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  1. Thanks for the review. My husband and I leave on this same cruise in 13 days, and like you it is the first time on NCL for us. The Breakaway is also the biggest ship we will have ever been on, we do like the smaller ships but it sounds like there are plenty of places for us to relax, drink and people watch.
  2. Thanks for the advice. That's how we feel too, we are on vacation, small stuff doesn't matter. And we have joked about missing GSC because of the weather, since this has happened to us twice on Royal Caribbean cruises, we missed Coco Cay due to weather (before the built the pier). But I was glad to see NCL stopped at Nassau instead, and we've said the next time we got to Nassau we would do the Atlantis tour 😊
  3. DH and I are doing this cruise in March, its our first time on NCL, so I am looking forward to the rest of your review.
  4. My husband and I are planning on upgrading to the PPBP on our cruise in March for a few reasons: We like to order bottles of water when we order drinks and while we could bring a case of water onboard we don't want to carry around multiple bottles or run back to our cabin all day They have my favorite wine as 1 of the available wines with PPBP so I foresee us getting multiple bottles My husband likes high end whiskeys and I like some of the rums included I like specialty coffees We like having the peace of mind knowing we can drink freely (alcohol and non-alcohol) while on vacation and not have to worry about a large bill at the end of the cruise
  5. Thanks for the review. We just booked the Breakaway for March, this will be our first NCL cruise so excited to learn all I can about NCL and Breakaway.
  6. We are booked in a veranda cabin for our Alaska Cruisetour in May 2020. If I can get a deal on an AQ cabin we'd love to upgrade, so when I got the email from Celebrity about this latest sale I did an AQ mock booking and it came out about $200 less with 3 perks than what we are paying now which includes 2 perks. I took a screenshot and sent it off to my TA. She couldn't find the same deal so after a lengthy conversation with Celebrity she was also told it was a mistake and that it would cost us $500 more to upgrade to AQ and get the 3rd perk. But, we could keep our existing veranda cabin, pay $43 more (total, not per person) and get the 3rd perk. Since the 3rd perk we wanted was the prepaid gratuities ($210 for our cruise), I took it. Now we have the classic drink package, $300 OBC and prepaid gratuities.
  7. LOVE this picture and LOVE the reason for this celebration cruise. Thank you for sharing the story with us, and I hope for a lifetime of All Clear for Shannon.
  8. The video played but was only 2 seconds long - long enough to make me jealous, can't wait for our Alaska cruise next year!
  9. I will start by saying we haven't taken our Alaska cruisetour yet, we are going next May. But having a great travel agent is what helped us choose ship & itinerary. We knew we wanted a cruisetour, because for our first trip we didn't want to have to do all the planning and liked the idea of seeing different parts of Alaska without us (meaning me) doing all the research and planning. We actually had a cruisetour booked with a travel agent we used in the past, but we weren't really happy with her in general, and she just booked us based on what we thought we wanted, but she never gave us any guidance. It was REALLY expensive, and I just wasn't feeling like it was the best option for us. So we went to another travel agent who a friend had recommended, and she spent a lot of time on the phone with me talking about what my DH and I like to do, what was really important to us in Alaska, and the kind of vacations we like. I told what we were booked for already and she said it probably wouldn't be the best for us and she made a couple of recommendations. With several phone calls, lots of emails and some guidance from the new TA we are now booked on a less expensive trip that I think we are going to love every minute of. Good luck!
  10. I am really looking forward to the rest of your review. DH and I are going on our first Alaska cruise next May, we are doing a land tour first and the cruising from Seward to Vancouver on the Millennium, so I"m soaking up all the Alaska info I can find 😊 I'm glad you showed your shoes, I'm already stressing about what shoes to pack and trying not to over pack the shoes I'll need for two weeks LOL! Nothing wrong with going to a naturalist talk with an adult coffee, my DH and I know we are really on a cruise when we go to what we call "buzzed (sometimes drunken) muster" 🍹 Hope your honeymoon trip is fabulous!
  11. Thanks all! I have booked the Anchorage Marriott for our pre-tour stay, but of course I can always change that if the hotel changes. For the distilled water, since we will be there early we'll find somewhere to buy a gallon when we arrive. Once we meet our tour director, if they can't help us with distilled water at each hotel, we'll make sure we drink a couple of 1L bottles of water before the tour starts and then just use those to keep the distilled water from the gallon we buy when we first arrive. I'll also probably bring some plastic wrap just to ensure the water bottles stay closed while in our luggage on the bus/train.
  12. CruzinfromFL

    Rain Jackets

    We are doing an cruisetour next May/June and from all I've seen here we will plan to dress in layers. But my main concern was getting good rain jackets (yes, I still have 10 months and 5 day, but I like to be prepared LOL). Today at Gander Outdoors both my husband and I found our rain jackets. He got a Columbia for $70 and I got a Huk for $83, both on sale. If anyone is looking for rain jackets, go to Gander. And now I'm ready to go to Alaska! And since we live in FL, these will definitely be put to use during the summer here too 😀
  13. We booked our end of May 2020 cruise this past April. We wanted to make sure we got the itinerary and cabin we wanted.
  14. Thanks for the review, I really enjoyed following along on your journey. I've never thought much about going to Bermuda, but thanks to you I definitely want to go now, and am trying to convince my husband it needs to be our next cruise, after we go to Alaska next year.
  15. Thanks for doing this. We are doing a cruisetour on Celebrity next year and lime you said most people here recommend DYI, so I appreciate any cruisetour info I can get.
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