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  1. Now that I think about it, DH would probably want to drive up the day of. We are surprising our son for his birthday. We are not going to tell him where we are going, just up to LA for the day. We will have the suitcases and everything hidden in the trunk and just pull up to the ship. So, after thinking about it a minute, I don't think DH would want to mess up that surprise reaction.
  2. Thanks! I didn't see a park and cruise deal on the website. Maybe they are sold out for our dates.
  3. Was the free parking in San Pedro a package or do they just let you leave your car there? I didn't see anything through my Hilton Honors site about free parking. TIA
  4. Thank you so much for the link! I was looking at the wrong website. I am going to get the crown tickets. This is the only thing my son said he really wants to do in New York. Thanks again!
  5. We are looking at a cruise on the Royal or Regal Princess with our son who is 14. He isn't a kids club kind of kid and prefers to do things with us. I am taking advantage of this since I know him wanting anything to do with us is short lived, so I am thinking about taking a trip on one of these ships. Would this be a good choice? We have gone on RC and love it. I know Princess is a different kind of ship and a different group of guests, but will there be interesting things to do on these ships that we can do together? What is the food like? It seems like life is centered around food when we cruise, so this is very important. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for all the information. Right now we have reservations at the Residence Inn Manhattan. I was able to get the RI in Manhattan with SPG points that I was trying to save for a trip we are taking in January, but I figured I may as well use some of them. Anyway, our plan is to stay at the RI after the cruise. Camel car service getting from the cruise to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport was about the same price as it was from NJ to LGA. We will be closer to the airport, so we will leave earlier in the morning which is nice since my husband has to work the day after we return. We will still have to leave the hotel early, but it will be worth it. I read that there are a lot of things in walking distance from the hotel. My only issue is that the Statue of Liberty cruise to the island is sold out for our dates. So, now we have to decide if we want to take a cruise around the island. We do not want the more expensive tour, we just wanted to go to Ellis Island. I am curious if it is worth it to pay for the on and off bus for two days so that we can see the entire city in two days? But, I will keep researching. We will be close enough to hopefully visit the WTC, Rockefeller Center, Time Square and Central Park which are all on the "hope to get to see" list. I know I will regret doing this AFTER the cruise. One year we went to Vieques, PR after our cruise. The food on the island was sooo expensive and we were used to eating every two minutes. I swore I would never do that again, but here we are... lol
  7. We have a group of six adults and three kids going to Nassau on a cruise in June. I have done some research and since we are not going anywhere we can snorkel on this trip, we would like to try to snorkel in Nassau. It seems that without a tour, we would need to go to Love Beach. (We don't want a tour, they always turn out too hard for the kids and we wind up seeing nothing because we spend all our time trying to help them!) What would be the best economical option for transportation for eight? Will it be safe to go there? I have read we can take the bus, but we would need to pray we can get a cab ride back in time. Plus, I don't know what the cost would be to get back. My cousin was scammed in Nassau on their cab ride and they wiped them out of money. They wound up in Nassau with no money, two kids and they didn't even have enough money to buy a water. Nope. We can get a car to drive us for $60 an hour, but they will be sitting there for three to four hours while we were at the beach and I don't like anything hourly when we are out of the country. They can take us for a long drive around the island and I would have no clue. So, flat rate is the best IMO. Any advice is greatly appreciated! After getting scammed in Jamaica, I am very skeptical. We have been to many countries and I always do my homework. We were scammed in Jamaica for the first time in four years of traveling. So, I want to make sure we know what we are doing when we go to Nassau.
  8. I was just speaking to my cousin who was in Nassau a few months ago. She said that they put some eye cream on her eye and she said no thank you and walked away. They were really mad and were giving her a hard time. However, the next day she woke up and one eye had visibly less wrinkles. It lasted for a couple of days. She is going to find out what the name of the product is for me. I may be interested in that. But... for both eyes so I don't look like a dork on the next day of the cruise looking 20 years old on one side of my face and 50 on the other side. 😉
  9. Please review before final payment is due in two months! I am planning on this being as fun as the Allure last year (but with even more fun family things to do together)! If it is a fail, I will be the fall guy. 😕 At least if I find out the bad stuff now, I can try to book a different cruise on Harmony or Symphony if I think the negatives will be a game changer.
