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  1. My experience... I was on Freedom out of San Juan in August 2020. Before it cancelled I called about three or four times to try to lift and shift. But I was told that my cruise was a Southern Caribbean and there is no other Southern Caribbean within the dates allowed for lift and shift. After several calls to with different agents I gave up and just waited for the cancellation so I could get a refund. After they cancelled, I contacted my travel agent and told them that I would like to request my refund. BUT... I said if they would shift our cruise to next year, I would do that, but it would have to be on the Symphony since we would need to go out of Florida. To my surprise, they approved. I don't know if it was because I was going to request my refund so I had the upper hand at the moment or what. But, we are scheduled on the Symphony in August and I couldn't be happier!
  2. Last year we booked with this promotion and received a FCC for our third passenger ($3 lol). What are the chances that this promo will come back again?
  3. Thanks for all the input. We will definitely either go with the three day or UDP for our cruise. I did look at the menus and it seems that Hooked would be our best bet since my guys love seafood. Although we would try the other restaurants with the UDP, none of the food sounded to die for like Hooked. We live in San Diego, and even though we live on the ocean, we don't get really good seafood like you do in the Gulf of Mexico. So we are not spoiled... except when we visit relatives in Texas. 🙂 I am leaning toward the UDP only because we would love to have sushi every night. And I think Habachi would be fun (even with the surcharge). I do love the dining room because we get to know our wait staff and on every single RC cruise, we have loved them. We went on the Adventure twice and although it was a year from the first cruise, our wait staff still remembered us and our names!!! I thought that was pretty incredible. We have never had a bad experience in the dining room on RC. Now, Carnival is a different story, but that is for a different board. lol.
  4. I was just looking at that restaurant. It looks like they have lobster as a menu item and raw oysters. I think that might be a winner for us too!
  5. So, could we go to eat our $30 in sushi before going to Wonderland for dinner in the same night? If so, we are sold on that option!!! Seaworld has an all day dining package. One day I told my kids that we were going to Seaworld (we had passes) and were going to get the all day dining package since we would be there all day. They spent the entire day trying all the restaurants. We only had time for one or two shows because they were eating all day! It was fun but I don't think I would pay for me again. I didn't get my money's worth, but I think they covered my money's worth with as much as they ate. lol
  6. We were able to lift and shift a cruise to the Symphony for next summer. We received a killer deal, so I was considering upgrading to the specialty dining package for this cruise. The restaurants look interesting, especially Wonderland. My son saw that and said HE would pay for us to go. lol We do love to eat on the cruises and I diet for months getting ready to eat whatever I want on the cruise. So eating is a big focus for us. We have boys too, so it is their ONLY focus in life! We have never been disappointed with the MDR, but there have been a lot of times when the meals were just okay. It was food and I didn't have to cook it, so it was perfect for me. Has anyone had incredible experiences with the specialty dining? How is Wonderland? What are the other best specialty dining restaurants? Can you order multiple entrees or desserts in the specialty dining restaurants? We have been on several cruises but never had the budget until now. Should we splurge??? TIA!
  7. Bummer! This is our first Princess cruise. We are used to Royal Caribbean and their specialty dining packages. But, I am happy to get one meal in the specialty restaurant for free. Princess has been very, very good to with all the cancellations. I am a happy customer!
  8. Okay, thanks. I contacted Princess and the person I spoke with did not know anything about it. It only says "specialty dining" and nothing else. There is no explanation of what that means attached to it. So, if I purchase the specialty dining package, is it only for the three restaurants mentioned above?
  9. I know no one has been on the Enchanted Princess yet, but I am assuming it is similar to the Royal and Regal? Anyway, we are looking at booking and as a special for rebooking, I am being offered the specialty dining. Could someone please tell me what is included in this package? It shows a sushi restaurant and The Chef's Table. Are either of these included in the specialty dining package? My son wants to know if gelato is included. :) Are all the restaurants included or just a few? Thanks
  10. I am one of the "lucky" ones who booked Freedom in August were refused a lift and shift option. I just wanted to let other people know that are in the same boat (lol) that there is hope! I called today and told our travel agent that I wanted to lift and shift our cruise but if they will not do it, I want to cancel for a refund. I told her that I have asked several times and they refused me. So... she called them and they lifted and shifted to Symphony of the Sea in July! I am so excited. I hope that others can get the same deal. Our Freedom cruise was $400 pp and the SOTS cruise is about $1400 pp. I have been wanting to go on SOTS for a while, but we could never afford it. Good luck and maybe they are more lenient now that the other option is a refund. Now I am just praying that they can survive that long...
  11. How long ago did you do this? I called the second or third day after the lift and shift started. They turned me down trying to shift my August 9 Southern Caribbean to an August Western Caribbean. They said that there is no comparable cruise to lift and shift to so I am out of luck. Luckily we have Southwest points so our airfare that was booked with points is completely refundable. We have flights and hotels set up just in case. But I highly doubt that this cruise will happen. I have really just let go of the idea that we will be able to cruise this summer. :(
  12. Thanks for the article! I have hope now! However, our back up plan to fly to Aruba was canceled by Southwest airlines, well sort of. I don't see any departure flights or return flights, but we have not received a formal notice from Southwest that our flights have been canceled. So, I'm not sure what that is about.
  13. We were supposed to be on Royal (Princess) in March. We went to the port and waited but our cruise was cancelled. The problem I have with temperature taking is that I had a temperature. It was only 99.5, but it was not normal for me and I was surprised that I had a temp. Now, I know that this isn't a high temp and my husband insisted it was because I was wearing a sweater, but it did cause me to wonder what the temp would need to be to turn passengers away? I honestly thought that something was off. I had been having allergies and I wrote all of it off, but who knows what I had or if I had anything. The point is, I don't know how much taking someone's temp is going to reveal. That being said, I am ready to sail today. 🙂
  14. Our deposit was sent back to a canceled credit card. I received a note from Chase stating that they will be sending me a check for the balance within 4 weeks. But... they have not credited me for our drink, internet or picture package.
  15. I was told there were no options for me. I also have a Southern Caribbean out of San Juan in August. Even if we cruise, which I know is pretty much 0% chance, where will we go? I just don't think any of these Caribbean countries are going to allow cruise ships in August. I very bummed. I called Chase, my TA, and they said that there is nothing that we can do. I may try again tomorrow and ask them to speak to a supervisor. The last time I called I asked them to do this and the rep with RC refused to get a supervisor. He was determined that I could not switch to anything. :( Let me know what you find out and what happens. But I am realizing that what happens with one person is not the same for everyone. They really need to work on this and help people who have no options based on their requirements. For example, let us move to any other Caribbean cruise. I mean, who wants to go to Jamaica when you can go to Aruba and Curacao? It's not like we are coming out ahead. If we had to go back to Jamaica because of the switch, we may just stay on the boat. But at least we would go somewhere and would be able to sail next year!
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