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  1. Well, as scripture tells us, we choose to be offended. And it's easy to get offended sometimes. But I agree with the Word. We can also choose not to be offended...if everyone did that, things would be a lot more pleasant these days. You know...sticks and stones.....yada yada yada These days, online, people get a big charge out of snapier, nastier, snarkier remarks...they hand them out like they are a badge of honor almost. That's what I meant about being kinder. I am just as guilty of snarky as the next person, but it's just getting unbearable in this heightened climate of angst. Can't we just all be civil! Now don't take offense, just being light hearted.....
  2. We also had Hayward, 3 of them...each one lasted over 5 years, one got fried with a power surge so we then got a power surge protector for our water well pump house that had our electrics in it. Amazon again!
  3. I don't really know, our pool supplier recommended it so skin feels silkier and it adjusts the cyano bacteria a bit. No we didn't have a CO2 injector.
  4. You're welcome. Believe me when I say status was only as good as the discount on fare for us. We cruise because we love it and we wanted the maximum discount, course we do enjoy the drinks too, but not because we have any such delusions of grandeur.
  5. I am so sorry Tree Skier, you took my post in the most negative light you possibly could have. Maybe you didn't even notice I was "criticizing" myself along with humanity. I was not even referring to the "friendly discussion" on this thread but to the nasty comments and boastful rhetoric of some posters who think their status give them the right to Lord it over others. I do not look at you as one down at all, sorry you do. Have a better day...........
  6. Never had to put acid into our pool. Just conditioner at startup each year and a sack of salt every huge rain. Our pool was always perfect...I'd never go back to chlorine tabs.
  7. So they could sell you more chlorine and other chemicals. We have had 3 over a 15 yr span. And the last one we replaced parts, etc. Still....love the water!
  8. I have been reading casually for over an hour this thread and it seems to me, almost all of the posts pertain to a concept taught to me by my Psych 1 professor years (and years) ago. It's called One Up, One Down. More commonly known as "Keeping Up With The Joneses". Human nature has an annoying need to be One Up or put someone else One Down. That's what you have all been saying in a nutshell. It's apparent in all facets of life. You buy better stuff...so you are one up. You wear gold pins...so you are one up. You want to attain higher status and more perks so someone else is One Down. You even disagree about something....so you can appear knowledgeable...and be one up. You criticise someone's grammar or apparel or status...so they will be One Down. JMHO but it seems to be the impetus for almost everything we do or say.....especially in a forum online where one cannot be face to face with anyone. I so wish we did not have that need, but it looks like it will always be there...we're human! I am really trying hard these days to just....be kind. Guess C19 and the state of the world these days has just made me reevaluate my behavior. Do unto others as you would have done to you....sorry, don't mean to preach.
  9. I tend to agree with you, but I think we'll have many good ones by November...certainly hope so, cannot imagine never cruising again.
  10. It IS city water, with salt in it. The way a salt water generator works is to add a couple sacks of the salt and the machine makes natural chlorine from the salt molecules....but you use city water to make the salt water. We've had one for years and it cannot be beat. Our expenses for chlorine on a chlorinator was around $500 per year...with a salt water generator, only $50 or so a year. You have to add salt occasionally with heavy rains. We would never own a pool without it. Practically carefree...never any green water or algae. And yes, your skin/hair feels great.
  11. Firstly, who cares when they start up....I'll gladly spend a couple hundred bucks, no skin off my nose, to book and hope for the best...already cxd and rescheduled 3 cruises since March, all I have to do is wait. We just shifted the deposit around so no money involved. Not a problem for me. And the cruise coming up in January can be moved again...so what! The real kicker is our daughter's wedding January 1st in Honolulu...she lives there and says they are still planning on doing it whilst the governor says all incoming peeps have a 14 day quarantine! We can't handle that, so looking at canceling our AirB&B and flight, but we'll wait until November to do so. Always been a half full make lemonade kinda gal though....will wait and keep praying...
  12. Been there done that and that was back in 1977, promised myself I'd never go again, you couldn't drag me there in chains...different strokes for different folks....
  13. Ditto, Jan. 15th is our next rescheduled cruise. I will do anything and everything to get on a ship, we've been building new home, need a break, and haven't cruised since Sept. 2019. I'm banking on a vaccine and will beg to be the first to test it out if necessary! I recently saw a you tube vid from one of my followings, lady who sails and circumnavigates the world with her husband on their boat Brick House...she just lost her husband to Covid while they were in South Africa. Shocking story, they both got it but she recovered easily. He was older, but no underlying conditions. I have a couple of conditions and to tell you the truth, it scared me a bit. But if I can get vaccinated, I'm jumping on our cruise!
  14. I think you need to escalate this to resolutions and stand firm. Doesn't make sense that you wouldn't have that coming to you. There are so many new agents and many not trained well and I think you just need to go up the chain of command to talk to someone who is savvy. I have sometimes resorted to speaking to 3 or more agents until I am satisfied I finally have someone who really knows their stuff.....keep trying, but ask for a resolutions manager next time.
  15. After nearly 60 days, we finally got our 100$ deposit refund for our September shorty out of Galveston, and a couple days ago received our 200$ Next Cruise Certificate we used on Oct. Liberty cruise back with deadline to use it till Dec. 31, 2021. Then I went to RCCL website and down to the green piggy and used the codes they gave me to apply that 200$ NCC to the cruise we booked for January 2021, a super deal half the price of the October Liberty cruise we cxd. So we are 500$ to the good for the January cruise and will have a balance of only 400+$ by the payment due date in November. They were promoting this cruise and we sure got a fantastic price, unbelievable even! This was a great deal that only took a little patience and some monitoring by me to make sure they were expediting the refunds. All in all, I think they did a great job on it considering the pandemic. Now if only the vaccine shows up before January. I'm gambling on it, but I think it's doable and that the cruise will ship out as planned. I will be on the super list as I have a couple of pre-existing conditions that are considered Covid risk. I figure I will have preferential treatment to get the vaccine because of this. I am optimistic! And soooooo ready to cruise! We've been moving to another state and building a new home since last September, still working on it haven't moved in yet...so we'll definitely need a break ASAP! As far as the Caribbean closing, I don't think this area can withstand it for very long, there won't be an economy without the tourists. I think they will be rescinding this before too long. These folks are starving already.
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