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  1. Jeju Island is like a Korean Bermuda, and it's the main destination for Korean newlyweds.. Lots of young couples walking around wearing identical outfits. An interesting place to visit there is the bonsai forest, a really unusual botanical garden.
  2. In Queens Grill, we close the drape between the bedroom section and the living room section when we go to bed. Then, at the breakfast time we designated, the butler lets him/herself in, tiptoes to the table, sets it beautifully with tablecloth, silver, etc., then sneaks out, whispering "Good morning!" My wife and I then arise from bed, look at the butler's fine work, and give thanks for how lucky we are to be able to experience this.
  3. Sorry, I know this has been discussed already, but . . . I work in publishing, specifically conceptualizing, developing, and maintaining online educational sites for students. I and my entire team would lose our jobs if we ever allowed the launch of the mess that is the "booked guest" portal, let alone the difficult-to-navigate and utterly non-intuitive main site. I received an email in November with a link to the "fabulous" new Booked Guest portal (I have a cruise booked for April), and was really shocked at how poorly it functioned. And ever since, on those rare occasions that I can actually access the site, it shows ports with no excursions, excursions with no descriptions, no cabin number, incorrect restaurant, etc., etc. In all these months, there has not been any substantial consistent improvement that I can discern. Does anyone know if Cunard (or Carnival) has thought to bring on team of crack software engineers and CSS experts to make the site work as intended? Shouldn't take more than a week. And it shouldn't cost more than one or two Grill fares. I can recommend several excellent people if Cunard is interested.
  4. We took to 2 TAs and 2 Caribbean cruises early in the QM2’s career, and all were great. Then we took a 5-night New England/Canada cruise a few years ago. The service (QG) was horrible, from the restaurant to the cabin service to the entertainment. The carpets were threadbare, the decor tired, the ambience simply gone. Apparently the ship has undergone a refit since then. I’m not sure, but I do know that our fare was not adjusted to reflect what Cunard knew would be an inferior experience. It would take a lot for me to board that ship again. The QV and QE cabins are far better. Yes, they are smaller ships, but the sense of intimacy is palpable. Much more like the Caronia. We have sailed both the “Vista” ships numerous times (most recently in June). Loved every cruise.
  5. Thanks, Stuart. Was their base port formerly Rome? Do you suppose this is a budgetary move? I've taken a number of wonderful Cunard cruises in the Mediterranean, most recently in fall 2017. Now, they don't make even a single stop in Greece.
  6. Can it possibly be true that Cunard only has 6 Mediterranean cruises through 2020? And each is 14 days or longer? And each has a max of only 6 or 7 ports-of-call? Does anyone know if this is part of some long-term strategy? I apologize if this topic has already been discussed. Thanks.
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