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  1. Bee Guy

    Have you ditched the drink pkg?

    We drink very little so drinks available from Diamond Club are more than adequate. I have on occasion asked for an unopened beer to stick in my room refridge to have outside of happy hour.
  2. Bee Guy

    Shower before getting into pools/hot tub

    I'm guessing that the intent of the showers is to remove suntan lotion and prevent clogging of pool filters.
  3. Bee Guy

    Shower before getting into pools/hot tub

    I doubt that the use of the showers would have much effect on hygiene.
  4. Bee Guy

    Considering B2B Cruise

    Moving from one cabin to another should not be an issue. You will pack the night before and crew will move your luggage. On transition day, you will need to log off the ship with old seapass card and log back on with new seapass card. We have always gone through this process at a meeting on the morning of transition day. I have always gotten my new seapass card at that meeting. Others have said that it was delivered to stateroom the day before. When you can get off will depend on when you get your new seapass card.
  5. Bee Guy

    Walking to New Orleans Terninal

    Thanks! So it's not vehicle traffic only on the terminal?
  6. Bee Guy

    Considering B2B Cruise

    If you are unable to get the same cabin on both legs of the cruise, RCI will move your luggage to the new cabin. We have always been asked to pack the items in cabinets and leave things hanging in closets.
  7. Bee Guy

    Considering B2B Cruise

    Our favorite B2B cruises combine a transatlantic or transpacific with the following or preceding cruise.
  8. We are staying at the Cambria Hotel in the Warehouse district. We are heading for the Julia St, Terminal. According to Google maps, it is only a 13 minute walk from the terminal. (We will confirm this with a test run a day or two before.) We will be sailing on Royal Caribbean's Vision Of The Seas on Feb 2. Are we allowed to walk onto the Port? Luggage is not an issue, we always travel with carry on only, and have walked to terminals in San Fransisco and to a pick up point in Civitavecchia (Rome).
  9. Bee Guy

    Hang your head in shame RC

    True, but it OP could clarify whether or not they are in fact the same category.
  10. Bee Guy

    Hang your head in shame RC

    The OP seems reluctant to disclose the room numbers. Leads me to wonder if there was in fact an error by the TA.
  11. In 11 days will be on Vision!
  12. Bee Guy

    Rci app

    Perfect! Will be on the Vision in less than 2 weeks!
  13. Bee Guy

    Meet and Mingle Idea

    To register for a Meet and Mingle you need to go to RCI's website, https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/ccEntry.do
  14. Bee Guy

    So, talk to me about Alaska...

    If you enjoy wildlife and spectacular scenery Alaska is a great place. I have been several times, mostly fishing trips, but only one cruise. Loved it. Weather was wet, (we went in August). Highlight was seeing Orcas bubble feeding. We have another trip planned at the end of a TP from Sydney to Hawaii to Vancouver to Steward. 35 days! Looking forward to it. This time we will be in Alaska mid May. Hoping that is not too early.
  15. Bee Guy

    TSA work stoppage

    I hope you enjoy your cruise!