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  1. Thanks. With all the talk of how cruises are going downhill and not the same clientele I wondered when they started. Looks like it was with the old cruisers who must have taken part when it first started.
  2. Yes, but what I meant was when did they start doing them, 10/20 years ago or have they always had them.
  3. Are they a recent addition to P&O or have they always done them?
  4. This is the one I watched which is a tour of the ship. Obviously things will be different on Iona, but it does give some glimpses of what she could have. I did notice that nowhere seemed overcrowded. It could just have been the times the video was taken. Also Aidanova has slides which Iona won't. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uZHlw6TpR88
  5. I thought 344 has always been the length.
  6. It was when terrierjohn mentioned Aidanova I thought they might be similar. Aida has slides on her, so that is obviously different that Iona will be. Looks like the lifeboats are seating inside only.
  7. So will Iona be the same as this ship. I'm just wondering if there are any video's or photos of it. Presumably the decoration would be different but not the layout. To answer my own question there is a video of the ship, quite nice what I have seen so far. Though my other question still remains is it the same layout or near enough to Iona.
  8. emam

    New to P&O

    These are for the last formal night on our cruise on Ventura in 2017. Though they are old it will give you an idea.Obviously any prices on them will be out of date. I thought I had the ones for 2018 but they aren't where they should be and we were on Britannia last year. I think the Beach House on a night is American themed food, but others will confirm this. Though a lot of people on here don't like the buffet, if you go later on in the night it is a lot quieter and nicer, around 8.30 pm. I go into the buffet a lot to get a hot drink and have noticed that on opening times of any meal it is always crowded. It's better to wait until it calms down. However on a morning it is better early on before everyone gets up. I'm not sure if I shold have added these as attachements rather than inserting them, maybe someone can advise me on that for future reference.
  9. Some info on the refit from another site. P&O Cruises Azura refit 2020 February 10, 2020 Azura, P&O cruise ships, refit P&O Cruises Azura sets sail for a multimillion-pound refit in April 2020. After 10 years at the heart of the P&O Cruises fleet, the much-loved family favourite deserves a little TLC – and P&O Cruises are giving her the full treatment to get her ready for her seasons in the Mediterranean, the Baltic and the Caribbean. P&O Cruises Azura refit Here’s a little taster of what you can expect after Azura’s refit. Azura’s open deck areas will be reworked to maximise sunshine time on board. Look out for improved alfresco bar and food experiences, new canopies and deck furniture, and refreshed swimming pools and poolside areas. Inside, the refresh will be ship-wide with new carpets, soft furnishings and furniture across all public areas, bars and restaurants. Cabins will be spruced up too, with attention given to beds, bathrooms, woodwork, lighting and interior styling. Dining areas, entertainment venues and the children’s space H2O will be upgraded, while favourite bars Blue Bar, Brodie’s, Malabar and the poolside Terrace Bar will now offer draught beer on tap. And if you’re after deep relaxation, The Retreat and The Oasis Spa will be even more enticing. Expect new treatments and spa experiences to help you feel fresh and rejuvenated, too.
  10. P&O's travel info updated on the 15th, including new info on Arcardia. https://www.pocruises.com/travel-health-advisories
  11. For those that might have travelled from Southampton at the weekend to the med, was there any extra precautions taken. The same for those that returned from holiday, did they do any checks on disembarkation
  12. I clicked on the link, logged in and this is what it took me too. I had to log in again to get to my account, which only shows past cruises. You have to go back to the main site and log in again under already booked and add your booking reference etc. So presumably if you have more than one cruise booked you will have to look at each one individually.
  13. Would it be possible to save them onto a tablet/iPad with a memory card and then cast to the tv.
  14. While looking at other things I came across this. True or false: can air conditioning make you ill? Finally, an answer to the question of whether air conditioning can make you ill or not It’s summer in a lot of places around the world, which means the temperatures are rising and we all try to keep our cool. Some people use fans to stay cool but other people have the luxury of having air conditioning in their home. Hotels often have A/C as well, as do cars and a lot of stores and offices. But sometimes, after having spent a lot of time in a room with A/C, we end up with a cold. The question is: does air conditioning really make you ill? The answer will surprise you. Air conditioning is healthy You might not expect this, but the answer is no. The cold air coming out of the air conditioning unit cannot make you ill. The electronic device can make sure that you get ill more quickly, though. So, how does this work? The A/C sucks hot air inside from the outside and then blows cold air into the room after it goes through the damper. The warm air condenses on the damper, after which dry, cool air is blown out of it, into the room. Plus, the A/C filters the hot air that enters the unit. Because of this, pollen and other polluting substances are kept out. That sounds pretty healthy, but how, then, can A/C units cause you to get ill more quickly? Go to the next page to find out! Bad maintenance So, we’ve established that A/C units that properly clean the air are actually quite healthy. Research conducted by Yale University even showed that using air conditioning can reduce heart problems. Yet there are definitely downsides to air conditioning. Units that haven’t been maintained properly will end up with clogged filters. Due to the damp surroundings, this is then a Valhalla for moulds and bacteria to grow, which can lead to health risks. When the air that comes out of the A/C is of bad quality, you can end up with a cold, throat ache, flu symptoms, tearing eyes and irritated airways. Asthma patients can also experience breathing problems. Warm and cold air Dutch general practitioner Job Nievaart explains that it mostly has to do with whether or not you already carry a virus or bacteria with you at the moment you enter an air-conditioned room. “Air conditioning can’t make you sick. But if you already carry something, like a cold, for example, then the virus can spread more quickly due to the coolness. The same is true for when you move from a cooled room into the hot outside air. It won’t give you a cold unless you carry a virus or bacteria already. In that case, you can get sick more quickly,” the GP explains.
  15. If you are going on Arcadia this is from the link I posted earlier. Itinerary changes for Arcadia As a result of this situation, we will be removing Arcadia’s calls to Shanghai on 5/6 March and Hong Kong on 9/10 March, and alternative ports will be announced as soon as possible. We will continue to monitor the situation for future P&O Cruises calls to Hong Kong and Shanghai, and amend itineraries as necessary.
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