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  1. My advice, stay away from the pool...too many peeps too little water...even though its a huge pool! I second the back side of the island.
  2. Every cruise out of Galveston, we have seen the regulars in Galveston Bay. They are always there. Then some in Miami in the channel. Only once apart from Alaska have we seen dolphins in the open ocean and that was still in the Gulf of Mexico on way to Cozumel. Unless they're relocating, they almost always stay close to land. Of course in Alaska,,, all the time everywhere (favorite critter cruises) But the key is watching and with binoculars....just watch......
  3. Not making any judgements just providing latest video:
  4. We will see..........I'm good with whatever they decide.
  5. Nope, it was cocky, rude and inconsiderate. As was your post..... And talk is just that............talk. Only a few people on these boards know me at all...and getting in the spirit of things in a blog discussion doesn't have anything to do with a person's life or reality. A lot of facetious and erroneous things are said on these boards. That doesn't make them fact. But some people just like to be rude where they are anonymous. You seem to be one of them. No skin off my nose. You may say anything you like. And stir the pot all you want.
  6. And that would be great for me...I'm in. I'll miss seeing the improvement on CoCo but I love Labadee also.
  7. This does look pretty bad in this report, actual footage: https://www.foxnews.com/us/hurricane-dorian-bahamas-warning-florida-carolinas Todays notice on RCCL: We closed CocoCay on Wednesday, August 28th, 2019, and plan to reopen it on Wednesday, September 4th, 2019. Our CocoCay Team is made up of over 400 people, and the majority are locals. So, it’s important that they evacuate to care for their families and secure their homes, as soon as possible. We evaluated all options, and this is the best decision, as there is no room for error when it comes to the safety and security of our guests, crew, and employees. This is our top priority. Currently, we don’t anticipate changes to any of our itineraries that depart on or after September 6th, 2019. Should anything change, we will contact impacted guests and Travel Partners directly. If they do change we'll deal with it. And your comment about "sometimes reality has to be accepted." is just what I've been saying on just about every comment I've made...pragmatism included. You cruise on, but that included optimism about our cruise. I will proceed as planned until told otherwise. We can repeat CoCo Cay whenever. I'll still be cruisin!
  8. How do you know I even drink...pretty cocky IMO. In fact, I will not be imbibing on the island, we snorkel all day. And....it's not Becca
  9. Funny there is nothing to back up your statement.....its still on our itin. And although I hurt for all the Bahamas, if CoCo Cay is receiving ships, they will need that revenue badly by then.....different strokes for different folks.....keep your pessimism, I'll keep my optimism and we'll both be happy. I am well aware of the employees and that they have been evacuated. Actually, there are dorms on the island where they stay. And yes, the surge will inundate the island...as it has for millinia. Cosmetics are easy. RCCL has no announcements, yet, about whether we will be there so until they do make that decision, I will proceed as planned. BTW I've been to CoCo Cay 4 times...you?
  10. "The only good luck many great men ever had was being born with the ability and determination to overcome bad luck." Channing Pollock
  11. Grand Bahamas: http://gobefore.me/cams/unexso/
  12. If you'd like to watch: https://www.paradiseislandcam.com/
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