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  1. Thanks @pontac. That's what I suspected, just had not seen any reports - which I took to be a good thing. Of course, flooding can cause issues as well. One of the risks you take with river cruising - too much water or too little water! And like you said - who knows about next year - I was just curious if it had been a problem historically.
  2. I'm curious if there are ever periodic problems with the water levels on the Budapest to Bucharest portion of the Danube? We are doing Viking's Passage to Eastern Europe next year in late July. Seems we lucked out in July/Aug 2017 when we went Budapest to Amsterdam without experiencing any significant issues due to water levels.
  3. What exactly disappointed you and what was inaccurate in the description?
  4. I’m glad! You should start another spreadsheet with the port times. :D Spent my career in IT with databases, so I appreciate your gathering and disseminating data! I’ll be glad to contribute our 2019 VH Stockholm to Bergen times since the itinerary has changed somewhat from the trip you did in 2016.
  5. Thanks for sharing this. We are doing our first VO cruise June 2019 - Viking Homelands. I’ve been curious about the price ranges of the optional tours, so this helps me tremendously with my excessive advanced planning as I await the official excursion release info!
  6. We have booked the June 6 Stockholm to Bergen route next year on Viking Sea. We will arrive a couple of days early into Stockholm and do it on our own with another couple. Then the four of us will take the train from Bergen to Oslo and spend a couple of more days in Oslo before returning. I can't wait - everyone's input makes me excited to go!
  7. Thanks for the responses. Now I just need to convince DH that it will be ok to do a third party tour in Russia with one of the vendors so many here have recommended.
  8. I've seen many references that booking St. Petersburg tours via local guides is cheaper than Viking. We are on this cruise next year and the detailed excursions and prices aren't available yet from Viking. I know it might be different for our tour next year, but can anyone tell me what Viking is charging this year for their two-day tour in SPG?
  9. We are thinking of taking this cruise in 2019. What are the main differences between the routes? I suspect there may be a port or two with significant differences one direction versus the other, but can't tell from what I've read on Viking's website. Nancy
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