  10. First questions is, if we leave from New Jersey and have a 7:00 am flight out of LGA, what time should we leave? Since that is pretty early in the morning, would we be missing traffic on the street and in the airport? Second question is, if we stay at Hilton Newark Penn Station, how much is it to take the Path to Manhattan? I read that it is $2.75 each way but is that to go anywhere in Manhattan or is it more if your ride is longer? If we stay at the Fairfield near LGA, is the Path an option to get into the city? I'm sorry to seem ignorant, but I have never been to NY and have no idea how the subway system works. Is the subway and the Path the same transit system? I'm so confused. In CA they charge you more for the Sprinter if you travel further. So, if you are on the Sprinter getting off at the sixth stop, it is more than if you are getting off at the second stop. Is that how the subway/Path would work? Thanks for being patient with a newbie. 🙂
  11. I am hoping that the airlines will wait. I know that there is controversy over that release date for the Max 8 because Boeing is pushing the release. But... if they do go back into service, I hope that the airlines will offer some accommodations for people who don't want to fly on that airplane.
  12. Thanks for all the advice! We will have two families going. So, we will get two rooms with two adults and two children in each. I am still confused on what to do. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal since we are currently at the Doubletree and it is next to the train station. I would prefer not to have to take the car service more than once. If we stay at the Doubletree we can Uber to the hotel after the cruise and have the car service pick us up Tuesday morning. Should we leave earlier than 8 if we choose this route? My FIL lived in NY but not for many years. He said to leave by 7 am. I guess my only real choice is if we want to leave earlier in the morning (if that is the case we would move closer to the airport) or if our 11:45 flight works. I'm watching the Max 8 debate. I hope that they do not return the plane to service before July. Actually, with the horrible press, I don't know if the Max 8 can ever recover and I don't know how airlines will handle this. That would be a factor in our decision as well. I checked the Holiday Inn, but I feel like we should either stay very close to the airport or in New Jersey. The Holiday Inn would probably require us to use a car service again, and with eight, that isn't cheap. I was able to book a room at the Doubletree with miles, but I think the price for two nights was just under $400 for one room with taxes.
  13. Sorry, I forgot to give you our dates. We will be there June 14-16. Thanks for the advice. I am going to check for hotels in Manhattan. I was going to do an Airbnb but there are 8 of us and it seems like all the less expensive houses have only one bathroom. I don't think that would work.
  14. We are considering it for both nights. We will only be in NJ or NY for two nights so I don't want to deal with the check in/check out times of having two hotels in two days. I don't know anything at all about the subway system. Is it easier to get from NJ to tourist attractions than it is to get there from Queens? What is the difference in the amount of time to get to the city from NY and Queens? I was very stressed about getting to LGA and knowing what time to leave NJ the day of our flight, but staying at the Fairfield gets rid of that stress. It may be worth a little more time on the subway to just get up and not worry about an accident or road construction. Plus, two of us have to work the next day so getting into CA earlier is very attractive to them.
  15. We are going on a cruise out of Cape Liberty in June. When we return, we have decided to stay and sight see for a couple of days. I have reservations at Doubletree Penn Station in New Jersey and we have a flight out of LGA at 11:45 on the Tuesday after the cruise. We would be using a car service to drive us from New Jersey to LGA on Tuesday morning. My question is, has anyone stayed at the Fairfield Inn near LGA? I am a little concerned about being in New Jersey the day of our flight and am considering moving closer to LGA. The Fairfield has an airport shuttle, free breakfast and a shuttle to the subway. It sounds too good to be true so I wanted to know if anyone had any experience with this hotel before I change all of our reservations. I figured that if we stay here, we can leave a little earlier out of LGA (we are going to CA so it is a long day) and we wouldn't have to worry about accidents or traffic coming from New Jersey. Also, the flight we are currently on would be on a Max 8 and if they are back in service at that time, I'm not sure I want my entire family on that plane. I was just hoping that they would still be out of service. 🙂 Thoughts??? TIA!
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