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  1. No I hadn't, thanks. I came across the one I posted while looking for something else. I had to quickly scroll trough loads of pages to try and see what has been said (it's hard to keep up with you lot on here). I saw mention of the video but hadn't seen it. he waffled for a long time before mentioning the cancellations.
  2. Just come across this. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/p-o-cruises-cancels-all-sailings-until-2021-because-of-the-pandemic/ar-BB1985Yu?ocid=msedgntp
  3. Anchor in Alghero. Alleyway (artistic licence) in Ajaccio. Sorry it might show up sideways.
  4. Naples, Disney Ship. Sorry another few going a long way back to Gibraltar. I don't know how people can say that the big ships are crowded. Arcadia is packed, I've never seen so many people on the ships we have been on.
  5. Monte Carlo again. Watching Jane McDonald's show, I realised that I had a photo of one of the ships/yacht's that she featured. The lasts one is one the way back to Britannia.
  6. Monte Carlo 2016 Going a long way back to G's and Gibraltar Monte Carlo 2019
  7. Thanks for the replies re the cold weather cruises. We will have to go on one of those one day. I will look out some of the other photos I have. Rhodes (Lindos), you can just see part of a larger ship at the side. Cruising had never entered our minds when this was taken.
  8. I was waiting for the M and N' s, I have a poetic licence one for N. Totally missed them and it's taken me two days to catch up. I will just have to wait until the end. Maybe we can have a free for all with the letters. There's some fab photos. Without trying to thread drift too much, where do all the passengers sit on cold cruises. We have only been to the Med where the outside is well used, plus one Baltic on Eclipse where I was the only person on deck. I was wrapped in towels reading a book and it was great. There wasn't any icebergs or snow about like on some of the photos. So do people spend their time indoors on cold cruises.
  9. Daughter has a tourer and we went to visit them on a site near to Scotch Corner. That site also had a small static site, so I thought others might. Probably too far from your place.
  10. Most of our holiday's have been in caravan's and one of our conversations was that we may prefer those holiday's more. Apart from one other couple we were the youngest there. Try the Caravan Club sites, but I 'm not sure if they are for mainly tourers.
  11. I think I was more disappointed with the breakfast and the negatives always stand out more. The rest of the food was nice enough and we found 3 courses too much for us. Guests wore the masks but none of the staff did. I've been getting wrong off my kids for comparing it to a cruise and to the same hotel we have been using for years for odd weekends away.
  12. Thanks from me also. We have only been to the med and the Baltics and some of the photos on here are stunning. They are places we won't get to as you have to fly, but it's lovely to see them.
  13. The water looks fabulous. Sorry photos didn't show up, it's the Jamaica one.
  14. Pat that's awful, glad for you that the police have been wonderful. Hopefully it will get sorted soon. Hubby's works van got broken into on our drive and his personal tools were stolen the Friday before lockdown. The police never came out due to the virus and they said that due to the night time conditions there wouldn't be any evidence. He works maintenance in care homes and needs his tools and so we have had to replace them ourselves. Looking on the bright side, he has managed to avoid the virus. Sorry for the thread drift. I will have to do a catch up with photos when it gets to the end as with being away I have missed a few. Though we don't have any as exotic as some that have been posted so far, we haven't been to many places.
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