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  1. Viking Ocean has had consistently great internet connectivity. I don't have a ton of experience with lots of different lines, but across the five on which we've sailed, Viking internet stands out as the most reliable/fastest, even in remote areas. And it's included in the fare.
  2. We've been in 7010 and concur with everything everyone has said. This is a great location, with very low foot traffic. We heard no outside noises at any point, and when I'm considering various cruises now, one of the first things I check is for availability of a PS2 on this deck.
  3. We were in Machu Picchu in June of 2016 and I didn't think to bring walking sticks. We did the 'before sunrise' walk up the Inca trail from the Sanctuary Lodge to the Sun Gate. Walking sticks weren't needed on the way up, although some of the steps are really tall. (I'm vertically challenged - 5'1" - and at times, my thighs were basically perpendicular to the ground.) But on the way down, thankfully this wasn't the guide's first rodeo, and he had walking sticks for everyone. Anyone who hadn't brought them grabbed at least one to use on the way down. I think if I wouldn't have had the wa
  4. thanks, all helpful detail! You've inspired me to try harder. Now back to the original topic....
  5. This question will hijack the thread momentarily, so apologies in advance. I've noticed your reference to carry-on only, which has always been my strategy for business travel, and as much vacation travel as possible. We haven't mastered the vacation travel part in all instances, however, especially when large climate changes are involved. Would you mind sharing your basic packing list in those carry-ones? (You could even start a separate thread. I'll bet I'm not the only one who is interested in how you do it.)
  6. Either one or both may have covered it, but it's originally written and sung by Kris Kristofferson.
  7. Got it! Thank you!! It was driving me crazy.
  8. Did you find the missing lines for me? What are the two I can't remember? And, where did you find them? By googling the songwriter?
  9. Okay, here's a pretty obscure one, but something tells me this group might know it! Pretty lady, look at me, I'm a sailor from the sea. I can take you anywhere, You can join me if you dare. And she said: "Sailor, come with me. Is it lonesome on the sea?" (Humming because I can't remember the next two lines!) Love is harder than a diamond And as soft and pure as gold. And as sweet as any secret Any sailor ever told.
  10. Ah, one of my favorite songs of all-time. Saddest song ever...And all that remains, Are the faces and the names, Of the wives and the sons and the daughters. Thanks for the memory jog to bring it to mind!
  11. Joel, this was my husband's surgeon, as well. We're in Arlington, but we thought it was worth the 60 mile distance to have Dr. Hungerford. People were there from all over the region during my husband's post-op visit. He had his done at the outpatient surgical center out in Towson; that's the facility he uses when he plans an outpatient surgery. Like you, we highly recommend him!
  12. That was me, Wendy, and it was my husband. He had the anterior procedure, so he really didn't have any restrictions. He was supposed to walk progressively longer distances, and walk periodically every couple of hours for the first week, then longer distances every day after that. He just found it much more comfortable to sit and sleep in the recliner for the first two weeks, even though he was taking a walk up the stairs to the next level and back down every day after the first 48 hours for a shower. It was just a lot easier to get up and down from a sitting position than from a fully recl
  13. FWIW, my mother has one, and swears by it. She uses it all the time, and it seems to work for both largish and small purses.
  14. It's Buffet but I don't know the title or the album it's on.
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