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  1. I like that I can eat early and BF can eat late. He can come with me and get a bowl of soup while I eat and I can come with him and get an extra dessert and coffee while he eats. Win-win for us!
  2. Just for the purposes of comparison... this is our September cruise route on Carnival. Not saying mine is better or worse (mine doesn't do Dawes Glacier) but it *is* much more port intensive. Regardless of whichever one you pick, I hope you have a great time.
  3. In my cruising group on the Book of Faces page for my Carnival cruise to Alaska, the admin posted this earlier today: ***** Morning all. I would like to address you a few things. The rules in place now will not be what is in place for next year. We have only been told some basics for now and will know more in about 2 weeks. Masks for boarding & embarking. this will be phased out over the next year. Mask will need to be worn in places that you cannot social distance. Cruise lines are working hard to change things up to avoid it. On lido no masks. They will have 3 shows a night with every other row. Temperature checks before boarding and random thru out the cruise. This will be phased out thru out the year but will stay around for boarding. A new health questionnaire will be filled out before boarding. Please be honest.. Lots of hand sanitizing stations. These will be staying. Lido buffet will be served by crew( I am all for this) This will be staying around. Excursions. To start thru cruise lines. They will be adding many & are working with tour ops. This will also be phased out over the year. Islands are also working on "verified" excursions . They need a special license after they have passed a new health & safety course oops I forgot the important one. They will be giving the 15 minute Rapid Response test before boarding. IF its positive they send you to the medic area for another one that takes an hour. IF that is also positive you will not be allowed to board and everyone you came in with. They are working on a refund process for this and haven't released yet but you will not lose your money. This is also temporary. I know everyone is frustrated and wants answers but until the CDC gives the approval we all have to wait. The good news is most of these should be phased out by the time we cruise. There is a lot of articles out there will opinions and speculation. Most of them are wrong. As soon as Carnival sends me the factual requirements I will post them here. ***** Don't know how accurate this is but thought I would share.
  4. But final payment is still due 90 days out...
  5. Thanks, Glaciers.... I was hoping you'd chime in. Your posts have been very helpful to me in the past. Coming into a city that I've only visited twice from the opposite coast is a bit daunting! It's really only a price difference of $50 or so a night to stay at the The Mediterranean Inn (versus a chain hotel by the airport) and I think the plan is to arrive just the day before the cruise. Without having made our airline reservations yet, though, I am not completely sure. BF will be of no help.. he's happy to turn everything over to me! LOL. My current thought is to find a hotel, check in, get the man a bowl of chowder and a beer and let him adjust to the time change.
  6. If flying in for a cruise (and thus not having a car), is it better to stay in a hotel for one night closer to the cruise ship terminal (#66) or the airport? I figure I'm going to either have to pay a taxi/Uber at some point but don't know which would make sense.
  7. I haven't been yet but have an 8 day out of Seattle booked for September that stops in Ketchikan and ISP. We avoid summer dates because we don't like cruising with kids (personal preference - nothing against kids). Plus cold and rainy are BF's preferences. Yes, he's a weirdo. Whichever cruise you pick, I have heard great things about the small boat excursion while you cruise Tracey Arm Fjord. It picks you up from the ship and you can get closer to the glaciers. I am not recommending it because I haven't experienced it yet, but something for you to look into whichever cruise you select.
  8. We have an evening in Victoria on our cruise (something like 8 p.m. to midnight). I had signed us up for the Sights and Flavors of Victoria shore excursion through Carnival, which sounds delightful..... But I learned this weekend on a trip with my BF that his stomach and buses don't mix well. So it's back to the drawing board. Is there anything that a) can be seen at that hour of night, b) that's close by (within walking distance - if it's safe)? Thanks in advance for any ideas! ETA: We are not going until September 2021 so by then it is my fervent hope that Canada will have opened her ports to cruise ships.
  9. My cruise isn't until September 2021 so I'm waiting and hoping they don't require ship shore excursions at that time. I have, however, looked at them and am prepared to pull the trigger should it become necessary.
  10. Is this a phishing email? The glaring typo (opeates) is concerning.
  11. You can purchase it through Day One of your cruise if you still want to do so.
  12. I did the same thing and had to call Carnival. You can only book this tour through the first day of your tour. For example, mine departs Seattle, so I had to access it through shore excursions for day one. It then allowed me to purchase it. Good luck.
  13. I love your excitement! I had to reschedule my September 2020 cruise (sniff) to September 2021 due to COVID. We're doing whale watching and Mendenhall glacier in Juneau. Kind of bummed for Ketchikan as the new booking is shorter than the original and we're only in port from 7 to 1. I feel like if I do an excursion it will/should be ship's excursion in Ketchikan. Hard to find anything I'm wild about when I'm pouting.
  14. @fyree39 $600 can be claimed at a retailer; $601+ must go to CSC.
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