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  1. I am booked for May 3rd, but i will cancel by the deadline. I took my auto gratuities of last week but they were paid with a gift card. I read somewhere that they will mail me a new gift card. anyone know how long that takes, or who i call to check. need that gift card to pay deposit when i rebook.
  2. Not sailing to may 3rd but probably going to cancel. Not sure about Carnival but parents talk to the room attendant from they Panama canal cruise on Facebook and Royal is weathering the 30 days at sea.
  3. My cruise on the magic in may dropped $20 so i called, took a few minutes. dropped another $10 a few days later and i called again. Money is money. Just make sure you don't lose on board credit, both of mine still had same amount.
  4. They are still there may be sold out. Had one when we went at the beginning of this month.
  5. Does anyone know if they fold the pull down bed up morning and turn bed back into a couch for the day. I am trying to decide if a OV is worth the $150 more over a interior.
  6. Saw someone with a swan when i was there last week.
  7. Family enjoyed Labadee and we are Going to Coco Cay on our cruise in a little over a week. But i would do the Eastern Caribbean cruise, we enjoyed it so much more then western.
  8. I guess it depends on what time you actually get back from Maho.
  9. so did the hotel price $137 include parking and shuttle both ways?
  10. my cruise from 2000 shows one point but added 8 points to my total.
  11. i saved $44 on mine, only pain is you have to cancel and rebook so I had to lay out money and wait a few days for refund.
  12. This is true. I ordered a coke at the bar on the freedom and he filled a glass from the fountain but when i handed him my card he saw i didn't have package he offered me a can instead said it was a better deal. I think glass of soda was same price as can but it was small and had ice in it. I took the can and just asked for a can next time also. I doubt they would not sell you a fountain soda if you wanted it though, can is just a better deal.
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