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  1. maybe now it's either cost prohibitive or just no longer profitable. if you dont mind a few hrs in the air, check out the jan 5th thru 19th round trip from miami. seems like an amazing itinerary. personally, i would jump on it, but we're on the prima sept 26th thru oct oct 6th from iceland, and nov, 5th thru 26 from barcelona to capetown. plus we were on the 17 trans atlantic from rio to lisbon this past april we need to spend some time back at home
  2. erisajd while booking a suite in a true haven complex, is a treat not to be missed, unless you really need to spend the money, the other suites (and the attendant perks thereto) are also top notch. we've stayed in both, personally, i dont believe it's worth the extra $$$. while the private lounge, bar and restaurant are amazing, in an actual haven complex, i'd still rather have the extra coins in my pocket to pay for other things on board. that being said, however, we're booked in the haven deluxe 2 bedroom suite on the prima end of sept. while it did stretch our budget slightly, i wanted to sail the prima, and so weoptrd for the haven as opposed to the regular suite.
  3. she doesnt have to join, or attend any of the events or functions, but doesnt hurt just to sign up. before our grandson turned 18, signing him up was one of the 1st things we did when he got on board. he is now 25, still is in contact with people he met on the entourage, and btw, he had a ball on every cruise he took with us
  4. dont do it, your 5k can go a long way for other things. while i love the haven complex, for 5,000, i can live w/o the private pool, bar and restaurant. people in the "suites" have access to moderno for breakfast, and cagney's for lunch on a daily basis. the rooms are basically the same
  5. subjective question, rating ncl ships depends on what specifics you are looking for. we've been on almost the entire fleet since 2010 (except the newer ones, joy, escape, encore, viva, breakaway ) i cruise for the joy of cruising, the itinerary and the price are the most important criteria for me. dont care about the shows, never really had any complaints about any of the food or service, other than the following instances. The aft balcony suites on the epic are a disaster. bed takes up the entire cabin, and the shower/tub/toilet setup is ridiculous. we were on the star this past april, and imho, the food was the worst we've ever had on any ncl ship since 2010, regardless of the restaurant (and i aint a picky eater)! other than that, we've been happy on almost the rest of them. if i had to pick favorites, we loved the getaway because of the waterfront, and the bliss (especially observation deck) was just beautiful
  6. hey astera, nothing in the world beats an excellent foot!!!LOL!
  7. for those ships that share cagney's and moderno kitchens, if you can sweet talk your cagneys waiter, they might bring you some of the moderno pineapple. (works for me)
  8. we were on t he star this past april, and much to my surprise, whenever i asked for a can of soda, there was no charge at all
  9. goes to show ya how everyone has differing tastes. Getting bored with the fillet, i tried the fisherman's platter at cagney's. the absolute WORST. couldnt gag any of it down to save my life but then again, i have also posted that on our last cruise on the star this past april, the food was consistently the worst we've ever had on any ncl cruise/ship. 30 in all, so maybe it was just par for this course Never, ever will i order that again
  10. whenever we've had a butler (many x's) he/she always checked in the very 1st day. told him what we wanted and had no problems throughout the cruise. except for the last cruise (star in april) the butler was an incompetent jerk, when we requested things we have always gotten in the past, he told my wife it wasnt his job. we went to the concierge, and he was replaced the next day note, we always ask for a pot of coffee, a pot of hot water, tea bags, milk and sweet rolls/ croissants to be delivered to the cabin every morning. like clockwork, it always showed up
  11. where in michigan, i grew up in detroit
  12. traveling man, for many years (to many to mention i'm afraid) ive always been impressed with your comments and knowledge re ncl questions. however, as ive posted many times before, i admit to being technologically challenged, and i doubt i'll be "knocking on anyone's door. i also hate to admit this, but i have absolutely no idea what you're talking about
  13. hey turtle, while i agree in principle, unless you're using one of your freebies, at this point i no longer feel that teppanyaki is worth the price of admission
  14. while i am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, the shareholder's obc is a freebie gift. 1st off, i cant imagine you not finding anything else to blow 50 bucks on. at the very least, by some extra ncl t-shirts as gifts (or even to use as rags when you get home) worst comes to worst, it didnt cost you any real money, so imho, its no loss if you dont use it all. btw, if you're in a b2b, and you applied for both cruise, you should be getting an extra 100 obc for the 2nd leg of this cruise
