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  1. This was on the Serenity. Keith you and I had chatted, but you never made an effort to contact us while we were on board..
  2. Trying to describe the Crystal passenger would be pretty easy to us. Please remember we are in our 70’s, and well traveled. We do not choose any particular cruise line, but have some we prefer. The Crystal passenger is not welcoming, doesn’t care to meet new people, and likes to impress. The Crystal passenger may or may not be well healed...but they would want you to think so. Additionally they appear to be politically conservative where we are liberal. It is hard to explain, but they are in their own world and have no interest in other people.
  3. Well it was probably the most unfriendly group we have ever run in to on 50 plus cruises. Every cruise is different, but we always meet friendly people...not this cruise. We would go up to the lounge for a drink before dinner and people never made an attempt to even smile. One evening a couple walked in with us for an after dinner drink. She was so busy try to impress me with the penthouse she had "sized down" to in a large city. I smiled, and thought "in my life, people that think they have to impress me are just full of themselves" We did meet two really nice guys that were super friendly, fun, and we laughed about the glares they got in the elevator......... I told our vet about that and his comment was "this is 2020"........It was they were trapped in the 60's.
  4. EVERY ship we have been on, once there started to be open seating, we were either ask or said we would love to share a table with others. One or two tables would be "filling up" and then they would take orders. Personally I do not think the regular Crystal cruiser wants to eat with new people. It isn't complicated, and if you want to eat with your group, or yourselves, offer the option to be seated with others who would like to get to know someone else. It is simple, and there were never 500 people eating in Waterside. On Crystal we had to ask......which tells me that the guy at the front didn't want to be bothered.
  5. Personally, I think this video sums eating together up extremely well. Please watch the whole thing.
  6. I am reluctant to post my honest opinion, and would appreciate respecting our experience by others. We cruise at least two to three times a year on the brands that you mentioned. This past 12 months we were on the Paul Gauguin, Seabourn Quest, and the Crystal Serenity. Of those three trips we made great friends on the first two, shared many dinners and laughs. On the Seabourn cruise we made many friends and one couple has booked another one this fall with us. We are social and enjoy other people’s company. Our experience on the Serenity (which we booked a year in advance..I might add we had been on the Symphony 9 years ago, and had a very pleasant time) was not positive and for the amount of money paid, will go down in history as the only cruise we ever got off mid-trip. You can read my review which I posted a few weeks ago. To answer your question about dining, we found ourselves eating alone every night with the exception of one evening and we did clearly say we would love to join or have others join us. No one did. Even a person who I have chatted with prior to the cruise never made an attempt to contact us to join them for dinner or even a drink. We cancelled a Serenity cruise that was already under deposit for 2021 as we didn’t feel this was the cruise line for us. Again this is our opinion. I hope that helps.
  7. This is where we stayed in Perth and highly recommend it. Great location , bug rooms, and super breakfast. https://www.comohotels.com/en/thetreasury/offers?utm_source=tc_google&utm_medium=ppc&utm_campaign=treasury&gclid=Cj0KCQiA4sjyBRC5ARIsAEHsELG8r0a-kcNp8yNTJf9ZSVSsMSGddU93sxUUiUbL-uHjvekm5-87e8saAvB1EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  8. Actually where you sit is certainly food related. While we are on the topic, we thought the food was very poor, and the staff overly patronizing. We only ate with another table one night. Not because we wouldn’t have liked to, but people had their little groups. We found the staff at the Brazilian restaurant very friendly and never questioned if you didn’t eat everything on your plate.
  9. Who said sue? I think it has a lot to do with cultural differences.
  10. This is not a US company. You are dealing with the Chinese.
  11. That’s great. Of course they had no choice, but still you got your money back.
  12. Since no one can or will respond to your comments I will. Totally agree with your post. It is wrong, but apparently you and a few others see it differently. I just paid a bill for a cancelled Crystal cruise that they won’t refund. Frankly I think it is a serious cash flow problem. Good wishes and it would be nice if customers were treated as valued.
  13. Am I missing something? Why didn’t you book it online?
  14. Your letter was well written and to the point. Customers pay in good faith and it is unfortunate that a few companies do not operate in the same manner.
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