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  1. I would think they would be back before then, it's two days from Gibralter, so maybe another day from Tenerife. Maybe, they will carry out some maintenance, check things out etc.
  2. Have you not heard of Chris Ramsey. A neighbour just along the coast and currently on Strictly.
  3. Where are these, I would love to see them.
  4. It's not surprising really nor just down to Azura. I have just had it and it comes on suddenly, so no warning to stay away from other people. "In England, the following counties have had reports of norovirus: Bristol Cheshire Cornwall Devon Greater London Greater Manchester Lancashire Lincolnshire Nottinghamshire Staffordshire Tyne and Wear Warwickshire Yorkshire Last week, a number of people were reported falling ill after attending a Lego brick show in Bristol. Schools, hospitals and businesses in the read have also been affected. In Cheshire, Crewe’s Leighton Hospital closed two of its wards to visitors and admissions after some patients had the illness. Royal Cornwall Hospital was forced to close a ward at the beginning of the month after an outbreak of norovirus. North Devon District Hospital was on “red alert” and closed a ward in the first week of November."
  5. I have just and P&O on the phone and the man gave me a link for the helpdesk at PhotoBox. He said they would talk me through the process and might ask to see the email that I had sent. to them Before phoning them I decided to try the code again and this time it has worked. So I have ordered my book. For all of those who read the posts but don't participate and might be having also be having trouble with their code, I would advise you to take a 'snip' or screenshot of the invalid message. It looks like you just contact PhotoBox for help with the issue. With the 'snip' you can show them the message that is coming up. Also try again, maybe P&O or PhotoBox have added a fix.
  6. I'm waiting for P&O to get back to me about my code. The person I spoke to on Monday was off Tuesday and I have been out today. I will phone them again tomorrow.
  7. Thanks, I did it by adding a page and photos manually. I have a problem, my code isn't working. I tried to add it going in through Photobox and it came up not valid. So I went to the email and had to re-create the book again, but the code still didn't work. The email is a no-reply, so will have to wait and try phoning them.
  8. My last post should have said fine tune. I did change it on my Kindle, but it must have reverted back to the predictive text. I haven't had a chance to do any more, had a lot on. I have tried to do one myself before and gave up. This time I picked a few photos from each day of a cruise, numbered them in daily order then let them create it. Only had a couple I wanted to shuffle on the page, but I numbered two sea days (formal night) with the wrong number. I am happy with how they placed them, I just want to move the page. Anyone know how to do that.
  9. I've got my code. Just need to find time my book before ordering.
  10. I have seen this when the Captain disembarked. I thought it was to with security, something to do with case being checked on leaving ship so not needing to at airport.
  11. We also had to decide between the two ships for a Mediterranean cruise. After much deliberation we decided on Azura, for two reasons the promenade deck and port of Naples rather than Livorno. We haven't' been on Azura before but have been on Ventura 3 times. Some say that they prefer Azura even though they are nearly identical or so I am told. We had an inside cabin on both ships and they were probably both the same, no complaints from us on either. The crew were lovely on both ships. As someone else said, Azura will feel more like you are at sea, rather than on Britannia, which you seem to be far away from it. We both and especially my oh like to wander round the promenade deck and be able to go to the front and back of the ship. On Britannia, you can't get to the front of the ship because of the retreat (where you pay for more privacy). I found Britannia to fell less crowded (than Ventura), with plenty of places to sit, despite the fact she has more passengers. Our cruise on Britannia was different to the others in that we didn't go to any entertainment on the night. After our meal we went out onto the lido deck and enjoyed lovely evenings on deck. It was very quiet with only a few people wandering about. I think it is the sunset bar at the back is a nice place to sit both during the day (with shade) and night. If the opportunity arrives, I would gladly go on Britannia again, but we are looking forward to our cruise on Azura. Not much help I know, but I'm sure you will have a lovely time whichever one you decide on. With regards to the buffet, when there wasn't anything we wanted from the mdr menu we used the buffet. Despite what people say (who have probably never even been to the buffet) as long as you don't go as soon as it opens on an evening and leave it until around 8.30 you should be fine.
  12. Harry the op was asking about Britannia not Ventura.
  13. If that was Odyssey on the previous picture, it looks like she has gone.
  14. So would the waterproof packing cases prevent your clothes getting wet. If the polythene roll does, those should especially as they will be thicker.
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