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  1. @Karaboudjan Linked my pretty thorough account of embarkation. Do you have any specific questions?
  2. I did a B2B 9/26 and 10/3 and they provided help and internet access for completing the Travel Authorization for the second leg while I was onboard the first leg. They also did the required PCR testing.
  3. Yes. As of right now, everyone on a ship entering Bermuda waters has to pay the $75 and complete the Bermuda Travel Authorization.
  4. I certainly try! Especially since I didn't have access to cruising for 18 months. I was booked on a March 15, 2020 sailing that got canceled and had something like 5-6 other cruises canceled throughout COVID. Now I have to make up for lost time! 2021 was the first time I ever came close to hitting my vacation time cap at work. Had to quickly book that July sailing on the Celebrity Equinox so I didn't lose vacation time!
  5. Well, with how much of a debacle the 9/26 sailing, I wasn't surprised to see them really step up their game for the 10/3 sailing. Sounds like they checked out a bit after that, once the spotlight was off.
  6. Going to try to do a live blog of the first leg at least, when I have the stream wifi. I am not sure I will be able to keep it up on the second leg with only the surf wifi. I had the surf wifi on my Equinox sailing in July and it was essentially useless. Actually, a little worse than useless, because I kept wasting time trying to get it to work and getting frustrated by it. Would have been better off just not trying!
  7. So grateful for all of your advice and reassurances about arrival and Luminae. I am really excited to be on the Summit after it was so recently renovated. It looks beautiful from all of the pictures and videos I have seen.
  8. I would definitely bring the physical card to be safe. I bought some of these passport covers to keep my passport and CDC card together. The card fits perfectly in the little pocket on the back sleeve. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VF53P8C/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. You have actually witnessed this behavior on a cruise? I have been on three total sailings during COVID and I can't believe anyone would be confronting anyone else about wearing a mask on board. That is insanely rude. Why would anyone care if someone else was wearing a mask? I could see confrontations over NOT wearing a mask in areas where it is required, but giving someone a hard time for wearing a mask, if it's not required? I would not want to cruise with people who would be confrontational over something like that. Not that I want to cruise with confrontational people generally either.
  10. I think everyone on this thread understands how to avoid the issue on bookings moving forward. The point is, I shouldn't need a list of steps to follow to know whether my booking includes perks or not. I shouldn't have to look for things that are MISSING from my booking or leave out my Captain's Club number. When I add my Captain's Club number, I should be presented with an explanation of the promotion and a chance to opt out. If I am getting the Simply Sail rate, it should explicitly state that somewhere very obvious like it does when you don't enter your Captain's Club number on a sailing that has a Simply Sail rate available. On those bookings it's very clear that you are choosing a rate that doesn't include perks.
  11. I wasted a bunch of people's time a couple of weeks ago over this issue. I learned long ago to frequently check pricing on future cruises I have booked. One day I went in to check the price on our upcoming Equinox sailing in January and was coming up with a way lower price than what we had booked at, so I emailed my CVP about the price drop. I then ended up not hearing from my CVP for a while, so I did an online chat. The online chat resulted in my discovery that the new price I was seeing did not include perks (even though it didn't say that anywhere), while my booking did. Were I to book with the perks, the price would be the same as what I already booked for. Then later, my CVP ended up emailing the same information. The weirdest thing is that when I try to book that sailing without my Captain's Club number, the Always Included and Simply Sail options are clearly labeled. But when I put in my Captain's Club number, the Always Included option isn't there and the Simply Sail option isn't labeled.
  12. We will probably try RCCL at some point. The snag I always hit is their drink package. Since you don't know they pricing for it up front, it's hard to budget for and compare apples to apples with pricing for other lines.
  13. Good tip about boarding at 11:00! My arrival time from when I first checked in online was 12:00, but that was when I was in a normal balcony.
  14. You can try emailing them instead. Attach your results and vaccine proof to the email. Make sure you mention your application number in the email. TAapprovals@gov.bm You can also call the toll free number: 833-570-2594 Hold times were long around the time of my sailing. Not sure if things have improved.
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