  15. zqvol i appreciate y our position, but arent we comparing apples to oranges? op's husband doesnt eat meat, so moderno imho would be a waste of $$$. i'm sure they dont want to end up in the buffet or mdr's every night, and even with some other things on the menu, cagney's is still a carnivores hangout. it was just a suggestion as an alternative to moderno while the menu may have gone south (or downhill) if you will, they still offer dishes he can eat, and maybe enjoy. i dont really have anything negative to say about their fillet, especially since they removed that horrid liver. the sea bass isnt bad, lobster thermidor is good, although not necessarily worth the $25 upcharge, and my wife is very happy with the coq au vin. i concede that le bistro is not my #1 choice for specialty dining, but i find most of the specialty dining choices have also gone downhill in the past few years, so it's a matter of choosing the lesser of 2 or 3 or four evils. note, i havent been on a ship with any other specialty restaurants, other than moderno, cagney's la cucina or le bistro, so i cant comment on the others. we'll be on the prima in sept, i'll be sure to give the others a try
  16. although not on the prima or viva, ive slept on the pull out couch on many other ncl ships, with no problem. i concede however, i can fall asleep almost anywhere. in nam, i could fall asleep on a helicopter
  17. uneamie i would also like to point out (should have mentioned it prior post) if your husband isnt a meat eater, unless he can gorge himself at the salad bar, moderno is probably a waste of money, or the freebie dinner. even with the all you can eat salad bar, it's probably not worth the price. unless you absolutely must try it, i would "STRONGLY" recommend you pass on this restaurant. le bistro has a vey nice sea bass offering, and if he likes chicken, coq au vin regardless, enjoy your cruise and bon voyage
  18. uneamie i dont believe that moderno offers any type of fish, it's strictly set up for carnivores. you can however, log into your reservation, click on the "dining" look up moderno and it will show you a copy of the menu.
  19. enjrjones. your post is kind of like an oxymoron! how can i possibly stick with you, if i dont / wont talk to anybody? while i appreciate your good intentions, there is no way, or any amount of liquor that will get me to sing along! LOL if we're ever onthe same cruise, i might invite you for a beer or a scotch, but that would probably be the extent. certainly nothing personal, that's just me sorry, im just not social of a being
  20. we were on the star this past april for a 17 day rio to lisbon. we've been on the star before, and on most of the ncl fleet, except the newer vessels. i can honestly say, the food (no matter where we ate) was just ok and best, and usually disappointing, although my wife loved the rib eye at cagneys went to lunch at the mdr one afternoon, ordered a monte cristo sandwich, grilled cheese, ham and turkey. Sounds good, huh, i asked them to hold the ham, as im not a great fan of ham. so when they brought the sandwich, all it was was a simple grilled cheese sandwich, no meat. we also had dinner one night at mdr, and i ordered the new york strip steak (had it before and it wasnt bad) order it medium. got back a really thin piece of char-broiled shoe leather. frustrated, i didnt even bother to have them re-do it. also, again in my opinion only, moderno has a top-notch salad bar, however the waiters dont seem to come around as often as in the past, and with not nearly as many meat choices as shown. again, these are my personal observations, and no designed to influence others , pro or con
  21. scubadoc i will be the 1st to admit that if you look up anti-social in the dictionary, you will see my picture i have been known to sit at teppanyaki, and never once say anything to the people next to me. i came for the food, not to make life-long friends, so dont worry about it, it's like sitting in a sushi bar. you dont need to talk to anyone else other than your dinner partner. on the downside, teppanyaki used to offer filet mignon as one of the choices, much like the edsel, this choice has gone by the wayside. in it's place, they offer (among other choices) ny strip steak, You can get this at the mdr also and not have to pay. by the way, after as many times as i have eaten in teppanyaki, or benihana's in the states, or any similar restaurant, i have learned to completely tune out the show. i dont want to sing along, i dont want to try and have the chef toss a piece of the egg into my mouth, im just sitting there for the style of the restaurant. we have been on almost 30 ncl cruises since 2010 and IMHO, the quality of food in teppanyaki, and moderno has gone way,way down. never cared much for la cucina, (kind of like olive garden, but without the unlimited soup, salad or breadsticks). most of the time we are more than happy (satisfied) with both cagney's and le bistro
  22. all 3 of you are incorrect, if she doesnt see them, i'm dead meat (LOL)
  23. on the other hand, i have never gone to a show (including jersey boys) on any ncl ship, where there were no seats available for walk in.by the way, we were on the bliss 2 years ago, and walked out of jersey boys. it's almost a carbon copy of the movie, and frankie valli he aint.
  24. lottieET at any point on this cruise, were you able to observe the northern lights? we're booked on the sept 26th prima, reykjavick to southampton. my wife's bucket list is to view the lights. so i booked this sailing for her. if she doesnt see them in either iceland or norway, i'm doomed!
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