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  1. Empress is now on the app but the deck plans only have graphics for deck 5 with the other decks just being blank.
  2. Just note that the deck plans are still a WIP. The only thing that is final would be the rooms. The current deck plans still show elements from the Quantum/Anthem/Ovation deck plans and the Spectrum deck plans.
  3. I'm not sure how long he will be onboard for but I know that Alex arrived around September 10 and joined at the start of Voyager's dry dock.
  4. Also, I don't think they will invest too much on Anthem's dry dock. Even with Quantum's dry dock right now, they aren't changing much other than adding laser tag and an escape room (maybe change the noodle shop), changing out any carpeting or mattresses, and it's not a small drydock because it's an "Asian ship" because the ship is rumored to go to Australia at some point. Anthem will most likely be similar with miniscule changes as Quantum class isn't part of the Royal Amplification.
  5. I'm not sure about Indy but I know some RC ships have the Illy iperEspresso capsule coffee machines in the suites with both regular and decaf capsules.
  6. The only Asian CD with Royal is Fang Lixin and he is stationed on Spectrum and Quantum from mainland China. I think TheAsianCruiser was talking about the AM who was Chinese. If your sailing is November of this year, you will have Michelle from Brazil as your CD (do not miss her Zumba classes in the Royal Promenade) and Alex as your AM. The captain should be Captain Wu Huimin from China. Do not worry about the ship being Chinese, as outside of the HK sailings (especially the AU sailings), everything is very English oriented and activities, menus, and headliner entertainment will be targeted for the Aussies.
  7. They recently changed all of the tables and table setups to include more 2 tops and 4 tops so I don't think it will be an issue to be seated as a group of 3. Furthermore, the MTD deck changes sailing to sailing, but this past July, traditional was on Decks 3 & 4 while MTD was on Deck 5. As for a table by the balcony, you could talk to the Maitre 'D as soon as you board, but they usually assign every table in traditional beforehand, so you may have little luck.
  8. I meant that the Philippines might be a more likely destination if the ship was homeported in either Singapore or HK, but not Shanghai. Also, both Quantum and Spectrum from Shanghai were exclusively going to Japan (or Korea before the political disputes) year round and RC has already claimed a property in Kumamoto so it is certain they will develop something there. It might not be a beach property, but something.
  9. I’m not sure about the Perfect Day in Philippines. It would take too long from Shanghai. It would be more practical from Hong Kong or Singapore but I’m not sure if they are Oasis class capable. Also in June, Royal Caribbean released a statement wherein they said they would develop their own destination in Kumamoto, Japan so that would be more likely for a Perfect Day or Royal Beach Club as they would be able to do the routine 4 night and 5 night cruises from Shanghai.
  10. Everything onboard in in USD. On my sailing, Voom was great and fast throughout. They only have one type, not the Surf/Surf+Stream. For drink cards, they had two types always available. The DX Drink Card which was USD 59 + 18% gratuity for any 12 drinks covered by the Deluxe package and the RR Drink Card which was USD 33 + 18% gratuity for any 12 drinks covered by the Refreshment Package. Also, one thing I noticed was that there weren't many bars on the ship. Even in the Royal Theatre, they didn't have a permanent bar but a roll-in bar with limited drinks during the shows, and in the Solarium, there sometimes wasn't a bartender so the pool attendant would get one from the Sky Bar. On the contrary, the Leaf and Bean Cafe and all of the specialty dining venues were very popular and full, but Ellen was always able to get us in last minute. Overall, there isn't a lot to do on the ship after the late show in the theatre if you aren't into shopping or gambling.
  11. Glad to see that you also enjoyed the Gold Suites on Spectrum. I sailed on her in July in a Golden Junior Suite (JS with Gold perks at an amazing price) and Ellen was an amazing concierge. I personally loved the Seafood Extravaganza buffet and the food and service in Gold Dining, but was disappointed that there was only one menu for the whole sailing.
  12. Wonder does not appear to be like any of the other O-class ships and we cannot assume that she won’t be a cold-weather ship.
  13. Wonder of the Seas will be the 5th Oasis-class ship and the largest cruise ship in the world when she launches in 2021 and she will sail from Shanghai. Her announcement is in conjunction with RCCL China’s 10th anniversary.
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