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  1. How I wish we could get some definitive info on the Dawn. We hesitate to rebook our Dawn cruise because SS will not confirm the build status....just that the cruise is still on the website.
  2. The wonderful part of evening dress on small luxury lines is that you will feel comfortable whether your wearing silk pants and blouses or a lovely gown. The formal dress code is there to act as a guide so we all recognize that the evening is a bit special. We ladies have great choices. I have seen heavy sequined gowns, gowns that are just a mere slip of a dress, fancy trousers & gorgeous silk blouses, lovely cocktail dresses, magnificent hats with sequined veils. I think the trend seems to be less fussy, but the the entertainment troupe is always dressed to the nines on formal night.....so if putting on the ritz brings you joy, you will have plenty of company. I just think it’s nice to put some effort into those formal nights....unless of course, you choose to avoid them altogether.
  3. Thanks catlover54.....great info. My basic question was always do you check Yes or No on the form if you are traveling with basic meds for blood pressure, cholesterol or a sleep aide in their original pharmacy issued bottles. I am assuming if you say yes....they will pull you aside.... and if you say no....it’s a crap shoot. Either way I am not worried..... just curious.
  4. We have been wondering about that also. Seems like they are marketing the expedition cruises for the time being. My TA asked her rep and she said they only release them when they are totally ready. (Whatever that means). In the meantime, we are looking at Silversea for 2021 and will book them if Seabourn takes too much longer. We like the slightly larger ships like Encore & Ovation..... and SS has the Muse, the Moon and the Dawn which is coming Sept ‘21. Hopefully, SB will get their act together soon....we like lots of choices. 18 months out seemed to be the past practices of SB.....that would bring May 2021 itineraries online soon.
  5. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. So do you normally answer yes or no on the drug question if you are carrying just your prescription meds, like blood pressure or seasickness meds etc.....? Here in the US none of these are considered restrictive or illicit. There are controlled meds for say...migraines...but are still not considered restrictive when traveling. Also, still not clear on weather my husband should bring his fav cigars or wait until Sydney to purchase. I am sure they are much more expensive in Australia.....but that is his problem.
  6. I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time. Who needs such as hassle. The question is now presented in such a vague way.....are you carrying drugs that MAY be prohibited or restricted etc, etc, etc....in the same sentence with the term illicit drugs.....well is blood pressure medicine restricted in Australia🤪who knows!
  7. Thanks Turtlemichael.....especially for the copy of passenger form. Looks pretty straightforward. I was on the gov website a few times.....the drug & tobacco restrictions, duty free, declarations etc, etc etc.....were more confusing.
  8. We are arriving in Sydney prior to our cruise Sydney to Auckland. Is anyone familiar with customs......do we really need a letter from our doctors describing our prescription medications or is having them in their pharmacy issued containers sufficient? Also, with the restrictive Australian smoking policies, will the Connoisseur Lounge be open during this cruise. We heard cruises from Australia forbid those areas from operating. My husband enjoys an occasional cigar and was hoping to bring a few from home or enjoy the cigars offered in the lounge. I will ask my TA to look into it, but thought I would ask for first hand knowledge. Thanks.
  9. I don’t think anyone notices if you wear ensembles multiple times. I know I never filed in my memory what anyone was wearing. I did admire some lovely gowns (very few) but I don’t pack them for Seabourn. I was happy and appropriate with a couple of knit dresses and nice trousers and silk shirts.....some fun jewelry and scarfs. Wear what brings you joy!
  10. Hi Maddie....sorry that I cannot comment on the noise with regard to connecting suites, however I can comment on the location of your suite. On our first cruise on Encore we were just a few doors down on Deck 10, we liked the location so much that on a subsequent cruise on Ovation, we requested the same location. We really liked the feeling of walking out of our hallway into fresh air, overlooking the pool (above the fray), the little Sky Bar and comfy seating at your finger tips with glorious views. In the evening, On the short walk to the staircase lobby, the ship is so lovely.....note that if the weather is bad, there is an elevator at the end of your hallway that accesses all floors. The large Observation Lounge is just a floor up (staircase or elevator) also at end of your hallway. As lovely as our veranda was....it was a bit bigger than yours, we used Deck 10 much more. It might have had something to with a very pleasant crew member who handed us glasses of champagne as soon as we emerged through those doors on Deck 10. Hope someone answers your question more throughly and you enjoy your SB cruise as much as we did.....it was marvelous.
  11. We sailed the Ovation this past May.....no designated walking or jogging track, best you can do is walk deck 10. It goes all around the pool one deck above. You walk past the Sky Bar on the short oval....grab a champagne and off you go.....round and round.
  12. Thank you LAL......our TA has arranged for the transfer at an appropriate time and has also arranged through SS to have a SUV transfer. She was familiar with the transfer situation with the smaller vehicles that are most common in Auckland. We usually use our large 29” suitcases on a two week cruise, but will consider dropping down to our medium sized ones for this one. Thanks for your insight on all this.
  13. First SS cruise onboard The Muse....We embark on Dec 6 In Sydney. We are not familiar with any of the terminals, but we will have spent 4 days in Sydney, so no issue just taking a car service from hotel to White Bay in the afternoon. I would imagine sailing under the bridge might be very cool....those in the know, feel free to chime in. I also imagine a downtown berth would be lovely.... so understand the disappointment.
  14. We were on Ovation in May as it headed north.....Lisbon to Amsterdam and had much of the same crew. I must agree wholeheartedly that they were best of the best. Handre & Captain Pedder & were always visible & engaging.....the crew was superb. The cruise was delightful with interesting ports.....yes we were a happy ship too. We just love the Ovation & her sister Encore & hope to sail one of them in 2021.....just wish those schedules would be released.
  15. Yes, I agree. As long as the ship’s water supply is safe....taste is another thing.....we will travel with our own Swell reusable bottles & keep them clean with a small bottle of dish detergent that we will pack. If the taste is awful, we will buy some larger bottled water at the ports to refill our own bottles.
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