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  1. Think you were asking about your 18 year old. As they are an American company my understanding was that celebrity dont serve drinks to under 21s
  2. We are on 20th Jan reflection cruise and have flights from Heathrow to Miami with American airlines - flight run by BA . I had done my own research so I had to tell my TA that we couldn't fly gatwick to FLL as he wasnt aware !
  3. Thanks for the advice, ive been looking at skyscanner. As you say different airlines have different baggage allowances which can make a difference , especially as we are away for 3 weeks so a bigger allowance will really help! In terms of airports we are able to get to any of the south east/ london airports fairly easily but depending on flight times some of the overnight hotel/ parking deals are just as cheap as parking alone so im looking at all the options...so much to decide. Ive already been in touch with my TA to tell them what options im looking at to see what prices they come back with. Luckily im enjoying planning the holiday so its all just part of the experience 😊
  4. Hi Yes, Ive found a couple of airlines that offer what I need so I just need to decide which is the best deal. Thanks for the help
  5. I hadnt realised how many options there were. Precruise originally we were only doing one night in Fort Lauderdale but I was concerned that if we had a flight delay because of the UK weather in January ! it would be stessful. Which was why I was trying to find a Saturday flight so we have 2 nights pre cruise
  6. I hadnt realised how expensive one way flights were compared to return journeys!
  7. Yes we are returning! Just having a few days in Mexico after the cruise.Thanks for your help
  8. Thanks everyone for your advice, multicity flights seems the best deal ( which I hadnt realised was an option) and I have 2 or 3 choices of airline so I can see which works best for us based on our dates.
  9. We are flying back from Mexico early Feb, I hadnt realised that I could count 2 different destinations as return flights - I will look into this, thankyou for the advice
  10. Unfortunately from April they are no longer flying into Fort Lauderdale only Miami , and they are only doing flights every other day so no Saturday flights. We can get a Sunday flight but with the UK weather in January and our cruise sailing on the Monday I would prefer an extra day just in case of delayed flights!
  11. Hi, Can anyone advise me. Starting to look at flights for our cruise Jan 2020. I am struggling to find any direct flights on a Saturday ( BA only seem to have return not one way and we are going on elsewhere after the cruise) Thank you
  12. I booked my celeb cruise through a TA, the deal included a classic drinks package. When Celeb had a sale in Dec I phoned celeb direct and upgraded to a premium drinks package and booked some excursions - i paid part card and part OBC. I just quoted the celeb ref my TA had sent me. I received an email confirmation from celeb of the upgrade and excursions. This is our first ever cruise - but im finding loads of useful info from the boards here- everyone is really friendly and ready to help out with questions.
  13. Hi All, as I said last week im away on holiday with the grandkids this week so no scales and no healthy eating - but ive managed to avoid desert each evening. Will try and get back on track monday...11months until my cruise so i really need to start ! Well done for the weight loss Rob.Jan- at least you didnt gain, Belle- I love the poems each week
  14. Thanks Belle. My kitchen and heating are all fixed - just need a bit of repainting. Once my holiday is over i will try to get back on track again
  15. Well done everyone. I had to rush off to work this morning and didnt weugh myself and now due to my week with no heating and kitchen...eating out etc i really dont want to know what the damage is to my waist😣 I take the grandkids on holiday in 2 days. So i think i just need to start again when i get back on 25th... im just making excuses.. not good 😞
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