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  1. Because Cunard is giving me a better PCR test on day 1 at dockside, day 0 being when I arrive. If a lateral flow test actually shows up at my hotel, I’ll take it and send the photo in. It will be processed long after I’m gone. It would be great if Cunard would provide the code for the PLF, but that’s not going to happen.
  2. I’m also arriving the UK 1 day before departure of my cruise. My understanding is I still pay for the 2 day test, and get a booking reference number to enter in the Passenger Locator form. But don’t take the test because I’m gone.
  3. I called Cunard re: my upcoming Dec 15, 2021 SOU->NYC trip on the QM2 to ask about cancellation and refunds because they have not stated if all crew would be vaccinated. Now I know I was taking to the sales dept., but the woman asked her boss and was told that at that time, 100% of the crew would be vaccinated.
  4. Today’s email from Cunard, says all over 18 must be fully Vacinnated, and tested the day of depature at the dock by Cunard. Those under 18 need a PCR test 3 days before sailing if not vaccinated.
  5. This UK cruise line that caters to those over 50, will require the covid jab. This will start in May to allow time for people to get the shots. They also need a minimum of 14 days to have elapsed after the 2nd dose. I think other cruise lines, (and probably international air travel) will join this as it’s really the only way for travel to resume.
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