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  1. I'll be on the hunt for small totem poles for Christmas gifts this year! Any suggestions?
  2. We did ours for September 14 cruise too. Someone mentioned it in our cruise group that it was up.
  3. Great! I was just coming over to tell you it has finally posted under Seattle shore excursions on the website.
  4. I booked mine in advance because I wanted one of the 6 passenger excursion. Will let you know how it was in September! 🙂
  5. I thought it was about $200 pp. But don't hold me to that.....
  6. I am on the Carnival Miracle September 14 sailing. I had reserved the Tracy Arm Fjord excursion back when the ship was supposed to be the Freedom. With the restart and the change over, of ships everyone in my book of Faces cruise group got cancelled for this excursion. Lots of us kept looking for it under shore excursions for Seattle but it never appeared. We were very disappointed as this is one thing we REALLY wanted to do. Then just yesterday someone emailed the shore excursion desk and lo and behold they told her that they could reserve that excursion via the em
  7. I'm going to Alaska in September. Losing Canada wasn't a big deal for me because it was only a 4 hour stop - at night. I do know some people in my group that were very upset by losing it though.
  8. I stumbled across that website when I was looking for products to prevent motion sickness. I will steer clear of it. Thanks for heads up!
  9. I wish. I'm a recovering alcoholic so I don't drink alcohol at all.... If BF wants Cheers, we'd both have to buy it. It has more than alcohol included but there is only so many milkshakes I can drink! Luckily we have $600 OBC and I told BF he can have at it!
  10. I last had Burger Queen in Haarlem, The Netherlands. It was really good; much better than typical fast food. Don't know if it's still there. Will the cruise ship let me back on board with a bag o' burgers?
  11. LadyMac72


    This looks good! Thank you so much for sharing! When are you going? Our trip is in September and it's possible Canada will be reopen by then but I was seriously rethinking whether we should do the Jeep if it isn't. Thanks again! Hoping for great weather for you. Please do come back and give us an update as to how it went.
  12. LadyMac72


    We are doing this too. I didn't see a new itinerary on the website.... can you point me in the right direction?
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