China-Japan and outbound, you use the 24 hour visa-free transit. For the 24 hour transit, it doesn’t matter what country you are going to next as long as you exit Mainland China.
  2. Michelle Oliveria is currently on vacation. Not sure who the current VY CD is. For Spectrum, Fang said that he would be on until the end of the year then going on vacation.
  3. Because there aren't a lot of CAS members in China, the Gold Lounge is the 'suite' lounge not necessarily for GS and above, but for the Gold Suites which include a couple balcony cabins and JS with full suite perks and the Silver Lounge is for all normal Silver JS and Diamond and above CAS members but I don't think there is a concierge for the Silver Lounge.
  4. Got off Spectrum a couple weeks ago. The concierges in the Gold Lounge were Ellen, Romana, and Silvia and they were all great. I was also surprised to see a concierge in the terminal personally assisting Golden Suite guests check in. They personally escorted us off the ship at the ports of call in Japan and also for disembarkation all the way through to immigration which was great. The Golden Suite Class in China with the Suite Club on Spectrum was just amazing and so different to RSC.
  5. Yup. Anthem should be on this week and Ovation soon after.
  6. It transitioned a couple weeks after Spectrum launched.
  7. It was a short cruise with mostly Chinese guests thus the majority of the events were in Mandarin so we didn’t attend, and the few English events were hosted by Fang, the CD. We saw her only on some of the morning shows and during the Captain’s Reception where she was the English-Chinese interpreter for the captain and officers. I’m not sure if Bonnie Bai is due to replace her soon, but I did see her onboard several times during the cruise with no name tag.
  8. On Spectrum the AM was a young Chinese lady named Rafael or Raphael (I didn’t catch the spelling of her name on the morning show)
  9. For Spectrum, CD is Fang Lixin (https://royalcaribbeanproductions.com/node/248) and is onboard now and for Voyager, CD is Michelle Oliveira (https://www.instagram.com/michellecruisedirector/).
  10. For the China sailings on Spectrum and Quantum, the VIP Two70 Shows, North Star, iFly, Sky Pad, and Laser Tag carry a fee. All shows are all still free, but they sell a VIP package for the Two70 shows with front section seats and a cocktail, usually for those who weren't able to reserve the show onboard. China is a very specialized market and especially for Spectrum, they are experimenting with the prices right now as on my sailing, the price for Laser Tag has been anywhere from USD 5 to USD 40 per person and Sky Pad is just a ridiculous price of USD 45 for the VR and USD 25 for the non-VR. They are trying to get as much revenue, which is why they replaced Boleros with Star Moment where they charge USD 100 an hour for the private rooms, replaced the non-revenue gym with more suites, included an extremely overpriced Japanese Pharmacy, and have their own version of The Key called Royal Premier at USD 50 per person per day with no free lunch or free internet, but just access to the Solarium and a free WOW Band you can get for USD 5.
  11. Does anybody have any information on the concierges for Spectrum and the Gold Lounge email?
  12. If you read Mandarin you can check this: https://www.rcclchina.com.cn/Rccl.CustomPage/Faq/Detail/152?shipCategory=海洋光谱号&shipSubCategory=上海出发 I can't read it but I put it in Google Translate: "Mainland guests taking part in the voyage of Shanghai to the home port of Shanghai: You do not need to apply for a Japanese visa. On the day of arrival, please make a face-to-face check at the designated place of the ship and receive the “Japan Onshore Sightseeing Landing Permit”." When I was on Quantum on a Shanghai RT, all passengers were just given a PLP (Provisional Landing Permit) which is a sticker put on the photocopy of your passport, so I assume that visas weren't required.
  13. Lots of questions if you don't mind 🙂 With part of the Music Hall turned into the VIP Casino, are there no more pool tables onboard? Is the sundeck above the SeaPlex open to all or is it still a Suite Deck? For the Gold and Silver Lounges, do they only have happy hour from 5:30 to 8:30 or is it like the SLs on the Oasis class where they have the free beers, wines, and sodas all day? Is the gym really as bad as people are saying? Is there a lot of 'Inaugural Season' merch available? Did you stay in one of the Silver or Gold Suites?
  14. A recent Voyager Cruise Compass says that Ken is the current CD (Probably Ken Rush?). Also Michelle has been on vacation since March but recent IG posts show that she is back in Singapore.
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